Office of Research & Development

Reporting of Inventions

All VA employees, including full and part-time employees, WOC employees, and employees working under an IPA agreement are required under federal law to disclose inventions to VA as a condition of their VA employment or appointment. This requirement does not depend on where the invention was made or what resources where used in making the invention. For example, if the employee believes the invention was made outside of VA and without the use of any VA resources, the employee still needs to disclose it to VA. TTP and the Office of General Counsel (OGC) will then use the information submitted to determine if the government has rights to the invention. The duty to disclose to the VA exists even if the employee has submitted an invention disclosure to his or her affiliate institution.

Please provide TTP with the following documents when reporting inventions.

If you have submitted an invention disclosure to your academic affiliate the VA will accept this as a disclosure form.

The invention disclosure and certification form should be submitted to

Once a completed the documents have been received TTP will review the materials and then prepare a recommendation to OGC (based on criteria outlined in 37 CFR 501.6) as to whether or not the government should assert rights. OGC will then make a Determination of Rights (DOR) and then issue a DOR letter to the inventor. A copy will be provided to TTP and the ACOS of Research for the VAMC at which the invention took place.

For further questions about invention disclosures, patent prosecution or the licensing of inventions contact your Technology Transfer Specialist.