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Training Announcements

Webinars for current IRBNet Users

Webinars for the 12 sites that currently use IRBNet are scheduled for mid-February. The new core library will be discussed along with the new Project Cover Sheet and IRB Information Sheet wizards.

VA IRRS Web-based training

Web-based training

All Tier 1 sites will begin live web-based training in February 2020. The web-based training is focused on the committee and subcommittee administrator roles. The Tier 1 sites have been divided into four cohorts. Each cohort will attend four 90-minute instructor-hosted webinars for basic training on IRBNet.

VA IRRS Web-based training

Power-User training

At the conclusion on the web-based training, two previously selected attendees will travel to Washington, DC for face-to-face power-using training. The power-using training for Tier 1 sites will begin March 5th and conclude on March 6th. The power-user session will build on the topics covered in the web-based training. All travel expenses will be reimbursed by ORPP&E. Travel dates are March 4th and 6th.

VA IRRS Web-based training

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