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VAIRRS Ambassador Program

In each issue of the VAIRRS Newsletter (every other month), a leading site utilizing the VAIRRS program is selected as a VAIRRS Ambassador. Facilities are evaluated based on participation, enthusiasm and commitment to improving the system and contributing to the benefits the VAIRRS enterprise has to offer. The selected VAIRRS ambassador serves as a great role model to other sites across the country, who want to learn more about VAIRRS and how the program can make their job more efficient and effective.


VAIRRS Ambassadors

Background: In October 2021, the VAIRRS Site Support Program was established to assist sites with administrative tasks to ensure a successful and efficient adoption of IRBNet. The pilot cohort of sites selected (Cohort 1) requested support from VAIRRS due to the administrative hurdles they experienced as they implemented IRBNet at their respective research programs. Over the last year, each site worked with a member of the VAIRRS Support Team to fill the gap in their administrative processes, aid in validating projects and increase their PCS completion rates. Site support for Cohort 1 has concluded and the sites have graduated, successfully sustaining their administrative processes. Cohort 1 facilities are excited to share their experiences, challenges and successes throughout the IRBNet implementation process and their experience with the VAIRRS Site Support program.

Due to the success of this program, VAIRRS will continue to offer administrative support to the field and have already identified candidates for Cohort 2. If you are interested in learning more about the Site Support program, contact the VAIRRS Support Team at

VAIRRS Experience: 

  • Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center| VA San Diego Healthcare System: San Diego VA Medical Center (VAMC) started the Site Support program with a PCS completion rate of less than 5%. Throughout 2022, site administrators were able to submit more than 90% of Project Cover Sheets to IRBNet and validate them. Using their current progress as a starting point, they will be able to stay above the 80% PCS completion requirement and maintain up-to-date board actions in IRBNet moving forward.
  • Palo Alto VA Medical Center: Palo Alto VAMC was tasked with transferring PCS information for about 600 active projects into IRBNet. Site Support provided feedback on how to best accomplish this monumental task and assisted with technical difficulties on the IRBNet site. To date, Palo Alto VAMC has reached a 99% PCS completion rate.
  • San Francisco VA Medical Center: San Francisco VAMC’s IRBNet team was innovative and focused, making site support effective and efficient. The systems they have implemented for submitting and validating Project Cover Sheets will continue to be useful, and their major time and effort commitments have paid off, with the SFVAMC reaching a 100% PCS completion rate.
  • Portland VA Medical Center: The Portland VAMC spent the last year working with researchers to encourage PCS submissions. With their help, Site Support was able to provide support validating Project Cover Sheets, allowing for site staff to maintain their normal workload and make progress, reflected by their 100% PCS completion rate.

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