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IMPORTANT: These are Without Compensation Positions. There is no salary for these positions, and there is no plan for future employment at the VA. Individuals in these positions will need to complete a full background check with the VA.

See also: Without Compensation Employee Checklist


Location: William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, Madison, WI

Description: Research Specialist and Study Coordinator

Qualifications/expectations: A bachelor's degree is required in the biological sciences or a health-related field. Bench research experience is required, preferably greater than 2 years. Experience in at least some of the following areas is preferred: recruiting human subjects, handling human tissue, DNA preparation, ELISA, cell culture, microscopy.

The successful candidate will recruit human subjects and process their blood samples, perform immunology experiments, and assist with lab management. This individual will need to be highly organized, very detail-oriented, a critical thinker, always professional, and a great team player. Applicants must have independent transportation and be willing to work flexible hours.

Contact information: Judy Aughey,


Location: William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, Madison, WI

Description: Research Assistant

Qualifications/expectations: The incumbent will conduct biomedical research to evaluate the function of noncoding RNAs and epigenetics in post-stroke brain damage in adult rodents using molecular and cellular techniques.

Contact information: Judy Aughey,


Location: Northport VAMC, Northport NY

Description: Research Associate

Qualifications/expectations: This posting is for a Research Associate to assist in the conduct of translational studies conducted by the Hamik laboratory, including studies where peripheral blood and skeletal muscle samples are collected from human volunteers. The candidate will participate in translational research by collecting and processing biological samples from human patients. The candidate will work with a study coordinator to ensure that scheduled visits for the study are an organized and pleasant experience for the patient-volunteer; will work with the study coordinator and supervising faculty to ensure proper collection of biological samples; and will have primary responsibility for proper processing of the biological samples collected. Studies will be conducted at the Northport VAMC. Collection and initial processing of the samples will occur at the VA, and the candidate will then be responsible for transport of the samples back to the affiliate for further processing.

Contact information: Christine Spiller;

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