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VAIRRS concern

It is difficult to manage research training because expired CITI training records are downloaded into the researcher's IRBNet training profile.

VAIRRS solution

To easily identify which completed records are currently effective, assign flag colors for specified training types. This can be done by clicking on the “Track Training” button on the left-hand sidebar and then clicking on the “Manage Types and Flags” link. Configure flag colors under the research administration workspace, and set other workspaces to "Use the Document Types and Tracking Flags" from the research administration.


Since the designated flag colors will only appear for accepted records that are currently effective (i.e., not expired), this will allow users to quickly identify active training records via the Project Team Tracking function on the Submission Detail page, or via the "Show Roll-Up by User" option on the Track Training and Credentials page. Refer to the IRBNet Energizer - Tracking Training and Credentials, which is located in the administrator pathway of VAIRRS University - (VA network access only).

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