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AI@VA University

AI@VA University

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AI@VA University, the NAII's flagship educational initiative, prepares VA's workforce to meet the growing AI needs of those serving Veterans. As a one-stop shop for VA employees' training needs, the AI@VA University gathers training materials and leading research publications from the artificial intelligence industry, government agencies, and medical field.

Training VA Employees in Trustworthy AI

The NAII understands the importance of trustworthy AI and the need for AI education across the VA workforce. NAII is helping to train a generation of experts and practitioners in AI and in VA's commitment to developing trustworthy AI − AI that is ethical, reduces potential biases, and protects privacy.

By accessing the AI@VA University SharePoint site, visitors will be able to read, watch, listen to, and participate in numerous carefully selected educational materials. AI@VA University content comes from up-to-date sources, including VA's Talent Management System (TMS) and LinkedIn Learning, universities, Coursera, Skillsoft, as well as other public and private sector sources. The content is organized into several Interest Groups, such as: AI Ethics, AI in Health Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, AI in Nursing, Application with Natural Language, Blockchain, Clinical Use Cases, Coding, COVID-19, Data, Imaging, Regulatory, and Imaging.

We encourage VA employees to visit the NEW AI@VA University!

 AI@VA University SharePoint

Visitors to the AI@VA University can watch, read, listen to or participate in up-to-date AI content.

AI interest groups

Moderators organize content into categories and add new educational materials as they become available.

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