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Research News from Local VA Medical Centers and our Academic and Federal Research Partners

01/09/2020 New possible strategy for treating chronic pain due to burns may help sufferers including veterans (Physiological Society)
01/07/2020 Stanford researchers recommend 5 practices to improve doctor-patient relationships (Stanford Medicine)
01/07/2020 Study of veterans details genetic basis for anxiety, links anxiety and depression (Yale University)
01/02/2020 Veterans report health as their No. 1 worry (Boston University School of Medicine)
12/31/2019 Objective subtle cognitive difficulties predict amyloid accumulation and neurodegeneration (University of California – San Diego)
12/30/2019 What comes first, beta-amyloid plaques or thinking and memory problems? (American Academy of Neurology )
12/23/2019 National veteran dataset will help dissect mental illness, prostate cancer connections (Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University)
12/17/2019 Dense breast notifications are having little impact (Boston University School of Medicine)
12/10/2019 Criteria for clinical trials might be too strict, needlessly excluding patients (UT Southwestern Medical Center)
12/10/2019 AGA releases guideline on management of gastric intestinal metaplasia (American Gastroenterological Association)
12/06/2019 Clinical trial explores new therapeutic for type 1 diabetes (Medical University of South Carolina )
12/05/2019 VA launches National Artificial Intelligence Institute (VA Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs)
12/05/2019 Stanford scientists reliably predict people's age by measuring proteins in blood (Stanford Medicine)
12/05/2019 Mouse study shows nerve signaling pathway critical to healing fractures (Johns Hopkins Medicine )
12/05/2019 Potential cause of elevated nighttime blood pressure in patients with apnea identified (University of Missouri-Columbia)

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