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National VA Research Week Events: May 14 - 18, 2018





Atlanta, GA


Gregory Kendall

Poster display, information tables, and MVP recruitment stations in ground floor atrium; Clinical Studies Center tour on the 11th floor.

Augusta, GA

May 17-18

Brian Rothwell

5/17: 6-8:30pm, Research Symposium: Cyber Impact on Our Community, Country, and Healthcare;
5/18: Speakers in the Auditorium from 8-12:30 followed by poster sessions & judging. AGENDA

Baltimore, MD


Rosalia Scalia

9-Noon: A research project public eduation fair with updates on research findings for Veteran visitors and community members; information tables in the lobby balcony area; 9-10am: research workshops on compliance and funding for researchers; 10-1: mini-symposium focusing on innovations to implementations.

Bay Pines, FL


Jason Dangle

12:30-3:30pm: Interactive poster session w/spotlight on new & potential studies and investigators, a suicide prevention & awareness educational display, information videos and weekly bulletin posts.

Birmingham, AL

May 14-18

Jeffrey Hester

5/14: Speaker, Larry Hearld, Associate Professor, on the topic of Implementation Research and Clinical Practice; Information dissemination and refreshments served to Veterans each day 8-9:30 and 1-2:30 in the new clinic space for Veteran outreach.

Boston, MA


Pallas Wahl

Speaker session in the morning; refreshments, and an afternoon poster session at the Elks club in West Roxbury. AGENDA

Buffalo, NY

May 14-18

Evangeline Conley

Poster presentations, poster judging and awards, keynote speaker, Dr. Thomas Russo addressing "Novel treatment approaches for extensively drug resistent strains of A.baumannii".

Coatesville, PA


Kirk Fernitz

Kick-off speaker Russell Buono of Cooper Medical School Rowan Univ., presenting on 'Genetic Influences on Human Epilepsy; Lifetime achievement awards to 2 employees for 50 and 20 years of service; Certificates of Appreciation to committee members, refreshments, and information dissemination about the research program.

Dallas, TX

May 21-25

Froy Garza

Research Poster exhibits, research poster contest, new investigator research presentations, distinguished researcher-of-the-year celebration.

Detroit, MI


Alysse Mengason

9am-Noon: Speakers and poster display with guests and researchers from academic affiliate Wayne State Univ.

Durham, NC


Shannon Mann

Posters showcasing the Durham CSPEC Center study teams from 9-3 on the 1st floor.

Hines, IL

May 14-18

Richard Fox

5/14: Presentations for Veterans; 5/15&16: MVP recruitment days; 5/15-17: Clinician Research presentations. AGENDA

Honolulu, HI


Amy Rohlfs

5/23: Noon Overview presentation of research by Dr. Ross, ACOS, MVP presentation by Dr. Anderson, poster presentations; 5/24: Evidence-based projects poster presentations and presentation of their awards.

Houston, TX

May 22-23,25

Maureen Dyman

5/22: Opening ceremony with speakers from VAMC and Baylor College of Medicine; 5/23: 2-4pm, Research social mixer and staff recognition award ceremony; 5/25: 11-1, Research subject recruitment fair. AGENDA

Iowa City, IA

Apr 17-19

Bryan Clark

Events take place 4/17-19 at the Univ of IA health sciences campus and include researcher presentations, poster sessions with poster competitions for students and for postdoctoral fellows and staff; open house on May 16 at the Iowa City VA which will feature VA research projects as well as highlight the poster winners from April.

Kansas City

May 16-17

Dwayne Rider

Research presentations and poster sessions; 5/16 from 11-1 @ Linwood Blvd and 12-3 on 5/17 @ Honor Annex location.

Las Vegas, NV

May 14-18

Charles Ramey

5/14 9-Noon: Research information tables in lobby including posters and studies currently recruiting subjects; 5/15 11-1:30: Poster presentations, including VA and university affiliated PI's.

Leavenworth KS

May 14-18

Joseph Burks

Poster displays with a focus on priniciple investigators for their efforts and dedication to VA research. A collaboration colloquium takes place with the Univ of Kansas on Apr. 12 to introduce VA clinicians/researchers to KU faculty researchers. AGENDA

Lexington, KY


Hope Nelson

Poster presentations in the auditorium; ORD speaker Dr. Chiu to present to PI's and staff.

Loma Linda, CA

May 15-16

Wade Habshey

An Italian-themed luncheon will be provided to Veterans enrolled in research studies; A 'carnival' will provide Veterans with food, game booths, prizes, and literature about enrolling in current and future research studies.

Louisville, KY

May 14-17

Judy Williams

Appreciation luncheon for clinical trial participants; speakers and poster presentations, information tables, research treasure hunt, trivia game & fun facts.

Manchester, NH

May 14-18

Kristin Pressly

5/16 11 - Noon: Educational event by Research Librarian; 5/15: Research accomplishments showcase.

New York, NY


Claudie Benjamin

Research symposium at NY Harbor, Manhattan VA campus.

Oklahoma City, OK

May 15-18

Stacy Rine

5/15: 9-11 Training with RCO, ISO, PO in auditorium, 1-3 Poster display in Atrium; 5/16: 9-11 Posters in Atrium, 1-3 Training; 5/17: 10-N Open poster session for clinicians; 5/18: Open house for research technicians.

Philadelphia, PA


Jonathan Hodges

Symposium on clinical and health services research, synergistic research programs in tissue engineering and regeneration; research building ribbon cutting.

Pittsburgh, PA

May 14-18

Kathleen Pomorski

Kick-off event on Monday 5/15 with Young Investigator contest and a poster display in the atrium; speakers; information tables; presentations for the 2018 Excellence in Research Award; announcement for the Young Investigator contest winner and outstanding staff members.

Providence, RI

May 14-18

Winfield Danielson, III

Research recruitment and information tables daily in the main lobby; 5/15: Lunch, movie, and popcorn!; 5/16: HSR&D speaker Robert Small 12-1, poster presentation and symposium from 1:30-4; 5/17: speakers and poster awards.

Salt Lake City, UT


Jill Atwood

Research poster displays & speakers from 8-4 in the VAMC multipurpose room.

San Antonio, TX

May 14-18

Nanette Madla

5/14: Research table at front entrance; 5/15: Researcher presentation on PTSD at VFW at Riverwalk, including participant speakers and recruitment for studies; 5/16: Appreciation lunch for P.I.s and staff; 5/17: All-day patient recruitment efforts in Rec Center; 5/18: Research Week review in conference room. AGENDA

San Diego, CA

May 14&15

Cindy Butler

5/14: Middleton Award presentation to Dr. Kirk Hammond including his keynote address on gene theraphy for heart failure; 5/15: Workshop on gene therapy.

San Juan, PR

May 14-18

Rafael Contreras

5/16: Opening ceremony, presentations, and health clinic; 5/17: tea & coffe chat for the research community; 5/18: introductory research program (IRP) graduation.

Shreveport, LA


Robert Breazeale

Poster displays and a medical center wide reception to highlight research projects along with light refreshments. AGENDA

St. Louis, MO


Marcena Gunther

Meet&Greet/Speakers, Award presentations: Dr. Geoffrey Gorse - Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Daniel Kreisel - Investigator of the Year Award, Dr. Kenneth Olliff - Distinguished Service Award. AGENDA

Sioux Falls, SD


Shirley Redmond

Open house, poster presentations in the front lobby, information tables, and speakers.

Syracuse, NY


Robert McLean

Highlight research at Program Fair with an emphasis that Syracuse is now enrolling MVP participants.

Tampa, FL

May 21-22

Karen Collins

5/21, 2:30-7pm: Symposium @ USF Nursing Rotunda, Tampa, including speakers, research highlights, reception. 5/22: Poster presentations, demonstrations, videos, and a Veteran garden and farm display.

Tucson, AZ


Luke Johnson

11-1: Research Week Resource Fair and Town Hall including speakers and information tables. AGENDA

Washington, DC

May 14-15,17

Gloria Hairston

Poster presentations from 11-1 in Atrium; 5/16: Research Fair in the Clinical Research Center Bldg, includes researcher presentations.

West Haven, CT

May 14-18

Pamela Redmond

Poster presentations, information sessions, information tables in the rotunda.

West Palm Beach, FL

May 17&18

Kenita Gordon

5/17: Presentations from two Nova Southeastern University's Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship; 5/18: Scientific and discovery day poster exhibition.


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