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Selected Publications

Khalil L, McNeil R, Sims K, Felder K, Hauser E, Goldstein K, Voils C, Klimas N, Brophy M, Thomas C, Whitley R, Dursa E, Helmer D, Provenzale D. The Gulf War Era Cohort and Biorepository: A Longitudinal Research Resource of Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War Era. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2018 Jul 30; doi: 10.1093/aje/kwy147

Condon D, Beck D, Kenworthy-Heinige T, Bratcher K, O'Leary M, Asghar A, Willis C, Johnson MR, Huang GD. A Cross-Cutting Approach to Enhancing Clinical Trial Site Success: The Department of Veterans Affairs' Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites (NODES) Model. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications 2017 June; 6:78-84. Epub 2017 Mar 29.

Williams CD, Salama JK, Moghanaki D, Karas TZ, Kelley MJ. Impact of Race on Treatment and Survival among U.S. Veterans with Early-Stage Lung Cancer. J Thorac Oncol. 2016 Oct; 11(10): 1672-81

Sperber NR, Andrews SM, Voils CI, Green GL, Provenzale D, Knight S. Barriers and Facilitators to Adoption of Genomic Services for Colorectal Care within the Veterans Health Administration. J Perso Med 2016; Apr 28;6(2). pii: E16. PMID:27136589

Johnson MR, Grubber J, Grambow SC, Maciejewksi ML, Dunn-Thomas T, Provenzale D, Fisher DA. Physician Non-adherence to Colonoscopy Interval Guidelines in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. Gastroenterology. 2015 Oct; 149(4): 938-51.

Suzuki A, Yuen NA, Ilic KV, MillerRT, ReeseMJ, BrownHR, AmbrosoJI, FallsJG, Lan L, Hunt CM. Comedications Alter Drug-Induced Liver Injury Reporting Frequency: Data Mining in the WHO VigiBase.TM Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacol 2015;72:481-490.

McNeil, R.B., Thomas, C.M., Coughlin, S.S., Hauser, E., Huang, G.D., Goldstein, K.M., Johnson, M.R., Dunn-Thomas, T., & Provenzale, D.T. (2013). An assessment of survey measures used across key epidemiologic studies of United States Gulf War I Era Veterans. Environmental Health, 12(4).

Kwee LC, Liu Y, Haynes C, Gibson JR, Stone A, Schichman SA, Kamel F, Nelson LM, Topol B, Van Den Eeden SK, Tanner CM, Cudkowicz ME, Grasso DL, Lawson R, Muralidhar S, Oddone EZ, Schmidt S, Hauser MA. (2012). A High-Density Genome-Wide Association Screen of Sporadic ALS in US Veterans. PLoS ONE 7(3).

Fisher D, Gruber J, Grambow SC, Johsnon MR, Maciejewski ML, Provenzale D. Factors Associated with Non-Adherence to Colonoscopy Interval Guidelines in an Integrated Managed Care System. Gastroenterology, 2012; 142 (Suppl 1):S-80.

Allen KD, Kasarskis EJ, Bedlack RS, Rozear MP, Morgenlander JC, Sabet A, Sams L, Lindquist JH, Harrelson ML, Coffman CJ, Oddone EZ. (2008). The National Registry of Veterans with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Neuroepidemiology 30:180-190.

Lieberman DA, Weiss DG, Harford WV, Ahnen DJ, Provenzale D, Sontag SJ, et al. Five-year colon surveillance after screening colonoscopy. Gastroenterology 2007;133:1077-1085.

Lieberman DA, Weiss DG, Bond JH, Ahnen DJ, Garewal H, Chejfec G, Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study Group 380. Use of colonoscopy to screen asymptomatic adults for colorectal cancer. N Engl J Med 2000;343:162-168.

Selected Presentations

Oral presentation about CSP#585 project at the April 2017 Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Meeting

Grewe, M.E., Felder, K., Sims, K., Khalil, L., McNeil, R., Goldstein, K.M., Gray, K., Hauser, E.R., Voils, C.I., & Provenzale, D. (2016, October). Gulf War Era Veterans' Patterns of Enrollment in a Biorepository Project. Poster presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo, Denver, CO.

Musselwhite L, Lieberman D, Abbott DH, O'Leary M, Hauser ER, Williams C, McNeil RB, Sullivan B, Weiss D, Gellad ZF, Provenzale D. (2016, September). Clinical risk group at baseline is associated with 10 year outcomes in a screening cohort - longitudinal analysis of the CSP 380 cohort. Poster presented at the Association of VA Hematology/Oncology, Dallas, TX.

Musselwhite LW, Abbott DH, O'Leary MC, Hauser ER, McNeil RB, Weiss D, Lieberman D, Provenzale D. (2016, June). Risk factors for interval advanced colorectal neoplasia after screening colonoscopy: 10-year followup of a prospective multi-center cohort in the United States. Poster presented at the International Agency on Research on Cancer Scientific Conference, Lyon, France.

Sullivan B, Abbot DH, O'Leary M, Hauser E, Williams CD, McNeil RB, Musselwhite L, Weiss D, Gellad ZF, Lieberman D, Provenzale D. (2016, May) Risk Factors Associated with the Development of Adenoma Multiplicity in a Screening Cohort. Poster presented at the Digestive Disease Week Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Goldstein, K.M., McNeil, R.B., Khalil, L., Felder, K., Thomas, C., Voils, C., Whitley, R., Grewe, M.E., Hauser, E., Gray, K., Sims, K., Huang, G., & Provenzale, D. (2016, May). Health Conditions of a 1990-1991 Gulf War Era Veteran Cohort: The Gulf War Era Cohort and Biorepository. Poster presented at the Society for General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, Hollywood, FL.

Oral Presentation about CSP#585 project at the April 2016 Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Meeting

Oral Presentation about CSP#585 project at the June 2015 Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Meeting (761 KB, PDF)

Oral Presentation about CSP#585 project at the June 2013 Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Meeting (761 KB, PDF)

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