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02/14/2019 US older women three times as likely to be treated for osteoporosis as men (BMJ)
02/13/2019 Stimulating the vagus nerve in the neck might help ease pain associated with PTSD (University of California, San Diego)
02/13/2019 PTSD alone didn't increase heart disease risk in veterans with PTSD (American Heart Association)
02/11/2019 Researchers identify brain protein crucial to recovery from stroke (University of Pittsburgh)
02/11/2019 VA pushing medical research and inventions to private sector (Techlink)
02/06/2019 Heavy drinking in teens causes lasting changes in emotional center of brain (University of Illinois at Chicago)
01/30/2019 Researchers develop new approach for vanquishing superbugs (Case Western Reserve University)
01/24/2019 Untangling tau: researchers find a 'druggable target' for treating Alzheimer's disease (University of California, San Diego)
01/24/2019 Kidney-resident macrophages -- a role for healing during acute kidney injury? (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
01/21/2019 Youthful cognitive ability strongly predicts mental capacity later in life (University of California, San Diego)
01/17/2019 Discovery of enhanced bone growth could lead to new treatments for osteoporosis (University of California, Los Angeles)
01/17/2019 Population study finds striking disparities in health behaviors and screening in Indiana (Regenstrief Institute)
01/16/2019 Gastric bypass surgery may benefit muscle strength more than previously thought (The Endocrine Society)
01/14/2019 Scientists connect dots between colitis and colon cancer (Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University)
01/11/2019 Activated PMN exosomes are pathogenic entities that cause destruction in the COPD lung (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

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