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2016 National VA Research Week: VA Medical Center Activities





Albuquerque, NM May16-19 Bill Armstrong Information tables and poster displays in the lobby in conjunction with CSP Pharmacy Coordinating Center; Lunch and learn sessions.
Ann Arbor, MI May16&19 Derek Atkinson 5/16: Research seminars for faculty and staff; 5/19: Speaker presentations open to all followed by a reception at 2:45 pm. AGENDA
Atlanta, GA 16-May Gregory Kendall Research poster session in atrium; display tables, Clinical Studies Center tour, MVP recruitment efforts.
Augusta, GA 20-May Brian Rothwell Open house and poster presentations in the morning followed by speakers with a focus on cancer research.
Baltimore, MD May16-20 David Edwards Clinical research tables set up on 2nd floor balcony; Lunch & Learn session; Jazz quintet concert at satellite campus. AGENDA
Bay Pines, FL May16-20 Jason Dangel Lunch-n-Learn Series, poster sessions, research presentations, Q&A meet the investigators' session, poster presentations, coordinating efforts with Nursing Research.
Birmingham, AL 20-May Jeffrey Hester Poster displays in the Clinic Annex, with highlight on Homeless Veterans research and the MVP Program, followed by a light refreshments, a 'Closet' donation, and a guided tour through the Phoenix Clinic.
Boise, ID 18-May Joanne Mitten Open house at Noon; speakers on the Fort Boise VA Campus, followed by poster presentations on current research studies, clinical involvement, and fellowship and clinical training programs. AGENDA
Boston, MA May18&19 Pallas Wahl 5/18: Poster session, research investigator and employee recognitions at the West Roxbury Elks Lodge across from the VAMC from 1-4pm; 5/19: Speakers and lecture series at VAMC on the topic of schizophrenia.
Bronx, NY 17-May Jim Connell Speakers and presenters from 9 a.m. - 2 pm; poster presentations from 2:30-3:30 p.m. AGENDA
Buffalo, NY May16-20 Evangeline Conley 5/16: all-employee educational research facts and games via email; 5/17: reseearch fair; 5/18: poster session judging event; 5/19: Research Building 20 tour; 5/20: announcement for winner of the 5/16 research game.
Clarksburg, WV May16-20 Wesley Walls Poster displays staffed from 12-2 each day, electronic monitor boards and tv postings, token of appreciation to participating staff and volunteers on 5/18, popcorn for all from 12-2 on 5/18.
Charleston, SC May16-20 Tonya Lobbestael Poster displays; 5/20: research investigators' presentations followed by round table discussions in the afternoon.
Cincinnati, OH Apr18-22 Amanda Eisenlohr In collaboration with the Univ of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the Cincinnati Education & Research for Veterans Foundation, there is a week long event to feature celebrated researchers, care providers, research participants, university and high school students, government leaders, local and national dignitaries, and business leaders. Poster session immediately following the opening ceremonies. AGENDA
Coatesville, PA May16-20 Kathleen Pomorski Research articles prepared for the local newsletter, the Eagle, with presentations to the staff.
Columbia, MO May18&19 L. Stephen Gaither Research week symposium with theme: "21st Century Translational Medicine" with keynote speakers, group panel discussions, and poster sessions. AGENDA
Columbia SC 18-May Dwayne Rider 10-1: poster presentations, keynote speaker Dr. Grant Huang.
Dallas, TX May23-26 Froy Garza 5/23: poster exhibits; 5/24: research coordinator appreciation day; 5/25: research poster contest; 5/23-25: open enrollment for Veterans for research studies; 5/26: researcher-of-the-year celebration. AGENDA
Denver, CO Apr28-29 Daniel Warvi Poster presentations, 4/28: 1-3pm Speakers (clinical); 4/29: 1-3pm Speakers (basic sciences).
Detroit, MI 20-May Alysse Mengason 9-Noon: Speakers, poster display presentations. AGENDA
East Orange, NJ May16-23 Sandra Warren Series of speaker presentations each day, poster exhibit on 5/23.
Fargo, ND 19-May Ross Tweten Grand Rounds guest speaker, Dr. Colin Combs, Professor & Chair of Basic Sciences at Univ of ND.; posters and flyers.
Gainesville, FL 20-May Cindy Snook Speakers, poster exhibits. AGENDA
Hampton, VA May17-19 Daniel Henry 5/18: Lunch-N-Learn session about research at Hampton VAMC, MVP outreach at CBOC clinics, Research presentations. AGENDA
Hines, IL 17-May Denise Van Koevering Research exhibit tables with interactive demonstrations in the atrium; information dissemination.
Houston, TX May16-19 Maureen Dyman Video presentations in main lobby area on 5/16&17; Lecture session on 5/18 with VAMC Director, ACOS, Veterans and Researchers; 5/19: mixer for investigators with recognitions for contributions to research.
Indianapolis, IN May16&20 Peter Scovill 5/16: Public Outreach Day with distribution of literature to Veterans and staff, poster displays, video presentations, MVP booth, and treats; 5/20: Scientific poster session and symposium day. AGENDA
Iowa City, IA Apr12-14 Bryan Clark The Iowa City VAHCS will collaborate its research event with Carver College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and Institute for Clinical and Translational Science April 12-14 with a them of 'Molecular Machines in Human Disease.' There will be speakers, poster sessions and competitions.
Las Vegas, NV May16-20 Charles Ramey 5/15: Research and patient recruitment information tables in the lobby; 5/18: Principal Investigator recruitment class; 5/19: poster presentations.
Little Rock, AR May16-20 Melanie L. Sabik Display 'From War to Home Exhibit' by Dr. Jennifer True; speakers.
Long Beach, CA 23-May Richard Beam "Carnival" interactive booths relevant to research; aim to increase attendance from last year's 600 participants.
Louisville, KY May16-20 Judy Williams Renovated research lab open house, Bldg 19; presentations on MVP, clinical and basic research, poster exihibits.
Madison, WI 19-May Tim Donovan Speakers and research presentations, table displays, a town hall with research and hospital administration presentations, open house with posters and hands-on exhibits. AGENDA
Manchester, NH May17&19 Kristin Pressly 5/17: presentation of the history of research at the Manchester VAMC; 5/19: information presentation and impact of the library VISN1 knowledge information service.
Minneapolis, MN 23-May Ralph Heussner Keynote speaker, poster and exposition session from 1-3pm. AGENDA
Mountain Home, TN May16-20 Judy Fowler-Argo Research displays in the main hospital atrium, open house for the Auditory & Vestibular Research Enhancement Award Program.
New York, NY 20-May Claudie Benjamin speakers, posters displays, tabletop exhibits, and more at the Manhattan VAMC. AGENDA
Omaha, NE May16-20 Will Ackerman 5/16: lunch-and-learn session with research presentations; 5/17: research information board displays in main lobby; 5/19: VA poster displays at the Univ of NE Medical Center atrium; 5/20: research forum, Friends of VA research award presentations, tour of research areas for new congressional liaison reps. AGENDA
Portland, OR 5-May Daniel Herrigstad Researcher presentations, Paul B. Magnusson award will be presented to Dr. James Henry by Dr. Patricia P. Dorn; Poster presentations and displays on the sky bridge; refreshments, tour of the research facility.
Providence, RI May16-20 Winfield Danielson, III Recruitment and information tables in main lobby during the week; May20: Research presentation by Drs. Wu and Taveira regarding their focus groups' results leading to better and increased compliance in patient care; posters and award presentations. AGENDA
Reno, NV May16-20 Darin Farr Research speaker presentations each day; 5/20 Research service open house and a grand prize drawing.
Richmond, VA 29-Apr Darlene Edwards 20th Annual Research Day Luncheon for Veterans -to honor Veterans for their participation in VA research studies. VAMC service reps/coordinators will exhibit in the auditorium and provide visitors with information during the luncheon.
Salem, VA May16&19 Anne Benois 5/16: VA research participants appreciation event in the auditorium; 5/19: research presentations followed by lunch.
Salt Lake City, UT 19-May Jill Atwood Speaker presentations, lunch, poster displays, and an MVP informatin table. AGENDA
San Diego, CA May19-20 Cindy Butler 5/19: Vendor Fair for research staff; 5/20: Speaker sessions, Research symposium to include research presentations, 2016 Veterans Research Alliance award presentation, and refreshments.
San Juan, PR May17-20 Joseph Rivera-Rebolledo 5/17: R&D activity for study coordinators, employee recognitions; 5/18: opening ceremony with speakers; 5/19: New program presentations; 5/20: continue presentations for new research programs. AGENDA
Seattle, WA 5/16/2016 Chad Hutson Award presentations and research speakers. AGENDA
Shreveport, LA 16-May Shannon Arledge Presentations on the VA Human Research Protection Program; poster presentations; representatives from the university affiliate IRB will participate; refreshments will be provided by the non-profit research corporation.
St. Louis 29-Apr Marcena Gunther Speakers, recognition of the Research committee members, meet-N-greet. AGENDA
Sioux Falls, SD 19-May Shirley Redmond An 'informational' open house to be held in the auditorium with speakers, research posters, and display tables.
Tampa, FL May23&24 Karen Collins 5/23: Research symposium at USF Rotunda from 4-7:30pm with a panel discussion and reception; 5/24: 18th annual research day with poster presentations and refreshments. AGENDA
Tucson, AZ May16-20 Luke Johnson Media releases, MVP outreach recruitment efforts, planned cookout for Veteran research participants.
Tuscaloosa, AL 5/19/2016 Damon Stevenson Poster displays and exhibits, brochures, and TV streamed powerpoint presentations.
Washington, DC May16-20 Gloria Hairston Poster presentations on 5/16,17&19 from 11-1; seminar on IRB, research compliance, and ISO on 5/15; Research fair on 5/18.
West Haven, CT May16-20 Pamela Redmond Information sessions; poster presentations highlighting research in the areas of pain, cancer, end of life care, mental health, and MVP.
West Palm Beach, FL May17&19 Mary Ann Goodman 5/17: Clinical-Translational Research presentation by Dr. James Galvin; 5/19: 5th annual scientific discovery day with exhibit hall poster sessions.

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