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Actionable AI in Health and Wellness – From Research to Practice
Join Our Federal Interagency AI Community

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to provide cutting-edge healthcare delivery, accelerate medical discoveries, and reduce costs for patients. The goal of this Federal interagency community is to provide a network for all interested, curious, and passionate about AI applications in health and medicine, from research and development to implementation. This community will encourage avid discussion amongst its members and members will receive a periodic newsletter highlighting news, outstanding challenges and opportunities, and notifications of cutting-edge advancements in AI with high impact in health and medicine. Further, opportunities for symposia and collaboration may be provided as they arise.

To join please email with "Actionable AI in Health and Wellness Community" in the subject line. Of note, only .gov and .mil email addresses are currently accepted.

Relevant topics for this Community include:
  • Scientific rigor/integrity of AI tools.
    • Addressing AI bias.
    • Addressing AI explainability.
  • Human-AI Interaction in the clinic.
    • Practitioner and patient interactions
  • Training the health workforce in cutting-edge AI technologies.
  • Perspectives on the adoption of and use of AI in the clinic by practitioners and patients.
  • Implementation of AI tools in the clinic, including best practices and regulations governing use.
  • Health research areas ripe for high-impact AI innovations.
  • Health and wellness AI use cases.
    • Identifying value offered and lessons learned.
  • Health and wellness-related AI-able data sets.
  • Interagency big data sets to promote health and wellness AI tools.

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