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VA Technology Transfer Directive
This document provides guidance and instruction regarding intellectual property (inventions) and the transfer of new scientific discoveries to benefit the public good (technology transfer).

View the first patent of 2017: VMAT inhibitory compounds; 1/17/2017

Bringing Research Advancements for Veterans to Everyone!

The VA Technology Transfer Program brings research advancements for Veterans to everyone!

Learn more about the current state of TTP and about how the process works in this presentation.

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U.S. Patent Trends (2013-16)

U.S. Patent Trends (2013-16)
U.S. Patent Trends (2013-16)

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Number of Overall VA Invention Disclosures (2009-16)

Number of Overall VA Invention Disclosures (2009-16)
Number of Overall VA Invention Disclosures (2009-16)

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The mission of the VA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) is to serve the American public by translating the results of worthy discoveries made by employees of VA into practice. This requires a program that educates inventors concerning their rights and obligations, rigorously evaluates all inventions, obtains patents, and assists in the commercialization of new products. It also requires consistent policies that govern the necessary relationships between investigator (i.e., inventor), academic partners, local VA medical centers, industry, and the Department of Commerce. It requires close collaboration between ORD and the VA Office of General Counsel (OGC).

The TTP public mission requires aggressive dissemination of educational information to investigators and of products to the market. It is also necessary that VA assert an ownership interest whenever appropriate, so that discovery can be built upon. This ensures access to technologies by veterans.

What is Technology Transfer?

For an overview of the commercialization process and the impact it can have on our economy and everyday lives, check out the "What is T2?" video!

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