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WOC Position Announcements

IMPORTANT: These are Without Compensation Positions. There is no salary for these positions, and there is no plan for future employment at the VA. Individuals in these positions will need to complete a full background check with the VA.

See also: Without Compensation Employee Checklist


Location: William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, Madison, WI

Description: Assistant Scientist

Qualifications/expectations: The incumbent will conduct research focused on the basic biological mechanisms of aging. The funded project for this position opening focuses on the intersection of aging, caloric restriction (CR), and the progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology using genetic mouse models of AD. In particular, the work will involve in vivo brain imaging, electrophysiology, and primary cell culture in addition to overseeing the cohort for the study.  

The incumbent will also design and implement strategies for investigating the mechanisms connecting metabolism, caloric restriction, and aging. The candidate is also expected to explore new avenues and seek independent funding as part of their own career development.

A PhD in Medical Research is required, along with the completion of two separate postdoctoral fellowships in Neurobiology and Pharmacology.  A minimum of five years of experience in neurobiology is also required.

Contact information:
Aaron Heneghan
VA Research Administrative Officer

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