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03/17/2017 Sexual assault victimization disproportionately affects certain minority college students; inclusive campus climates may lower risk (University of Pittsburgh)
03/16/2017 NHRC Researchers Compare Health Outcomes for Service Members with Combat-Related Amputation, Limb Salvage (Naval Health Research Center)
03/16/2017 URI Researchers Receive Pilot Project Funding From Advance-CTR (University of Rhode Island)
03/16/2017 Drug & alcohol problems linked to increased veteran suicide risk, especially in women, long-term study finds (University of Michigan)
03/13/2017 Drug Use Drops After ER Visits Used As 'Teachable Moments' (University of Michigan)
03/10/2017 Castration-resistant prostate cancer cell growth impeded by Endostatin (University of Alabama Birmingham)
03/09/2017 The New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Long-Term Results Of Gleevec For Patients With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (Oregon Health Sciences University)
03/09/2017 Discovery of a New Metabolic Pathway of a Known Lipid Has Implications in Cancer, Obesity (Stony Brook University)
03/07/2017 Wearable Biosensors Can Tell You When to See the Doctor (Stanford University)
03/06/2017 Saving brain cells from stroke (University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine)
02/24/2017 New Research Shows Primary Care Physicians Can Help Detect More Skin Cancer at Earlier Stage (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)
02/23/2017 Compound from marine snail is potent pain reliever (University of Utah)
02/22/2017 Popular heartburn drugs linked to gradual yet 'silent' kidney damage (Washington University School of Medicine)
02/21/2017 Brain-computer interface advance allows fast, accurate typing by people with paralysis (Stanford Medicine and Brown University)
02/14/2017 Study reports on health of American women deployed to Vietnam for military or civilian service (Columbia University School of Public Health)

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