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04/24/2017 Forging new defenses against Diabetic Kidney Disease (Joslin Diabetes Centers)
04/21/2017 Opioid addiction increases likelihood of death tenfold in general healthcare settings (UCLA Geffen School of Medicine)
04/20/2017 Effects of alcoholism on the brain's reward system may be different in women than in men (Massachusetts General Hospital)
04/19/2017 Alerting stem cells to hurry up and heal (University of Southern California)
04/18/2017 Protein primes mouse stem cells to quickly repair injury, Stanford study finds (Stanford University Medical Center)
04/17/2017 UNC researchers identify a new HIV reservoir (University of North Carolina Health Care)
04/17/2017 Bacteriophages, natural drugs to combat superbugs (Baylor College of Medicine)
04/13/2017 Common drugs, uncommon risks? Higher rate of serious problems after short-term steroid use (University of Michigan-Michigan Medicine)
04/12/2017 Aspirin therapy may not help patients with peripheral vascular disease, researchers find (University of Florida)
04/07/2017 Pitt designs new wheelchair powered by compressed air (University of Pittsburgh)
04/05/2017 Newly discovered chemical reaction in eye may improve vision (Case Western Reserve University)
04/05/2017 Study finds limiting protein reduces post-heart attack injury in mice; Researchers used ultra-sound to deliver new gene therapy to mouse model (University of Missouri School of Medicine )
04/03/2017 Altering the immune system to reverse paralysis (American Chemical Society/University of Maryland)
04/01/2017 Cow's milk interferes with absorption of thyroid supplement levothyroxine (Endocrine Society)
03/31/2017 Experimental small molecule shows potential in preventing meth relapse (Scripps Research Institute)

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