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2022 Highlighted Publications

Classification of Patients for Whom Benefit of Long-Term Opioid Therapy No Longer Outweighs Harm: Protocol for a Delphi Study JMIR Res Protoc
Van Cleve R*, Edmond S, Snow J, Black AC, Pomeranz JL, Becker W

Broad Clinical manifestations of polygenic risk for coronary artery disease in the Women’s Health Initiative
Commun Med (Lond)
Clarke SL, Parham M, Lankester J, Shadyab AH, Liu S, Kooperberg C, Manson JE, Tcheandjieu C, Assimes TL

Assessing Smoking Status and Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Machine Learning Approach among Veterans
Healthcare (Basel)
Nono Djotsa ABS, Helmer DA, Park C, Lynch KE, Sharafkhaneh A, Naik AD, Razjouyan J, Amos CI

Genetic evidence for causal relationships between age at natural menopause and the risk of ageing-associated adverse health outcomes
Int J Epidemiol
Lankester J, Li J, Salfati ELI, Stefanick ML, Chan KHK, Liu S, Crandall CJ, Clarke SL, Assimes TL

Care4AD: A Technology-Driven Platform for Care Coordination and Management: Acceptability Study in Dementia
Mishra RK, Park C, Momin AS, Rafaei NE, Kunik M, York MK, Najafi B

2021 Highlighted Publications

Differences in COVID-19 Risk by Race and County-Level Social Determinants of Health among Veterans
Int J Environ Res Public Health
Abdel Magid HS, Ferguson JM, Van Cleve R, Purnell AL, Osborne TF

Comparison of different functional prediction scores using a gene-based permutation model for identifying cancer driver genes 
BMC Med Genomics
Nono AD, Chen K, Liu X

Virtual care expansion in the Veterans Health Administration during the COVID-19 pandemic: clinical services and patient characteristics associated with utilization
J Am Med Inform Assoc
Ferguson JM, Jacobs J, Yefimova M, Greene L, Heyworth L, Zulman DM

Differences in COVID-19 Testing and Test Positivity Among Veterans, United States, 2020
Public Health Rep
Ferguson JM, Abdel Magid HS, Purnell AL, Kiang MV, Osborne TF

Assessment of Changes in US Veterans Health Administration Care Delivery Methods During the COVID-19 Pandemic
JAMA Netw Open
Rose L, Tran LD, Asch SM, Vashi A

2020 Highlighted Publications

Virtual Care Expansion in the Veterans Health Administration During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Clinical Services and Patient Characteristics Associated with Utilization [published online ahead of print, 2020 Oct 30].
J Am Med Inform Assoc.
Ferguson JM, Jacobs J, Yefimova M, Greene L, Heyworth L, Zulman DM

A meta-learning approach for genomic survival analysis. 
Nat Commun.
Qiu YL, Zheng H, Devos A, Selby H, Gevaert O

Social Risk Adjustment in Health Care Performance Measures
JAMA Network Open
Tran LD

Comparative Transcriptome Profiling Provides Insights Into Plant Salt Tolerance in Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum Vaginatum)
BMC Genomics
Wu P, Cogil S, Qiu Y, Li Z, Zhou M, Hu Q, Chang Z, Noorai RE, Xia X, Saski C, Raymer P, Luo H

A Comparison of COVID-19 and Imaging Radiation Risk in Clinical Patient Populations
Research Square
Ria F, Fu W, Chalian H, Abadi E, Segars PW, Fricks R, Khoshpouri P, Samei E 

*Note: Authors in boldface are past or current BD-STEP fellows.

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