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Central Research Privacy Board (CRPB) Investigator Submission Processes & Documents

Overview | Memorandum of Understanding | Submission Processes & Documents | Administration

Investigators must create a VAIRRS account by accessing the site at All VA institutions have been added to VAIRRS.

Existing VAIRRS accounts will be sufficient for investigators and as such, no new account should be requested.

1. Follow the local process as defined by your facility to include completing and attaching the CRPB Application for Submission with the submission to the IRB or Exemption Determination Official/Committee (NOTE: This form is provided to each facility with the signed MOU to add to their facility library in VAIRRS.)

2. The facility research office will review the package and submit it to the VA CRPB

3. The CRPB reviewers and support staff will use the "All Project Documents" link to look at documents in previous packages.

Investigator Required Documents for VAIRRS Submissions

VAIRRS Wizard – Project Cover Sheet1.

VAIRRS Wizard – IRB Information Sheet1.

VA Central Research Privacy Board (CRPB) Submission Application.


Informed Consent Form (ICF) or Information Sheet(s), if applicable2.

HIPAA Authorization, Form 10-0493, if applicable2.

Application for Waiver of Authorization2.

Data Collection Tool 3.

Recruitment Materials, if applicable3.

Interview Scripts/Templates, if applicable3.

Sponsor’s Protocol, if applicable3.

IRB, or Exempt Determination, approval outcome*

1. VAIRRS Wizards

2. VAIRRS Forms Library

3. Created by the research team or sponsor


*IRB, or Exempt Determination, approval outcome must be submitted before the submission can be reviewed by the CRPB.  This information is needed by the CRPB to ensure consistency with their approvals. For example, if the IRB approves a waiver of informed consent documentation for one phase of a project but requires documentation for another phase of the project and the research team submits a request for waiver of HIPAA authorization for the entire project then this may have an impact on the 'impracticably' criteria for waiver of HIPAA authorization approval by the CRPB.

VA IRRS user

Contact Information: 

Michelle Christiano
VA CRPB Administrator/ORD Privacy Officer
Phone: 706-399-7980

VA CRPB Mailbox:

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