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07/18/2017 Testosterone prescribing in VA varies by provider’s age, experience, specialty and region (Endocrine Society)
07/17/2017 Imaging reveals how well PTSD patients will respond to psychotherapy (Stanford University School of Medicine)
07/16/2017 Electrical Stimulation of Brain May Help People with Schizophrenia Learn to Communicate Better (UCLA School of Medicine)
07/13/2017 Surgery Isn't Necessarily Best for Prostate Cancer, According to VA Study (University of Minnesota)
07/05/2017 V.A. campaign to increase hospice care showing results (Brown University)
07/03/2017 Some heartburn drugs linked with increased risk of death (Washington University School of Medicine)
07/03/2017 Patients with multiple sclerosis may benefit from over-the-counter therapy (Oregon Health and Science University)
06/27/2017 A human enzyme can reduce neurotoxic amyloids in a mouse model of dementia (University of South Florida)
06/27/2017 Three Possible Measures for Quality Medical Care May Help Cut Deaths from Opioid Addiction by One-Third (RAND Health)
06/26/2017 Early cardiology care linked to lower risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (Stanford University Medicine)
06/23/2017 Thought Control (VCU)
06/23/2017 Breast Density Matters (American Association of Cancer Research/University of California, San Francisco)
06/22/2017 Identified Brain Circuitry Bridges Neural and Behavioral Roles in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (NYU Langone Medical Center)
06/22/2017 VU Scientists Report a Way to Calm Sepsis "Storm" (Vanderbilt University)
06/20/2017 Modeling Gulf War illness: Knowing the cause of brain dysfunction is key to finding a cure (Texas A&M University)

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