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AI Tech Sprints

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Since 2019, the National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) within the Veterans Administration (VA) has been leading AI Tech Sprints for empowering an AI-enabled ecosystem benefiting Veterans and linking federal, industry, academic, and non-profit organizations. Tech Sprints are a nimble approach for innovation and product ideation enabled through multi-disciplinary, inter-sectoral collaboration and partnerships.

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AI Tech Sprints are founded on 4 pillars:

  • Access to Data
  • Partnership
  • Collaboration
  • Collective Good

Participating teams are provided access to large, unique data sources (e.g., synthetic and anonymized patient data, clinical trials, patents, experimental therapeutics); Veteran and Expert perspectives; technical AI/ML, demo and user-based feedback; and longer term partnership and/or funding opportunities. Winning teams receive verbal recognition at the final, end-of-Sprint Demo Day, and potential financial compensation. Recognized prototypes may be invited to conduct a pilot of the product within the VA or be introduced to another agency for next steps in product development.

2022 AI Tech Sprint

In the works! Preparations are underway for the 2022 AI Tech Sprint.

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The results and efforts of our previous Tech Sprint winners can be viewed at:

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