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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs provide guidance that represents ORPP&E’s current thinking on these topics and should be viewed as recommendations, unless specific regulatory requirements are cited. The use of the word "must" in the FAQs means that something is required under the referenced federal regulation. The use of the word "should" in the FAQ means that something is recommended or suggested, but not required.

Please come back to this page as we are having more FAQs vetted though both ORD and ORO.

FAQ Topic

Referenced CFR/ Handbook

Date Last Updated

Research Town Hall Q&A

VHA Directive 1200.05, VHA Directive 1200.01, VHA Directive 1605.01, VHA Directive 1605.03, VHA Handbook 1058.01


R&D Committee  

VHA Directive 1200.01


IRB and R&D Committee Considerations for Use of Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) in VA Research  

38 CFR 16, The Common Rule


1200.05 Certificates of Confidentiality

VHA Directive 1200.05


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