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VA PTSD Treatment Explained

Al Zdon, communications director for the Minnesota American Legion, contributed an opinion article to the March 21 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. His article responded to another op-ed that attacked VA care for PTSD patients, claiming VA made insufficient use of a treatment called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Mr. Zdon pointed out VA does use EMDR to treat PTSD—and also employs prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive processing therapy, acupuncture, and other innovative methods.

He also cited a 2012 Scientific American article concluding that while EMDR was better than both no treatment at all and simple counseling, there was no evidence that EMDR is more efficacious than the standard behavioral treatments that have been used for years at VA.

"If you take the time to go to the VA," he concluded, "you will find hundreds of professionals and others who go the extra yard to help Veterans each and every day. Their hearts are in their jobs. They do what they do well...Let's be careful. Let's give the VA a fair shake."

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