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Past VA Research Events


Tuesday, June 19, 2018
11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Event location:
Rayburn House Office Building, Foyer
Washington, DC 20515


Carolyn Clancy, MDExecutive in Charge, Veterans Health Administration
Rachel Ramoni, DMD, ScD, Chief Research and Development Officer
Veterans & Caregivers
Research Achievement Awardees & Speakers
Research Partners
Research Interactive Exhibits


Posters and Materials:

Event Flyer 

VA Research Highlight Posters

Accelerating Development of Better PTSD Treatment for Veterans: VA’s PTSD Psychopharmacology Initiative (PPI)

Exoskeletal-Assisted Walking and Mobility Program (Active Protocols)

Powered Patient Transport System

Mobility Enhancement robotic (MEBot) Wheelchair

Locking Clamp for Thermal fuses


Upper Limb Prosthetic Compatible Mouse

Telehealth Outreach for PTSD

Million Veteran Program (MVP): A Partnership with Veterans looking at Genes, Health, Lifestyle, Military Experiences, and Exposures

VA Research Leads to More Effective Pain Treatments, Reduced Opioid Harms

VA Technology Transfer Program

Vietnam Era Health Retrospective Observational Study (VE-HEROeS)

Advances in VA Women Veterans’ Health Research

A Veteran’s ‘Mindful Experience’ with VA Behavioral Research

Telehealth for Veterans with Bipolar Disorder, a High Suicide-Risk Population

Risk-Stratified Enhancements To Clinical Care: Targeting Care For Patients Identified Through Predictive Modeling As Being At High Risk For Suicide, with the Office of Mental Health Operations

REACH VET Centralized Caring Contacts Pilot

Implementing Caring Contacts for Suicide Prevention in Non-Mental Health Settings

Clinical Trials/Cooperative Studies

TBI and Potential Connection to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Early Feasibility Study of the Percutaneous Osseointegrated Prosthesis for Above-Knee Amputees

Airborne Hazards/Burn Pit Exposures in Southwest Asia

Gulf War 1990-1991: Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Bimodal Ankle-Foot Prostheses for Improved Standing Balance

Adaptive Ankle-Foot Prostheses for Improved Stability on Uneven Terrain

Development of an Ankle-Foot Prosthesis to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes

Improving Footwear Options for Women and Men Veterans with Amputations

Development of an Ankle-Foot Prosthesis to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes

Ventilated Prostheses for Improved Residual Limb Microclimate

Manual Wheelchair with Standing Mobility

Ergonomic Wheelchair

Multi-Purpose Arm Cycle Ergometer

SkinSyte System Skin Screening Device

VA Researchers Who Served:

Dr. Ronald Riechers (8/25/17)
Louis Stokes VA Medical Center
Main area of study: Traumatic brain injury

Dr. Matthew Bair (04/05/18)
Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
Main area of study: Pain management

Dr. Kiersten Downs (03/07/18)
James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital
Main area of study: Community reintegration

Dr. Gina McCaskill (03/07/18)
Birmingham, Alabama VA Medical Center
Main area of study: Geriatric research

Dr. Roy Bloebaum (02/28/18)
VA Salt Lake City Health Care System
Main area of study: Prosthetics

Dr. Jeff Pyne (01/18/18))
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Main area of study: PTSD

Dr. Racine Brown (02/14/18)
James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital
Main area of study: Traumatic brain injury

Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez (02/27/18)
VA Boston Healthcare System
Main area of study: Regenerative medicine

VA hosted the event to pay tribute to Veterans for their participation in VA research studies, and to recognize VA researchers and staff for their leading edge discoveries.

Turning Hope Into Reality VA Research Fair 2018

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