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Research Administrative Management System (RAMS)

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What is RAMS?

RAMS, or the Research Administrative Management System, will be a centralized data storage and management system for use by VAMC-based research offices. RAMS will also allow direct data queries for central VACO users. RAMS will allow research offices to manage:

  • Committees
  • Projects
  • Personnel and Training
  • Laboratories and Equipment

RAMS will help field research track their research and prepare documentation required by the various oversight agencies. Consistent office operations will facilitate training of research office staff and expedite oversight reviews. More accurate and timely input of data will allow VACO to assemble reports directly and avoid data calls to the field.


Provide field with tools to manage protocols, personnel, budgets, and laboratories in order to increase compliance, efficiency, and accuracy. Reduce the burden of regulatory oversight on the research service by:

  • Making it easier to keep track of research, and
  • Making it easier to generate the needed documentation.

Provide ORD with tools to monitor and report on research activities. Increase the accuracy and speed of reports by:

  • Improving the accuracy and timeliness of data that is input by the field, and
  • Improving the reporting systems used to retrieve that data.


  • Centrally funded & supported for everyone
  • Meets regulations & provides consistency for oversight reviews
  • Facilitates training and succession
  • Cleaner data for ORD
  • ORD can assemble reports rather than send data calls to field

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