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Research News from Local VA Medical Centers and our Academic and Federal Research Partners

10/01/2019 Barrier to rural opioid treatment: Driving distance to methadone clinics (Yale University)
10/01/2019 Virtual medical visits get wary welcome from older adults, poll finds (Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan)
09/30/2019 VCU will lead $50 million study of traumatic brain injuries in military personnel (Virginia Commonwealth University)
09/30/2019 Center for BrainHealth joins StrongMind Alliance (Center for BrainHealth)
09/25/2019 Potential factors associated with severity of diabetes complications in patients with mental health (JAMA Network Open)
09/25/2019 Sexual trauma common in postmenopausal women veterans (The North American Menopause Society)
09/24/2019 Deep brain stimulation for refractory severe tinnitus (Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group)
09/23/2019 AGA releases guideline on the evaluation of chronic diarrhea (American Gastroenterological Association)
09/18/2019 Pathways linking childhood stressors and socioeconomic status to longevity (Boston University School of Medicine)
09/12/2019 Bone, not adrenaline, drives fight or flight response (Columbia University Irving Medical Center )
09/10/2019 How the eyes might be windows to the risk of Alzheimer's disease (University of California - San Diego )
09/09/2019 Experimental 'blood test' accurately screens for PTSD (NYU Langhorne School of Medicine)
09/04/2019 Polypill holds promise for tackling cardiovascular disease (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
09/04/2019 Computing--Assessing veteran suicide risk (DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
09/04/2019 Regenstrief scientist recommends ways to improve electronic health records (Regenstrief Institute)

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