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Join Our AI Communities!

Join Our AI Communities!

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We are building communities for AI professionals, scientists, clinicians, and others interested in AI to learn and share about artificial intelligence. For individuals just learning about AI all the way to AI experts, we encourage you to join us in building the future of AI at VA and beyond.

Which community should I join?

  • AI@VA Community - open to all who are interested in AI at VA
  • VA AI@VA Intranet Hub - open to VA staff interested in AI
  • Interagency Health AI Community - professional interest group for those engaged in health and medicine and AI - open to .gov and .mil email addresses
  • AI Network - AI researchers and practitioners across VA Medical Centers - open to .gov and .mil email addresses

Join the AI@VA Community

Everyone − inside or outside VA − can sign up for our email group. AI@VA is a community of dedicated, passionate, and curious minds focused on the most important AI challenges facing Veterans’ health and well-being. We explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other frontier technologies and the impacts they will have on Veterans and their families.

As a member of the AI at VA community, you will receive:

  • A monthly newsletter highlighting impactful AI work at VA
  • Updates on the NAII and our cutting-edge AI projects
  • Opportunities to collaborate on bleeding-edge projects
  • Invitations to upcoming Lunch & Learns, AI webinars, and meetings

Are you a VA employee interested in AI? Join our intranet community hub!

Join the VA Sharepoint Community - VA Intranet Link

Benefits of joining the AI@VA Community hub include:

  • Meet VA AI practitioners and expand your AI network
  • Access the AI@VA University
  • Join exclusive events and training sessions
  • Find and post collaboration opportunities
  • Participate in real-time discussions on current AI topics

Join Our Federal Interagency Health AI

Join Our Federal Interagency Health AI/

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Members of this federal interagency community discuss AI applications in health and medicine across the pipeline from R&D to implementation. The network encourages avid discussion. Members also receive a periodic newsletter of AI news highlights, upcoming challenges and opportunities, notifications of cutting-edge advancements in AI with high impact in health and medicine, as well as opportunities for symposia and collaboration.

To join, please email with "Actionable AI in Health and Wellness Community" in the subject line. Of note, only .gov and .mil email addresses are currently accepted.

Topics addressed in this community include:

  • Scientific rigor and integrity of AI tools
    • Addressing AI bias
    • Addressing AI explainability
  • Human-AI interaction in the clinic setting
    • Practitioner and patient interactions
  • Perspectives on the adoption and use of AI in the clinic by practitioners and patients
  • Training the health workforce in cutting-edge AI technologies
  • Implementation of AI tools in the clinic, including best practices and regulations governing use
  • Health research areas ripe for high-impact AI innovations
  • Health and wellness AI use cases
    • Identifying value offered and lessons learned
  • Health and wellness-related AI-able data sets
  • Interagency big data sets to promote health and wellness AI tools

Artificial Intelligence Network

Artificial Intelligence Network

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The NAII is building a network of AI researchers and practitioners across the country's VA medical centers (VAMCs) to help advance AI research and maximize the benefits of AI for Veterans. Experts in different areas of AI, medicine, and/or health care are encouraged to join the AI Network to help develop and launch AI solutions to improve VA operations and address Veterans' health concerns. The NAII shares AI strategies and lessons learned with the broader VA community. The NAII also highlights VA's innovative AI research and how AI technologies can be leveraged, and disseminates this information to partners across government, academia, and industry.

To increase AI R&D capacity, the NAII has established incentive strategies to recruit AI talent and expand opportunities for partnerships across VA. For more information, please contact if you are at VA and interested in joining the AI Network.

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