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Two Options to Join a Community Focused on Cutting-Edge AI

The National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) is looking for all those interested to join our community. For everyone, inside or outside VA, sign up for our email group below. AI@VA is a community of dedicated, passionate, and curious minds focused on the most important AI challenges facing Veterans' health and well-being. We explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other frontier technologies, and the impacts they will have on Veterans and their families.

As a member of the AI@VA community, you will receive a periodic newsletter highlighting impactful AI work across the VA, updates on the NAII, opportunities to collaborate on bleeding-edge projects, and invitations for upcoming AI webinars and meetings.

Are you a VA employee interested in, or using AI?

Join our intranet community hub!

Benefits of joining the AI@VA Community hub:

  • Meet your fellow AI practitioners and expand your AI network at VA
  • Join exclusive events and training sessions
  • Find and post collaboration opportunities
  • Participate in engaging, real-time discussions
  • Access a special repository of training resources

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