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ORPP&E Webinar Archive - 2018

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Date Title Presenter(s)
12/18/2018 PART 2 -The Revised Common Rule, Proposed VHA Directive 1200.05, and the IRB: Focus on Significant Changes C. Karen Jeans, Soundia A. Duche
12/14/2018 ORPPE Workshop: Studies that Must Follow the Revised Common Rule (2018 Requirements) Petrice B. Longenecker
12/04/2018 12/04/18 Federalwide Assurances, IRB Registration and MOUs for use of External IRBs No Slides Link for Download Kristina Borror, Priscilla Craig
11/29/2018 The Revised Common Rule, Proposed VHA Directive 1200.05, and the IRB: Focus on Significant Changes Soundia A. Duche
10/18/2018 Q&A Session on the Revised Common Rule Kristina Borror, C. Karen Jeans, Soundia A. Duche
09/19/2018 Revised Common Rule: Changes to Exempt Categories Limited IRB Review Kristina Borror
09/18/2018 Overview of the Revised Common Rule and Its Impact on the IRB Soundia A. Duche
07/18/2018 Revised Common Rule: Informed Consent Kristina Borror
07/17/2018 Waivers: Common Rule, Privacy Rule, and FDA Regulation Soundia A. Duche
06/27/2018 Final Rule Issued to Delay for an Additional 6 months the General Compliance Date of Revisions to the Common Rule While Allowing the Use of Three-Burden Reducing Provisions Petrice B. Longenecker
06/19/2018 Working with the VA Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB): A Dialogue with the IRB Soundia A. Duche
05/15/2018 Expedited Review Soundia A. Duche
04/24/2018 Focus On: Continuing Review Soundia A. Duche
03/20/2018 Secure Messaging for Researchers with Limited Experience Using Secure Messaging VHA Office of Connected Care
02/20/2018 Engagement in Human Subjects Research Soundia A. Duche
01/30/2018 Records Management Training Matt Staden, VHA Records Officer

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