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Frequently Asked Questions

ORPP&E, along with a field-based workgroup, has developed a core library of form and letter templates for each of the committee and subcommittee workspaces in VAIRRS.  As part of your go-live package we will publish a toolkit that contains process flow maps and the core library.


Question: Are any new smart forms going to be added after the sites move to the government cloud?

VAIRRS will initially include two new wizards: The Project Cover Sheet (to replace the current R&D Request to Review form) and the IRB Information Sheet. A continuing review form, closure report, and IACUC information sheet will all be developed within the coming months.


Question: Will IRBNet update the station's ePROMISE records?

Currently the system does not integrate with ePROMISE.  We hope to integrate VAIRSS with other ORD enterprise systems in the near future.

Question: Is there an instruction manual that can be distributed for researchers and/or administrators?  

IRBNet is an intuitive, web-based tool that has instruction and help text available at various places throughout the application. In addition, ORPP&E will provide workflow process maps and training resources for your site.

Question: Will each institution have their own specific templates for their forms?

ORPP&E, along with a field-based workgroup, has developed a core library of form and letter templates for each of the committee and subcommittee workspaces in IRBNet. However, IRBNet supports the ability for you to upload your own supplemental forms (such as if a particular form or template is required to support state or local regulations) via the Library Manager.

Question: Does ORPP&E have guidance on how each of the smart form questions should be answered?

ORPP&E designed the smart forms to be as straightforward as possible. In most cases, the researchers only have to answer simple "Yes" or "No" questions. After you transition to VAIRRS, ORPP&E will be reviewing feedback on the smart forms from the research community. If a question seems to be producing inconsistent answers or is causing confusion among your researchers, please let us know.

Question: Our site has installed the "Skype for Business" add-on for Internet Explorer. Can we use this add-on with IRBNet?

There is a known issue with the "Skype for Business" add-on for Internet Explorer that affects users who create rich-text content that includes phone numbers. In IRBNet, this primarily affects administrative users who draft decision letters in the rich-text editor. Microsoft has not yet released an update to address this issue. If possible, we recommend that staff who edit letters disable the add-on or use an alternate browser.

Question: Will VAIRRS work with Internet Explorer, or must we use Chrome? 

IRBNet is compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Question: Does IRBNet link to TMS/CITI?

Yes, IRBNet supports the integration of TMS and CITI so that records can be automatically created for users who link their IRBNet accounts to TMS or CITI. TMS Integration is not yet available.  

Question: Should the OGE Form 450 Alternative VA be submitted through IRBNet?

No, the OGE 450 Alt VA should not be uploaded into IRBNet. ORPPE has requested that the researcher submit the OGE 450 Alt VA outside of IRBNet. If the COI review is complete, the researcher may attach the findings to their package.




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