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Honorable Mentions

Best research paper of the year award given to Seattle HSR&D researcher

Dr. Karin Nelson Dr. Karin Nelson

Dr. Karin Nelson, a researcher with HSR&D's Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value Driven Care in Seattle, is the first recipient of the HSR&D's Best Research Paper of the Year Award.

Nelson's article titled "Implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Veterans Health Administration: Associations with Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Care, Staff Burnout, and Hospital and Emergency Department Use" was published in JAMA Internal Medicine's August 2014 issue. The article described a process to track the effect of implementing patient centered care teams throughout VA over time, and to evaluate outcomes at VHA primary care clinics.

Her work was chosen for several reasons: its relevance to VA and to health systems in general; its rigorous methodology; the utility of its results; and their rapid adoption within VA.

The new annual award will honor a single article or collection of articles resulting from one or more HSR&D or QUERI funded investigations. To be eligible, research studies must involve Veterans and demonstrate results that are important to Veterans' health and care and to the VA health care system.

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