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AI Tech Sprints

The NAII leads AI Tech Sprints within VA using the "Government Innovation Award"-winning framework for empowering an AI-able ecosystem through voluntary incentives linking the ecosystem of federal, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations around AI R&D.

The NAII completed an AI Tech Sprint in 2019 with two nationally recognized participant teams. To learn more about the 2019 results, please see the VA blog.

Clinical Trial Selector

A notable participant from the last iteration of the NAII's AI Tech Sprints, the Girls Computing League developed a Clinical Trial Selector which is currently available in the VA App Store. The Northern Virginia group, composed of high-school students Shreeja Kikkisetti, Ethan Ocasio, and Nikhil Pesaladinne, sought to streamline the process for patients to find and register for clinical trials. Utilizing deep learning AI for the search and natural language processing, the Clinical Trial Selector is available to empower the 9 million Veterans served by the VA and 50 million patients on Medicare/Medicaid so they may seek out available clinical trials quickly and easily.

Learn more about the Clinical Trial selector, here.

2020-2021 AI Tech Sprint

The 2020-2021 AI Tech Sprint, centered around interventions for Veterans not currently served by the Department of Veterans Affairs, is a 12 week engagement designed to foster collaboration with industry and academic partners by iteratively designing an AI-enabled tool that leverages federal data to address a need for Veterans.

Sprints enable a novel, nimble approach to enabling innovation and product ideation that paves the way for future partnerships. This year's Sprint incorporates feedback from our previous Sprint, including from a session held at the VA after a White House event last year. We summarized lessons learned and produced the first training document (in the section below) for how to implement these Tech Sprints, drawing on combined interagency knowledge and experiences.

The goal of this sprint is to help improve Veteran health and well-being, with emphasis on new collaborations among participants and a digital tools ecosystem to help interventions for Veterans not currently served by VA.

Teams that create innovative and valuable submissions can receive both verbal recognition at an end-of-Sprint Demo Day and potential financial compensation. Recognized prototypes will either be introduced to an agency outside of VA, or be invited to conduct a pilot of the product within VA. Throughout the Sprint, VA will support with expert opinions and potential datasets to help guide participant teams through the Sprint.

Applications for the tech sprint are now open. The application deadline is December 16th. An information session to describe the topic, goals, timeline, and tech sprint prize will be held on November 23rd. The sprint itself will run from early January 2021 to mid-April. If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating, please see the below links for the information meeting and the application. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email

To apply, fill out this short application and submit by December 16th, to

Training Documents

If you are interested in running your own AI Tech Sprint or have questions about the process, please see the NAII AI Tech Sprint Handbook and other resources linked below:

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