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VA Research Week 2018 InnoVAtion to Implementation
VA Research Week 2018 InnoVAtion to Implementation

VA Research Week 2018 InnoVAtion to Implementation

VA health systems throughout the country celebrated National VA Research Week in a number of different ways. All of them were designed to recognize the importance of VA research and to share new developments and individual achievements. Research Week programs ranged from Veteran luncheons and Q&A sessions to scientific presentations and poster displays by researchers and lab tours for media and congressional representatives. They also included recognition of research volunteers and their efforts to support Veterans' health.

VA Research Week was officially celebrated during the period May 14–18. This year's theme, "InnoVAtion to Implementation," recognized VA's efforts to quickly drive the results of research into clinical practice, so that Veterans will benefit from the latest developments in treatment.

VA St. Louis held its Research Day on April 20, 2018. Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly is the associate chief of staff for the Research and Education Service at the VA St. Louis Health Care System. He is also director of the VA St. Louis Clinical Epidemiology Center.

The St. Louis research and development program has a vibrant basic science, translational, clinical, and outcomes research portfolio that is supported through funding by VA Research and Development, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and other agencies, according to Al-Aly.

Dr. Rachel Ramoni, VA's chief research and development officer, was the guest speaker. "VA research represents the promise of a brighter tomorrow for Veterans," Ramoni has said in remarks quoted on the VA Research website. "The research process in VA starts with a close focus on the everyday needs of Veterans. Solutions are developed through careful, rigorous research in labs and clinics, and then applied to patient care as rapidly as possible."

A number of awards were presented to VA St. Louis investigators, beginning with a Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Fredric Metzger and Investigator of the Year award to Dr. Daniel Kreisel.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Geoffrey Gorse. Gorse is an internal medicine physician at VA St. Louis and a notable infectious disease investigator. He has also been chairman of VA St. Louis' institutional review board since 1994. Gorse is credited with research leading to the development of the present-day flu vaccine—as well as the anthrax and coronavirus vaccines. Gorse was also a principal or co-investigator on multiple HIV vaccine trials.

"Chances are," said Al-Aly, "that many Veterans have directly benefitted from Dr. Gorse's research if they got their flu shot this year."

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