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Media: Featured Videos

To see more research videos visit our video archive page.

Hypertension video

VA researchers at the Milwaukee Healthcare System are teaming up with Veteran Service Organizations to tackle hypertension. - 04/17/12 (4:02 min)

Non-profit video

VA researchers from the Phoenix VAMC show how non-profit foundations help keep VA Research on the cutting edge. - 04/19/12 (2:40 min)

VA Research helps paralyzed Veterans stand, walk

VA researchers at the Cleveland Advanced Platform Technology (APT) Center are using a hybrid of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and conventional bracing to allow Veterans who are paralyzed from the chest down to stand and walk. - 04/10/12 (3:55 min)

MVP video

VA employee Susan Hall tells about her participation in VA Research's Million Veteran Program. - 04/12/12 (3:47 min)

DEKA video

"I was a one-sided person": THE DEKA Arm, a VA Research partnership with DoD
VA researchers join forces at the Manhattan VAMC to help a Veteran who lost his arm 40 years ago. The DEKA Arm is a joint collaboration between VA Research and the Department of Defense. The goal is to produce the world's most advanced prosthetic army system to help improve Veterans' lives. - 04/05/12 (5 min)

TRACTS video

TRACTS: VA Research explores unique issues of Veterans with both TBI and PTSD
VA researchers in Boston are examining the links between mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder that occur conjointly in Veterans returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. The hope is to get a better evidence-based treatment for this type of Veteran population. (7 min)

Academic affiliates video

View VA and Academic Affiliates: Partners in Health Care Discovery and Innovation by clicking the image above. (6:06 min)

85 years of research video

85 years of VA R&D

Watch this story of the history of VA research, and see the amazing discoveries that make Veterans' lives better every day.
(8:01 min)

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