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Federal-wide Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) and Final RPPR for VA Investigators

The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development (VA-ORD), requires investigators (with electronically submitted applications in eRA) to submit progress reports using the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Commons RPPR Module. For projects with electronically submitted applications in eRA that have an end date of September 30, 2018 and later, VA-ORD requires investigators to submit a final report using the Commons Closeout Status screen.

The RPPR is due 45 days before the next budget period start date. The PI will receive three notifications from NIH eRA Commons when their RPPR is due:

  • 1st notice 60 days before the due date
  • 2nd notice 30 days before the due date
  • 3rd notice approximately four days after the due date

The Final RPPR is due within 120 calendar days of the project performance end date (PPED). A Final RPPR template will become available after the PPED as part of the Closeout process with the link appearing only on the Closeout Status screen. The Closeout Status screen is accessed via links on the Status Result screens (Status Result - Closeout or Status Result - General Search for SOs; Status Result - List of Applications/Grants for PIs). The PI and Signing Official (SO) will receive four Closeout notifications from NIH eRA Commons when their Final RPPR is due:

  • 1st notice 10 days after PPED
  • 2nd notice on due date (90 days after PPED)
  • 3rd notice on due date (120 days after PPED)
  • 4th notice 30 days after due date (150 days after PPED)

Non-eRA system based awards will continue with submission of annual reports based on instructions provided by the awarding R&D Service within VA-ORD.

Instruction Guide

When completing a RPPR or Final RPPR for a VA-ORD funded award, you MUST follow the VA-ORD Instruction Guides. It is important to review the VA-ORD instructions as there are sections where specific VA-ORD information is requested that differs from that noted within the NIH progress report template.

- Part 1 Format and Navigation

- Part 2 Completing a RPPR or Final RPPR

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about the VA-ORD RPPR Instruction Guides should be directed to the VHA CO RDO ERA Mailbox.

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