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FY 2017 Funded Projects

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 Project No. 
I01RX002260-01A1 Treating GWI immune and metabolic disturbances by targeting lipid metabolism Abdullah, Laila Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000787-01 Prasugrel for prevention of early saphenous vein graft thrombosis Abdullah, Shuaib Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001102-01A1 Treatment of Prolonged Grief Disorder in Combat Veterans Acierno, Ronald Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000976-04 Molecular Mechanisms of Age-related Muscle Loss Adams, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001477-01A1 Prevention and Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy Adams, Christopher Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001416-01A1 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Improve Cognitive Function in TBI Adamson, Maheen Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001788-01A2 Exercise and Weight Loss to Improve Mobility Function in Veterans with PAD Addison, Odessa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002992-01A2 Intramedullary antibiotic therapy for the treatment of osteomyelitis Agarwal, Jayant Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000829-01 Masked Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease Agarwal, Rajiv Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001882-01 Non-coding RNAs at the interface of aberrant NF-kB signals and lymphomagenesis Aguiar, Ricardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001882-05 IRF8 and lymphomagenesis Aguiar, Ricardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001441-01A1 Role of SIRT3 in melanoma development and progression Ahmad, Nihal Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX003780-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Ahmad, Nihal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001008-01A1 Plk1-Numb Cooperation in Melanomagenesis Ahmad, Nihal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Ahmed, Khalil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003282-01 Mechanisms of CK2-regulated prostate cancer survival and death Ahmed, Khalil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IP1CX000875-01A1 Center for Personalized Medicine: Systems of Biology of Inflammation and Immunity Ahuja, Sunil Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001135-01A2 CENC - Otolith Dysfunction and Postural Stability Akin, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001986-01A1 The Effect of Noise Exposure on the Vestibular System Akin, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
C9221-F Auditory and Vestibular Dysfunction Rehabilitation Enhancement Award Program (REAP) Akin, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000936-05A2 Preoptic/Hypothalamic Mechanisms of Sleep-Wake Regulation Alam, Noor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001070-01A1 Novel Treatment of Comorbid Insomnia and Sleep Apnea in Older Veterans Alessi, Cathy Health Services R&D
I01BX000915-05A2 The role of T cell derived cytokines in Helicobacter pylori Algood, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001546-01A2 STepped Exercise Program for Knee Osteoarthritis (STEP-KOA) Allen, Kelli Health Services R&D
I21RX001569-01A1 Physical Activity for older Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain: PACe-LBP Allen, Kelli Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002108-01 Dysregulation of the inflammatory response by Francisella tularensis Allen, Lee-Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003025-01A2 Treating bone deterioration associated with chronic kidney disease Allen, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002111-01A1 Neuroprotective strategies for retinopathy and cognition in diabetes Allen, Rachael Rehabilitation R&D
13F-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Alpini, Gianfranco Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000574-05 Autocrine/Paracrine Regulation of Intrahepatic Bile Duct Growth Alpini, Gianfranco Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Alrefai, Waddah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001597-01A1 Synergistic OEC-biologic Use for Diabetic Retinal Regeneration Ambati, Balamurali Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001746-01A1 Mechanisms of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) in fatty liver disease Anania, Frank Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001481-01A1 Therapy of Nocturnal Intraocular Pressure Elevation Causing Glaucoma Progression Anderson, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
A9231-S Research Career Scientist Andriacchi, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001921-01A1 Proteolytic Pathways in Thrombus Resolution Antalis, Toni Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001894-01 Effect of HIV and IL28B on NK control of HCV Anthony, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001104-01 Role of ENPP2, immune activation and age on neoantigen response during HCV Anthony, Donald Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002027-01 Mechanism of Folate Deficiency as a Co-Factor for HPV16-induced Carcinogenesis Antony, Asok Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001423-01A1 Exercise Training in Heart Failure: structural and functional cardiac remodeling Aragam, Jayashri Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000670-01 Genomic Instability in Ageing and Cancer Araten, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002926-01A1 Palladium based nanoparticles for the treatment of advanced melanoma Arbiser, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001012-01A2 Effectiveness of Zonisamide in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependent Veterans Arias, Albert Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001458-01A1 Optimization of Antiplatelet Therapy to Target Platelet-Monocyte Aggregates in Myocardial Infarction Armstrong, Ehrin Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX002498-01 ALCAM as a Biomarker of Treatment Response and Progression in Urogenital Cancers Arnold, Shanna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002062-01A1 Enhancing Plasticity in Damaged Spinal Cord to Repair Transmission and Function Arvanian, Victor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50HX001238-01 Center for Innovation to Implementation (Ci2i): Fostering High Value Health Care Asch, Steven Health Services R&D
TPP 97-006 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Palo Alto COIN Asch, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX001429-01A2 Can Sexually Transmitted Pathogens Impact the Efficacy of HIV-1 Microbicides? Asin, Susana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002499-01A1 The Central Role of IL-33 in Immune-Mediated Scarring Atamas, Sergei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000898-01A1 Integrating Care After Exacerbation of COPD (InCasE) Au, David Health Services R&D
I50HX001243-01 Seattle-Denver Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value Driven Care Au, David Health Services R&D
TPP 97-008 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Seattle COIN Au, David Health Services R&D
TPR 16-187 Post Residency Training Program Au, David Health Services R&D
IK2RX002130-01A1 Design and Evaluation of a Biarticular Prosthesis to Reduce Gait Compensations Aubin, Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001926-01A1 A Biofeedback Smart Cane to Reduce Knee Loading Associated with Osteoarthritis Aubin, Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001093-01A1 Understanding Dual Use and Other Potential Determinants of Heart Failure Outcomes Axon, Robert Health Services R&D
I50HX001229-01 Charleston Health Equity and Rural Outreach Innovation Center (HEROIC) Axon, Robert Health Services R&D
I01CX001149-01 Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure Therapy for Veterans with Hoarding Disorder Ayers, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001428-01A1 Mechanism of Bladder Overactivity in Pelvic Ischemia Azadzoi, Kazem Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-001 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Azhar, Salman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001923-05 Role of Cholesterol in Age-related Decline in Steroidogenesis Azhar, Salman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001023-01A1 The Impact of CBT-I on Cannabis Cessation Outcomes Babson, Kimberly Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001736-01A2 Endogenous Mitochondria Resistance to Acute Kidney Injury Bacallao, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002839-01A2 Regulation of Matrix Metallopeptidase 9 by Apolipoprotein E Bachmeier, Corbin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001217-01A2 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to Soft Tissues Surrounding Percutaneous Devices Bachus, Kent Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001246-01A1 Percutaneous Osseointegrated Docking System for Above Elbow Amputees Bachus, Kent Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001288-01 CAP - Doxazosin in the Treatment of Co-Occurring PTSD and Alcohol Use Disorders Back, Sudie Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001040-01A1 Sleep and Breathing in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury Badr, M. Safwan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002116-01A1 Does Treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing Improve Functional Outcomes in SCI? Badr, M. Safwan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002184-01A2 Inhibition of Pim kinases in acute myeloid leukemia Baer, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2009 CSP #2009 - The Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain" Bair, Matthew Cooperative Studies
TMI 95-583 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Bair, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX002035-01A1 Trial Outcomes for Massage: Caregiver-Assisted vs. Therapist-Treated (TOMCATT) Bair, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01RX001100-01A1 Pain Outcomes comparing Yoga versus Structured Exercise (POYSE)Trial Bair, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001076-01A1 Bile Acids and Gut Microbiome in the Pathogenesis of Inflammation in Cirrhosis Bajaj, Jasmohan Clinical Science R&D
N0004 CSP NODES - Houston CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Bakaeen, Faisal Cooperative Studies
I01BX000740-05A1 Right Heart Function in Health and Chronic Disease Baker, Anthony Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000955-01 Body composition, bone structure, and joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis Baker, Joshua Clinical Science R&D
I21RX001893-01A1 Evaluation of Wellness Programs for Brain-Injured Individuals Baldo, Juliana Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002398-01 Improving Brain Health in Older Veterans: A Mindfulness Training Pilot Study Baldo, Juliana Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001532-01 Brain Biomarkers of Response to Treatment for Apraxia of Speech Baldo, Juliana Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001002-05 Role of Cyr61/CCN1 in Pancreatic Cancer Progression and Therapy Banerjee, Snigdha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000241-01 Plaque Regression and Progenitor Cell Mobilization with Intensive Lipid Eliminati Banerjee, Subhash Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001989-01 The Role of CCN5 in Progression of Breast Cancer Banerjee, Sushanta Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000938-01A2 Neuroimaging and Vascular Correlates of Mild Cognitive Impairment Subtypes Bangen, Katherine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002349-01 Regulation of inflammatory T Cells and Neuroprotection by Calpain Inhibitor in MS Banik, Naren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000755-01A1 Wheelchair Seated Posture and Health Outcomes for CLC Residents Barks, Lelia Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001507-01A2 Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise (PLIE) in Persons with Dementia Barnes, Deborah Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001303-01A1 Toward Optimizing Behavioral Markers of Suicide Risk Barnes, Sean Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002048-01A1 ACT for Life: a Brief Intervention for Maximizing Recovery After Suicidal Crises Barnes, Sean Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002016-01A1 Causes and Consequences of Inappropriate MRI of the Lumbar Spine Barnett, Paul Health Services R&D
I01CX001353-01A1 The role of Axin2+ stem cells in ulcer healing during colitis. Barrett, Terrence Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003303-01A2 Slowing Proteotoxic Neurodegeneration by Boosting Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Recruiting a Novel Class of Chaperones Barrientos, Antonio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001404-05A2 Purinergic Mechanisms in Homeostatic Sleep Control Basheer, Radhika Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001553-04A1 Cross-talk between lung natural killer cells and dendritic cells in COPD Basmajian, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002425-01A2 New mechanistic therapies for myoglobinuric acute kidney injury Basnakian, Alexei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12S-RCS-004 Research Career Scientist Award Basnakian, Alexei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000947-01 Evaluation of Quality and Coordination of Outsourced Care for Women Veterans Bastian, Lori Health Services R&D
I50HX001234-01 Pain Research, Informatics, Multi-morbidities, and Education (PRIME) Center Bastian, Lori Health Services R&D
I01HX001875-01A1 Pain-related Anxiety Invervention for Smokers with Chronic Pain: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Smoking Cessation Counseling for Veterans Bastian, Lori Health Services R&D
I21RX001730-01 Developing Process-Specific Verbal Memory Interventions for Veterans with TBI Bauer, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX002020-01 National Center for the Medical Consequences of Spinal Cord Injury Bauman, William Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002235-01A1 Using mobile technology to improve participation in cardiac rehabilitation Beatty, Alexis Health Services R&D
I01RX001811-01A2 Personalized Gait Training with Feedback to Reduce Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis Beaupre, Gary Rehabilitation R&D
A9263-S Research Career Scientist Beaupre, Gary Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002363-01 Bio-active Nanoparticles and the stimulation of autophagy for improved bone mass Beck, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001544-01A1 Microbiome and Innate Immunity with Percutaneous Osseointegrated Prostheses Beck, James Peter Rehabilitation R&D
I21BX003514-01A2 Neuroinflammation and abnormal behavior following combined chemical exposures and bacterial infection Beck, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-005 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Becker, Howard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000813-05A1 Role of BDNF in Ethanol Dependence and Escalation of Drinking Becker, Howard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003777-01 CSR&D Research Career Scientist Award Beckham, Jean Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001301-01A2 Abstinence Reinforcement Therapy (ART) for Homeless Veteran Smokers Beckham, Jean Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002577-01A2 Genetic and Epigenetic Dissection of PTSD in African American Veterans Beckham, Jean Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003863-01 Defining the Mechanism of Alpha-synuclein Dependent Restriction of Viral Neuroinvasion Beckham, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001176-05A1 Surfactant Protein C Mutations and Interstitial Lung Disease Beers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001770-01A1 Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life in CHF and COPD Bekelman, David Health Services R&D
I01HX001251-01 Smart Phone Application for Postconcussion Symptom Reduction Belanger, Heather Health Services R&D
IK2BX002731-01A2 HIV reactivation from latency - role of CD4 T cell maturation phenotype Beliakova-Bethell, Nadeja Biomedical Laboratory R&D
D7341-L Senior Research Career Scientist Bell, Morris Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002017-01A1 Cognitive Training in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders in Older Veterans Bell, Morris Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002007-01A1 Modifiers of Cyst Progression in Polycystic Kidney Disease Bell, P. Darwin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002104-01 Osteocyte control of bone remodeling through the PTH receptor Bellido, Teresita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002030-01A1 Mineralocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Vascular Insulin Resistance Bender, Shawn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001293-01A2 Improving Negative Symptoms & Community Engagement in Veterans with Schizophrenia Bennett, Melanie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000849-05A2 Relaxin and PPAR gamma Activation for Liver Disease Treatment Bennett, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000776-05A2 Role of ASICs within sensory neurons in health and disease Benson, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX000847-01A2 Multi-Specialty Intervention for Antipsychotic-Related Metabolic Risk Management Benzer, Justin Health Services R&D
I01BX002842-01A2 Therapeutically targeting cancer cell motility Bergan, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002297-01 Improving Trauma Sensitive Primary Care for Women Veterans with Histories of Sexual Trauma Bergman, Alicia Health Services R&D
I01BX002728-01A1 mTORC1 signaling and regulation of alpha-cell mass and function. Bernal-Mizrachi, Ernesto Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000979-01A2 The Role of Local NSAID Administration and Inflammation on Tendon Healing Bernstein, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001040-05A1 Paracrine Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Metastatic Progression Bhowmick, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001040-01 Paracrine mechanisms of prostate cancer hormonal resistance Bhowmick, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-003 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003421-01 Aging and Microglial Polarization Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001637-05 Hsp70_DNAJ interface as a drug target for Alzheimers disease and TBI Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000231-05 Role of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Parkinson's Disease Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000760-01 Design of an Engineered Cartilage Biocomposite for Joint Rehabilitation Bilgen, Bahar Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002139-01A1 Using Electrophysiology to Complement Speech Understanding-in-Noise Measures Billings, Curtis Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001006-01 Genetic Studies of Neurologic and Dementing Disorders Bird, Thomas Clinical Science R&D
13S-RCS-001 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Bishop, Gail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001702-05A1 TRAF3 as a key regulator of B cell survival pathways Bishop, Gail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0093 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center, Perry Point, MD Biswas, Kousick Cooperative Studies
IK2BX002531-01A2 The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Conditioned Place Preference to Cocaine. Bjorness, Theresa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001226-01A1 Neurobiological mechanisms underlying PTSD Blackford, Jennifer Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002378-01A1 Mechanisms driving airway inflammation in chronic lung disease Blackwell, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002490-01A1 Regulation of Osteoblasts by ACTH and VEGF Blair, Harry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001213-01A1 Role of Oxytocin Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Diet-Induced Obesity Blevins, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
A9277-S Research Career Scientist Bloebaum, Roy Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001570-01A2 Improving Treatment Engagement and Outcomes among Justice-involved Veterans Blonigen, Daniel Health Services R&D
I21HX002343-01A1 Evaluating the Adaptability and Implementation Potential of an Innovative Alcohol Intervention for Veterans in Primary Care: Integrating Mobile-based Applications with Peer Support Blonigen, Daniel Health Services R&D
IK2HX001733-01A2 Health Outcomes and Healthcare Use Among Transgender Veterans Blosnich, John Health Services R&D
I21RX001924-01 Bridging animal and human models of exercise-induced visual rehabilitation Boatright, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000673-01A1 Mechanisms Involved in Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass and Growth Response Bodine, Sue Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001934-01A1 A novel vaccine to prevent Clostridium difficile colitis Boedeker, Edgar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001773-01 Noninvasive LED treatment to improve cognition and promote recovery in blast TBI Bogdanova, Yelena Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002166-01A2 Toward smart personalized electrotherapy for enhanced healing of ischemic wounds Bogie, Kath Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001587-01A1 A Pilot Tolerance Study of Dynamic Stepping Compared To Static Standing in PD Bohnen, Nicolaas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001631-01A2 Amyloidopathy, cholinopathy, dopamine responsiveness and freezing of gait in PD Bohnen, Nicolaas Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001511-01A1 Primary care intervention to reduce prescription opioid overdoses Bohnert, Amy Health Services R&D
IK2HX000970-01A2 VA Healthcare Delivery for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental & Substance Use Disorders Bohnert, Kipling Health Services R&D
I01HX002026-01A1 Cannabis Use and Health among VHA Primary Care Patients Bohnert, Kipling Health Services R&D
I01HX001061-01A1 Integrating HIV Care in VA: Extending PACT Principles to Specialty Care Bokhour, Barbara Health Services R&D
I50HX001231-01 Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR) Bokhour, Barbara Health Services R&D
IK2CX001501-01A1 The Role of Effort Discounting in the Link between Insomnia and Depression Boland, Elaine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001357-01A1 Epidermal Aquaporin-3 in Psoriasis Bollag, Wendy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001974-01 The Continuing Challenge of Carbapenemases in K. pneumoniae: KPC-2 & NDM-1 Bonomo, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001974-05 The Continuing Challenge of Carbapenemases in K. pneumoniae: KPC-2 & NDM-1 Bonomo, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001563-01A2 Regional Data Exchange to Improve Care for Veterans after Non-VA Hospitalization Boockvar, Kenneth Health Services R&D
I01BX002347-01A1 Natural Killer Cell Functions in COPD Borchers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001078-01 Dose Dependent Effects of tDCS on Post-Operative Pain Borckardt, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000908-01 Examining Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need Among Women Veterans Borrero, Sonya Health Services R&D
I01RX001005-01A2 Therapeutic potential of combined locomotor training and TMS in SCI Bose, Prodip Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001623-01A2 Adenylyl cyclase 1 as a Therapy Target for Ethanol-Induced Neuroplastic Deficits Bosse, Kelly Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 08-027 Research Career Scientist Award Bosworth, Hayden Health Services R&D
IK2RX001962-01A1 Afferent Stimulation to Evoke Recto-colonic Reflex for Colonic Motility Bourbeau, Dennis Rehabilitation R&D
F7777-R A Randomized Trial of a Formal Group Program for Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Bourdette, Dennis Rehabilitation R&D
09S-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Bourguignon, Lilly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002137-01A1 Autoimmune Associated Novel Form of Acquired Long QT Syndrome Boutjdir, Mohamed Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001876-01A2 Validation of the PTSD Primary Care Screen Bovin, Michelle Health Services R&D
IK2RX000787-01A2 Augmentation of Locomotor Adaptation Post-Stroke Bowden, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000856-01A1 Trajectories of Kidney Dysfunction in Older Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease Bowling, Christopher Clinical Science R&D
I21CX001340-01 Effects of Two Exercise Programs on Bone Strength and Architecture Boxer, Rebecca Clinical Science R&D
0505 CSP #505 - Millennium Cohort Study Boyko, Edward Cooperative Studies
IK2HX000779-01 Appropriateness of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (CDA 10-199) Bradley, Steven Health Services R&D
CDA 10-199 Appropriateness of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Bradley, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX001385-01A1 Procollagen Binding Proteins in Age-Dependent LV Remodeling Bradshaw, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001292-01A2 Mindfulness-Based Recovery in Veterans with Substance Use Disorders Brady, Kathleen Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX001484-01A1 Noise-Induced Cochlear Neuronal Degeneration and Its Perceptual Consequences Bramhall, Naomi Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002104-01A1 Uncovering Physiological Markers of Hidden Hearing Loss Bramhall, Naomi Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001548-01A2 Implementation of Brief Treatments for Insomnia in Primary Care Bramoweth, Adam Health Services R&D
I01BX001193-01A2 Regulatory Mechanisms in Autoimmune Arthritis Brand, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003487-01A2 Elucidating the Mechanisms that link the Shared Epitope, Periodontal Disease and Arthritis Brand, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TMI 07-356 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Brandt, Cynthia Health Services R&D
I01BX001423-01A1 Genetic Analysis of T Cell Leukemogenesis Brandt, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001117-01A2 Role of NADPH Oxidase in TBI Pathology Brann, Darrell Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000239-01A2 Rivastigmine Patch in Veterans with Cognitive Impairment Following TBI Brawman-Mintzer, Olga Clinical Science R&D
0001 CCTA 0001 - Rivastigmine Patch in Veterans with Cognitive Impairment Following TBI Brawman-Mintzer, Olga Cooperative Studies
I01BX000764-05 Regulation of Calcium Signaling in Retinal Ganglion Cells after Nerve Injury Brecha, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-004 Research Career Scientist Award Brecha, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002125-01A1 Patient-centered Strategies to Engage Veterans in Behavioral Health Services Breland, Jessica Health Services R&D
I21RX002232-01 Biological Signature and Safety of an Immunomodulatory Probiotic Intervention for Veterans with Co-Occuring Mild TBI and PTSD Brenner, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001966-01A2 Thyroid Hormone and Retinoic Acid Regulation of Gene Expression Brent, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000418-04 Guided Tissue Engineering of 3D Vascularized Tissues Brey, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0571 CSP #571 - Drug-eluting stents vs Bare Metal Stents in saphenous vein graft angioplasty (DIVA) Brilakis, Emmanouil Cooperative Studies
I01BX002504-01 Development of Gallium-Based Therapies for Pulmonary Mycobacterial Infections Britigan, Bradley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000641-01 Motivational Interviewing to Prevent Suicide in High Risk Veterans Britton, Peter Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001045-01A2 Transplantation of Human Neural Stem Cells for Treatment of Chronic SCI Brock, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000412-01A2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Density and Veteran Cigarette Smokers Brody, Arthur Clinical Science R&D
0578 CSP #578 - Prevention of Serious Adverse Events Following Angiography (PRESERVE) Brophy, Mary Cooperative Studies
2010 CSP #2010 - Research for the VA Precision Oncology Program (RePOP) Brophy, Mary Cooperative Studies
I01RX001995-01A1 Impact of a Hospital Mobility Program on Function after Discharge Brown, Cynthia Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001356-05 Sleep Spindles: Role of Thalamic Reticular Nucleus and Parvalbumin GABA Neurons Brown, Ritchie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX001852-01A1 Co-designing Clinical Decision Support to Advance Value-based Shoulder Imaging Brunner, Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX002234-01A1 AMPK as an Interventional Target to Suppress the Development of Osteoarthritis Bryan, Ru Liu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Bryant, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000734-01A1 Multidirectional Treadmill Walking in Parkinson Disease Bryant, Monthaporn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001882-01 Effect of Resistance Exercise on Tremor and Hand Dexterity of Parkinson's Disease Bryant, Monthaporn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000222-05A2 Genetic Vulnerability to Alcohol, Oxidative Homeostasis, and NAC Efficacy Buck, Kari Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000201-04A1 The Role of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in TGF-Beta Signaling Budinger, G. R.Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000736-01A2 Memory in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment Budson, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000995-01 Neurocognitive Heterogeneity in Patients with Psychosis _ A Dimensional Approach Burdick, Katherine Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001283-01A1 A proactive walking trial to reduce pain in Black Veterans Burgess, Diana Health Services R&D
I01HX000812-01A1 Motivating Providers to Reduce Racial Disparities in Their Own Practice Burgess, Diana Health Services R&D
TMI 95-523 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Burgess, James Health Services R&D
I01HX000965-01A2 Evaluation of Methods for Implementation of a Comfort Care Order Set Burgio, Kathryn Health Services R&D
IK2HX001796-01A1 Improving Transitional Care for Veterans Discharged to Post-acute Care Facilities Burke, Robert Health Services R&D
I01BX003168-01A1 Pathogenesis and drug discovery for tauopathy Burton, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003454-01 Role of Inflammation and Fibrosis in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Bushman, Wade Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002919-01A1 Transcriptional Profiling of Human High Endothelial Venules Butcher, Eugene Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001686-01A1 Orexin Induced Gene and Protein Expression Patterns in the rLH Butterick, Tammy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001119-01A2 Suicidal Behavior and Suicide in Older Veterans Byers, Amy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002876-01A2 Neuronal Subtype Specific Epigenetic Regulation in Schizophrenia Byne, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002228-01A1 The Effects of Local Anesthetics on Peripheral Nerve Injury and Repair Byram, Susanna Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002344-01A2 KCNQ Channels in Airway Smooth Muscle Physiology and Disease Byron, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12S-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Bysani, Chandrasekar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002255-01A2 TRAF3IP2 in Ischemic Heart Disease Bysani, Chandrasekar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003380-01A2 MicroRNA Regulation of Phospholipid Homeostasis in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis Cai, Dongming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000994-05A1 Regulation of Renal BK Channel by WNK Kinase and its Interacting Proteins Cai, Hui Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003221-01 Mechanisms of Traumatic Retinal Injury: Targeting the Arginase Pathway Caldwell, Ruth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Caldwell, Ruth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001109-01 Abstinence Reinforcement Therapy (ART) for Rural Veteran Smokers Calhoun, Patrick Health Services R&D
IK2HX001736-01A1 Reproductive Planning for Women Veterans Callegari, Lisa Health Services R&D
I21BX003237-01 Novel ALS models: FUS conditional knockout in motor neurons and oligodendrocytes Cambi, Franca Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001918-01 Assistive Device Training for Functional Mobility and Connectivity in MS Cameron, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001831-01A1 Comprehensive Fall Prevention and Detection in MS Cameron, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX001791-01 Peripapillary scleral stiffening: A novel treatment for vision loss in glaucoma Campbell, Ian Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000533-01A2 Sleep Disorders and Risk of ESRD, Death and Poor QOL in Veterans with CKD Canales, Muna Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002659-01A2 Dynamic Remodeling From Reversible Ischemia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Canty, Jr., John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002346-01 A Novel Intervention for Cerebral Ischemia Cao, Guodong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001495-01 Resveratrol Prevents Microelectrode Mediated Neurodegeneration Capadona, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001604-01A2 Secondary Event Prevention using Population Risk Management After PCI Caplan, Liron Health Services R&D
I01HX002090-01A2 Best Practices for Management of Fractures in Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders Carbone, Laura Health Services R&D
I01HX001891-01A1 Use of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Evaluate Concurrent VA and non-VA Opioid Prescriptions Carlson, Kathleen Health Services R&D
I21RX002216-01 Chronic Tinnitus among Veterans with and without TBI: Service Needs and Interests Carlson, Kathleen Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001261-01A1 Impact of Icosapent Ethyl on Alzheimers Disease Biomarkers in Preclinical Adults Carlsson, Cynthia Clinical Science R&D
SIP 16-177 Implementing Stepped Behavioral Health Care in PIM Carmody, Timothy Health Services R&D
I01BX003437-01A1 Chemopotentiation by Low Dose Fractionated Radiation Therapy for disseminated intra-abdominal cancers Carrier, France Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000467-05 A Macrophage Cation Channel in Prevention and Recovery from Inflammatory Injury Carrithers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Casey, Carol Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SIP 16-176 Measuring Patient Activation and Patient Engagement Using a Health Coaching Model Castellani, Marc Health Services R&D
I01RX001500-01A2 Regulatory Mechanisms in Load-Induced Bone Formation Castillo, Alesha Rehabilitation R&D
10F-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Cecchini, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001659-01A2 Brainstem Control of Cerebral Blood Flow in Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Cetas, Justin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000855-01A2 The Efficacy of CBT-I in Alcoholics & Its Effects on Remission & Relapse Chakravorty, Subhajit Clinical Science R&D
13F-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Chalfant, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001792-05 The role of RNA splicing in non-small cell lung cancer Chalfant, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001388-01 Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Human Rotator Cuff Tendon Chang, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001458-01A2 Tendon-Bone Construct Tissue Engineering for Extremity Reconstuction Chang, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002386-01 Endostatin-derived Short Peptides in Corneal Transplantation Chang, Jin-Hong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003424-01 Interrogating adaptive immunity to microbial infection Chang, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001960-01A1 The Role of CaSR and GABA-B-R in Neuronal Responses to Ischemic Brain Injury Chang, Wenhan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001301-01A2 ADT and brain dysfunction in prostate ca: the effects of age & neural plasticity Chao, Herta Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000798-01A2 Longitudinal assessment of Gulf War veterans with suspected Sarin exposure Chao, Linda Clinical Science R&D
I21CX001428-01A1 Pilot Test of Telephone-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Veterans with Gulf War Illness Chao, Linda Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001414-01A1 Autonomic and Antihypertensive Actions of Neuronal CGRP/RAMP1 Receptors Chapleau, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001762-01 Pre-Treatment Physiological Reactivity and Treatment Outcome Chapman, Paula Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002011-01A1 Towards Choosing Wisely: Assessing Reason for Exam in Carotid Ultrasound Reports Chapman, Wendy Health Services R&D
I01HX001147-01 Information Extraction and Visualization Toolkit (IE-Viz) Chapman, Wendy Health Services R&D
I01BX002374-01A1 Alcohol Antagonists Charness, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001066-01A1 Patient-Experienced Integrated Care for Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Charns, Martin Health Services R&D
I21HX001859-01A1 An Instrument Assessing Recovery-Promoting Structures, Practices, and Values of Services Settings for Veterans with SMI Charns, Martin Health Services R&D
TPP 05-178 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Boston COIN Charns, Martin Health Services R&D
TPR 06-095 Post Resident Training Program Charns, Martin Health Services R&D
12F-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Chatterjee, Bandana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000280-05A1 Regulation of Intratumor Androgen/Androgen Receptor signaling in Prostate Cancer Chatterjee, Bandana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001455-01A2 MicroRNA regulation of angiogenesis in aging Chen, Alex Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000652-01A2 MicroRNA Regulation of Endothelial Progenitor Cell Function and Wound Healing Chen, Alex Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002240-01A1 EEG Markers of Training-Induced Improvements in Cognitive Functioning Chen, Anthony Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002256-01A1 Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans with Dementia Chen, Cory Health Services R&D
I01BX002883-01 A protein-complex as a novel therapeutic target for K-Ras dependent colon cancer Chen, Guan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002013-01A2 Designing Neural Tissue Constructs that Mimic Brain-Specific Architecture Chen, Han-Chiao Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002237-01 Novel Epigenetic regulators in cancer therapeutic resistance and as new targets Chen, Hongwu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15S-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Chen, Jin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000134-05 Targeting EphA2 in lung cancer subtypes that are refractory to current therapy Chen, Jin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002495-01 Heat shock proteins and neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia Chen, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Chen, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003377-01 Interleukin-4 as a Novel therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Chen, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002145-01 How Does a Young Extracellular Matrix Rejuvenate Old Mesenchymal Stem Cells? Chen, Xiao-Dong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002296-01 Death Receptor Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets Chen, Yabing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003617-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Chen, Yabing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001889-01A1 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Dementia Cheng, Jauhtai Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000576-05A1 Regulation of ion channels in the heart Chiamvimonvat, Nipavan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001490-01A1 Metabolomics study in patients post myocardial infarction Chiamvimonvat, Nipavan Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000977-01A1 Role of Osteocytes in Myeloma Bone Disease Chirgwin, John Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001619-01A1 Preclinical Optimization of Melanoma Adoptive T Cell Immunotherapy Cho, Clifford Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001133-01A2 AIM2 and IFI16 Innate Immune Sensors for Cytosolic DNA in Prostatic Diseases Choubey, Divaker Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002227-01 Impact of Sleep Apnea in Elderly Veterans with Comorbid COPD Chowdhuri, Susmita Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001201-01A1 Pathophysiology-Guided Therapy for Sleep Apnea in the Elderly Chowdhuri, Susmita Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002054-01A1 Physical Activity Behavior Change for Older Veterans after Dysvascular Amputation Christiansen, Cory Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002858-01A2 Regeneration of hyaline cartilage in situ with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells Chu, Cong-Qiu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002045-01 A Novel Serum Biomarker Stress Test for Detection of Early Osteoarthritis Chu, Constance Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000286-05 Chromatin Regulation by Mammalian SIRT7 in Aging and Disease Chua, Katrin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001265-01 Development and Translation of Novel UTE-MuSIC MR Sequence to Image Around Metal Chung, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001135-01 CENC- Longitudinal Cohort Study Cifu, David Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001520-01A1 Preventing TBI-Induced Chronic Functional Loss with a Neuroprotective Antioxidant Citron, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001955-01A2 Candida albicans responses to antifungals and cell wall stress Clancy, Cornelius Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001149-01A2 Rehabilitation of corticospinal control of walking following stroke Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001475-01A2 Autoimmune Mechanisms Supporting Chronic Pain after Limb Injury Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000881-05A2 Epigenetic Modulation of Pain X Opioid Interactions Clark, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001776-01A1 Pain after Trauma and TBI: Epigenetic Mechanisms Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003157-01A1 Analysis of Olfactory Dysfunction for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease Clark, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0009 CSP NODES - The InterMoutain CSP NODE for the Advancement of Clinical Research Initiative Clegg, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I01CX000954-01A1 A Pilot Trial to Assess Low-Intensity Ultrasound in Osteoarthritis Clegg, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
12S-RCS-001 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Clemens, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001234-05A1 Biology of IGFs in Bone Clemens, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001370-01A2 Endothelin-1 and androgen in prostate cancer bone metastasis and bone health Clines, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002126-01 Eotaxin in Colitis and Colitis-Associated Carcinogenesis Coburn, Lori Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001512-01A1 Motivationally Enhanced Mobile Delivery of MOVE! to Veterans with Mental Illness Cohen, Amy Health Services R&D
I01CX000569-01A2 Mitigation of Radiation Pneumonitis and Fibrosis Cohen, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002476-01A1 How to modulate innate immune function to prevent age-related neurodegeneration Cole, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002182-01A1 Metabolic Regulation of Mucosal Inflammation Colgan, Sean Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001464-01A1 Covert Sensorimotor Mapping for Guiding Brain-Computer Interfaces Collinger, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
F9258-S Research Career Scientist Collins, Eileen Rehabilitation R&D
0573 CSP #573 - A Randomized Trial of Medical and Surgical Treatments for Patients with GERD symptoms that are Refractory to Proton Pump Inhibitors Collins, Joseph Cooperative Studies
IK2RX002120-01A1 The Impact of Integrated CBT-I and PE on Sleep and PTSD Outcomes Colvonen, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
0600 CSP Clinical Epidemiology Research Center - West Haven Concato, John Cooperative Studies
0572 CSP #572 - Genetics of Functional Disability in Schizophernia and Bipolar Illness Concato, John Cooperative Studies
I01BX001867-01A2 Role of Lung Microvascular Vasoactivity in Control of Lung Capillary Perfusion Conhaim, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001870-01A2 Hemoglobin A1c Variability and Adverse Health Outcomes Conlin, Paul Health Services R&D
I01HX000651-01 Improving Quality of Care in Parkinsons Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial Connor, Karen Health Services R&D
I01RX001828-01A2 Translating Intensive Arm Rehabilitation in Stroke to a Telerehabilitation Format Conroy, Susan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001511-01A2 Longitudinal Assessment of Cortical Hypoactivity in a Model of Comorbid TBI-PTSD Conti, Alana Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001329-01 Post exertion malaise in GWI_Brain autonomic and behavioral interactions Cook, Dane Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000383-01 Impact of exercise training on pain and brain function in Gulf War Veterans Cook, Dane Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002311-01 The role of glia dysfunction in the neurodegenerative processes induced by blast Cook, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000560-01A1 Behavioral Activation for Smoking Cessation in Veterans with PTSD Cook, Jessica Clinical Science R&D
11F-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Cooper, Denise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003689-01A1 Mechanisms for treating ischemic wounds with human adipocyte derived stem cell exosomes Cooper, Denise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001454-01A1 Assessment of an Experimental Robotic Assisted Transfer Device Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
B9250-C Wheelchairs and Associated Rehabilitative Engineering (WARE) Center Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
B9269-L Senior Research Career Scientist Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001904-01 Cell-integrated microfibers for improved nerve regeneration Corey, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I21CX001343-01 Appetite Regulation in Older-Aged Obese Individuals Cornier, Marc Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002221-01 Carbon Black Induced Activation of Lung APCs Corry, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000627-05 Pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection Cover, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000200-08 Roles of Sphingolipids in the Pathophysiology of Obesity and Diabetes Cowart, Lauren Ashley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000200-04A2 Roles of Sphingolipids in the Pathophysiology of Obesity and Diabetes Cowart, Lauren Ashley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Crabbe, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000313-05A1 Genetic Models of Alcoholism Crabbe, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002334-01A1 Novel therapeutics for chronic effects of repetitive mild TBI Crawford, Fiona Rehabilitation R&D
I21BX003743-01 Maintenance of telomerase activity as a treatment for Gulf War Illness Crawford, Fiona Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001774-01 CENC - Tau Conformation and Phosphorylation in mTBI Crawford, Fiona Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002572-01A2 Spleen tyrosine kinase as a new target for Alzheimer's Disease Crawford, Fiona Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15S-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Crawford, Fiona Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002084-01 Identification of Plasma Biomarkers of Gulf War Illness Using "omic" Technology Crawford, Fiona Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TMI 95-640 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Cronkite, Ruth Health Services R&D
B9270-L Senior Research Career Scientist Crosson, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
C9246-C Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Crosson, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001514-01A1 Tailored, eHealth-based Management for Persistent Poorly-Controlled Diabetes Crowley, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01BX000893-05A2 The role of the M1 macrophage response in the progression of chronic kidney disease Crowley, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001133-01 A Computer-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool to Enhance Fidelity in CBO Cucciare, Michael Health Services R&D
0478 DNA Genetic Tissue Banking Culkin, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I01BX003748-01 Transplantable Micro-Tissue Engineered Neural Networks to Restore the Nigrostriatal Pathway in Parkinson's Disease Cullen, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001437-01A1 Effectiveness and Implementation of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in CBOCs Cully, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01CX000911-01A2 Modulation of Steroid Suppression by Alveolar Macrophage Efferocytosis Curtis, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
14F-RCS-006 Research Career Scientist Award Cushion, Melanie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001474-01A1 Predicting risk of mortality and revision after dysvascular amputation Czerniecki, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001110-05A1 Tumor Suppressing Pathways in Kidney Cancer Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001076-01 Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Intervention for Informal Caregivers Daggett, Virginia Health Services R&D
I01BX002901-01A2 Protective pathways in sepsis-induced renal injury Dagher, Pierre Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11S-RCS-005 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Dahiya, Rajvir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IP1BX001604-01 Role of genetic biomarkers in clinical assessment of prostate cancer Dahiya, Rajvir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001123-05A1 Regulation of c-Myc/HIF pathway in the management of kidney cancer Dahiya, Rajvir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001401-01 Regulation of insulin Secretion by the GLP-1 Receptor D'Alessio, David Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002192-01 Novel Brain Signal Feedback Paradigm to Enhance Motor Learning After Stroke Daly, Janis Rehabilitation R&D
B9024-S Research Career Scientist Daly, Janis Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002661-01 Research Career Scientist Daly, Janis Rehabilitation R&D
B9256-C Brain Rehabilitation Research Center Daly, Janis Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001262-01A1 Electrical Stimulation Facilitation of Recovery from Childbirth Injury Damaser, Margot Rehabilitation R&D
F9261-L Senior Research Career Scientist Damaser, Margot Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001163-01 Stay Strong: A physical activity program for Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Damschroder, Laura Health Services R&D
I21RX001598-01A1 Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for Individuals with Lower Limb Amputation D'Andrea, Susan Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001600-01A1 Role of progranulin in endochondral ossification after spinal cord injury Dang, Alexis Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002336-01 Molecular regulation of fistula adaptation for dialysis access Dardik, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001801-01A1 Sphingosine 1-Phosphate: A New Target for Early Diabetic Retinopathy Das, Arup Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003497-01A1 Functional role of STRAP in colorectal cancer metastasis and in chemoresistance Datta, Pran Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000709-01A3 Structural & Functional Connectivity Disruptions Associated with Blast TBI Davenport, Nicholas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002171-01 CENC - Clinical and Neuroimaging Correlates of Neurodegeneration in Military mTBI Davenport, Nicholas Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000795-01A2 RCT of Duloxetine & Pregabalin for the treatment of Gulf War Illness in Veterans Davidson, Dena Clinical Science R&D
13S-RCS-002 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Davidson, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000800-05 TSH RECEPTOR AUTOREGULATION Davies, Terry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002142-01A1 IL-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase as a Cancer Therapeutic Target Davila, Eduardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001598-01A2 A multi-level intervention to improve cancer care for hepatocellular carcinoma Davila, Jessica Health Services R&D
I01BX001880-01A1 Transcriptional Regulation of Pancreatic Beta Cell Mass Davis, Dawn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13F-RCS-003 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Davis, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0589 CSP 589 - Veterans Individual Placement and Support Towards Advancing Recovery (VIP STAR) Davis, Lori Cooperative Studies
I01RX001487-01A1 Outcomes of a Holistic Yoga Program Designed to Relieve PTSD (RELIEVE trial) Davis, Louanne Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003244-01A1 Understanding Susceptibility to Parkinson's Disease due to GBA1 Mutations Davis, Marie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002256-01A1 A novel mechanics-based intervention to improve post-stroke gait stability Dean, Jesse Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001875-01A2 Cholinergic neurons and memory in GFP-AD mouse: a novel neurotrophic therapy Dedeoglu, Alpaslan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002468-01 Novel neurotrophic therapies in an optimized mouse model of GWVI Dedeoglu, Alpaslan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000718-01A2 Combined Smoking Cessation and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD Dedert, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000717-05 Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Immunity to Histoplasmosis Deepe, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002624-01A2 Role of host spingolipids against fungal infections Del Poeta, Maurizio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000842-01A2 Linking Injury Severity to Brainstem White Matter Integrity: A Tractography Study Delano-Wood, Lisa Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX003922-01 T-cell regulation of cardiac remodeling DeLeon-Pennell, Kristine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000527-01A2 The Effects of Frailty on Chronic Kidney Disease Delgado, Cynthia Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000743-01 Persisting Grand Mal and Myoclonic Seizures in JME including Veterans Delgado-Escueta, Antonio Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000993-01 The Chymase Angiotensin-(1-12) Axis in Heart Disease Dell'italia, Louis Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003664-01 Pathophysiology of Extracellular Matrix and Desmin Breakdown in Volume Overload Heart Dell'italia, Louis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002638-01A1 The role of hypothalamic neuropeptides on biliary function during cholestasis DeMorrow, Sharon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001203-01A1 Immune Function and Muscle Adaptations to Resistance Exercise in Older Adults Dennis, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX001730-01A1 Leveraging intensive home telehealth data for suicide prediction and prevention Depp, Colin Health Services R&D
I01BX000964-04A2 Phage Display for Improved Peptide-Based Tumor Targeting and Imaging Agents Deutscher, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002086-01 Role of Claudin-1 in Colon Cancer Dhawan, Punita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001905-01 Intimate Partner Violence: Patient Characteristics, Service Use and Experiences Dichter, Melissa Health Services R&D
I01RX000832-01A2 Dosage and predictors of naming treatment response in aphasia Dickey, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003072-01 Novel Reg4-CD44 Signaling Pathway in Colon Cancer Dieckgraefe, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000239-04A1 Comprehensive Ototoxicity Monitoring Program for VA: A Randomized Trial Dille, Marilyn Rehabilitation R&D
IK3HX001836-01A1 Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention Delivered within Diabetes Education on Diabetes-related Outcomes in Military Veterans DiNardo, Monica Health Services R&D
I21RX002209-01A1 One-Day Life Skills Workshop for Veterans with TBI, Pain, and Psychopathology Dindo, Lilian Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000971-01A2 Field-Based Assessment of Energy Expenditure in Spinal Cord Injury Ding, Dan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001964-01A1 Reducing Brain Hyperglycolysis: A Novel Strategy for Hyperglycemia after Stroke Ding, Yuchuan Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX002325-01A1 Polygenic predictors of the neural and clinical correlates of TBI and PTSD Disner, Seth Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001969-01A2 Enhancing Beneficial Autophagy to Prevent Heart Failure Diwan, Abhivav Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001127-01A1 Chronic Lithium Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Dixon, C Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001244-01 HSRD Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC) Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
TPP 16-182 Training Program for Fellows (Post PhDs) at Portland COIN Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
I01HX001470-01 Optimizing Benefits and Reducing Negative Effects of Mental Health Open Notes Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
I01RX001213-01A2 Cartilage response to compression injury: A platform for therapeutics discovery Dodge, George Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX002440-01 Development of the potent anti-malarial and anti-Toxoplasma drug, ELQ-316 Doggett, Joseph ("Stone") Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000202-05A2 Mechanism of Renal Lipotoxicity in Obesity and Diabetes Dominguez, Jesus Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0577 CSP #577 - Colonoscopy vs. Fecal Immunochemical Test in Reducing Mortality from Colorectal Cancer (CONFIRM) Dominitz, Jason Cooperative Studies
I01CX001434-01A2 Surgical Studies on the Role of MicroRNAs in Esophageal Cancer Donahue, James Clinical Science R&D
12F-RCS-002 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Dong, Zheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000319-05 Molecular Mechanism of Ischemic Renal Failure Dong, Zheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002944-01A1 Unlocking the sporicidal potential of alcohol against Clostridium difficile Donskey, Curtis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001894-01A2 Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Living Centers Dosa, David Health Services R&D
I01HX000787-01A2 Training and Coaching to Promote High Performance in VA Community Living Centers Dosa, David Health Services R&D
11F-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Dostal, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001305-01A2 Novel EPO peptide therapy for a new mouse model of dementia Dowling, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003333-01A2 The Role of NRP2b in Invasive Lung Cancer Growth and Metastasis Drabkin, Harry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50RX001873-01 Social and Community Reintegration Research (SoCRR) Drebing, Charles Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000830-01A2 Seven vs. 14 Days Treatment for Male Urinary Tract Infection Drekonja, Dimitri Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000934-01A1 Investigating the link between cancer and neurodegenerative disease Driver, Jane Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001000-01A1 Quantitative automated lesion detection (QALD) in moderate and severe TBI Dronkers, Nina Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001290-01A1 Neural Predictors of Recovery from Auditory Comprehension Deficits in Aphasia Dronkers, Nina Clinical Science R&D
15F-RCS-008 Research Career Scientist Award Dronkers, Nina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002122-01 Thromboregulation by Endothelial Cells: Role of CD39 Drosopoulos, Joan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000345-01 Intratumoral genetic therapy for lung cancer Dubinett, Steven Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000359-05A1 Cell Motility in the Pathogenesis of Lung Cancer Dubinett, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001097-01 Chronic neurodegenerative and neurophysiological sequela of closed-head TBI Duda, John Rehabilitation R&D
12F-RCS-003 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002011-01 Mechanisms of NaCl Absorption in the Human Colon Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002011-05 Mechanisms of NaCl Absorption in the Mammalian Colon Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001764-01 Comparative Outcomes of Pharmacologic Treatment for Veteran Smokers Duffy, Sonia Health Services R&D
I01BX002666-01 Mechanisms of Response to Reflux-Induced Oxidative Stress in Barrett's Esophagus Dunbar, Kerry Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000974-01A1 The role of kynurenine pathway activation in Toxoplasma-linked schizophrenia Duncan, Erica Clinical Science R&D
I21RX001897-01A1 Aerobic Exercise for Cognition in Schizophrenia Duncan, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000943-01A1 Insulin Resistance and Reward Signaling in Obesity Dunn, Julia Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001841-01A1 Flexible Multi-Sensory Mode Neural Devices for Neurochemical Control Dunning, Allison Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002565-01A1 Identification and Repair of Novel Axonal Pathology in Demyelinating Disease Dupree, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002003-01A2 Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction in mild traumatic brain injury Dutca, Laura Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003456-01 Novel targets to treat head and neck cancer in Veterans Duvvuri, Umamaheswar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001142-01 Randomized Controlled Trial of Group Prevention Coaching Edelman, David Health Services R&D
I01BX001737-01A1 The IL-33/CD4 T cell/CXCL1 System in Acute Kidney Injury Edelstein, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001415-01A1 Cognitive and Biomarker Profiles of Accurate and Inaccurate MCI Diagnosis Edmonds, Emily Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002776-01A2 Leukocyte Regulation of Vascular Function Eitzman, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002067-01A1 Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Progression in Myeloid Malignancy Eklund, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003935-01 Understanding the Function of Tamm-Horsfall Protein in Acute Kidney Injury El-Achkar, Tarek Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000996-01A3 The Neurobiology of Blast-Related Brain Injury in a Rat Model of mTBI Elder, Gregory Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002715-01 Modulation of Th17 plasticity by intestinal paleobiomic fauna Elliott, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002228-01A1 Renal and extrarenal toxicity of aldosterone Ellison, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000584-01A2 Improving Outcomes for Homeless Veterans with Peer Support Ellison, Marsha Health Services R&D
I01CX001118-01A2 Gambling Disorder: Neuroimaging of Reward and Anti-Reward Circuitry Elman, Igor Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003395-01 Host Defense Mechanisms in Melanoma Pathogenesis Elmets, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001179-05 Molecular Pathobiology of Gastric Carcinogenesis El-Rifai, Wael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003787-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award El-Rifai, Wael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000114-05A2 Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Therapy for Bone Marrow Failure Epling-Burnette, Pearlie Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002034-01 Understanding Participation in Veterans with Amputations Erbes, Christopher Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX001664-01A1 Therapeutic and Topographical Approaches for Improved Neural Electrode Biocompatibility Ereifej, Evon Rehabilitation R&D
13S-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Ergul, Adviye Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000347-05A1 Cerebral arteriole structure/function in diabetic ischemic brain injury Ergul, Adviye Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001727-01 Pain-Associated Neuronal Hyperexcitability and Intracellular Calcium Signaling Estacion, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000174-04A2 Engineered Multi-Functional Nanofibrous Meniscus Implants Esterhai, John Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000706-01A2 Neural Mechanisms of Attention in PTSD and Comorbid TBI Esterman, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I21RX001583-01A1 Burden and Outcomes of Resistant Gram-negative Organisms in Veterans with SCI/D Evans, Charlesnika Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000705-01 Improving Obesity Self-care Among Mentally Ill Veterans Evans, Gina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001733-01A1 Regulation of Calcium Homeostasis in the Pancreatic Beta Cell Evans-Molina, Carmella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001884-01A1 Water-based Activities to Enhance Recall in Veterans (WATER-VET) Fairchild, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002729-01 Cell Death Mechanism of Acute Lung Injury in Sepsis Fan, Jie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001621-01A2 Understanding Patient Management of COPD Exacerbations Fan, Vincent Health Services R&D
I01BX001399-01A1 Role of PPAR-gamma in Cerebral Endothelium Faraci, Frank Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001415-01A1 Atypical PKC Knockout Models: Effect on Glucose and Lipid Homeostasis Farese, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001498-01A2 The anti-inflammatory response after acute kidney injury Faubel, Sarah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001797-01A2 Lymphotoxin-beta Receptor Pathway in Sjogren's Syndrome: Role of Dendritic Cells Fava, Roy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001086-01A2 Role of Fibrinolytic System in Vein Graft Remodeling Fay, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000815-01A2 Risk of Post-Polypectomy Bleeding with Prophylactic Hemoclipping Feagins, Linda Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003341-01 Genetic Vulnerability for Sustained Multi-Substance Use in MVP Federman, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C9230-C National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) Feeney, M. Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001268-01A1 Comprehensive Wide Bandwidth Test Battery of Auditory Function in Veterans Feeney, M. Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
14S-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Feinstein, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002625-01A2 Identification and characterization of a novel risk factor for MS Feinstein, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002452-01 Kinetic Barriers of Transdifferentiation Feng, Jian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001814-01A1 Depression: Synaptic mediation in sleep deprivation Feng, Pingfu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002245-01A1 Harnessing big-data for plasticity and rehabilitation in translational SCI Ferguson, Adam Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002540-01 Sensor system for self-management of prosthetic socket fit Ferguson, John Rehabilitation R&D
2000 CSP 2000 - Quality Improvement for Clinical Research Ferguson, Ryan Cooperative Studies
0096 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center - Boston Ferguson, Ryan Cooperative Studies
I21RX002553-01 Genetic influences on response to gait rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease Fernandez Mata, Ignacio Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001153-01A1 Emphysema and Inflammatory Biomarkers and Risk of Osteoporosis in Men with COPD Field, Jessica Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000813-01A1 Novel Predictors of Cognitive and Psychiatric Change in Parkinson's Disease Filoteo, J. Vincent Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001230-01 Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion Fine, Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX002112-01 Regulatable Gene Expression for Prevention of Neuropathy Fink, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001513-01A1 Justice-Involved Veterans: Mental Health and Substance Use Care of Young Adults Finlay, Andrea Health Services R&D
I01BX002966-01 Traumatic stress and binge drinking as risk factors for excessive alcohol intake Finn, Deborah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2001 CSP #2001 - Investigation of Rifampin to Reduce Pedal Amputations for Osteomyelitis in Diabetics (VA Intrepid) Fiore, Louis Cooperative Studies
I01HX000814-01A2 Tailoring Interventions for Rural Veterans: What We Need to Know Fischer, Ellen Health Services R&D
I21BX002833-01A2 Enhancing Cell Delivery for Parkinson's Disease Fishman, Paul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001790-01A1 Enhancing adherence to cognitive rehabilitation Fiszdon, Joanna Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001783-01A2 A Patient-centered Approach to Comorbidity Management in Aging Veterans with HIV Fix, Gemmae Health Services R&D
15F-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Fliesler, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002439-01A1 Ocular Sequelae and Intervention in a Rat Model of Blast Overpressure Polytrauma Fliesler, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000952-01A1 Glucocorticoid functioning in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with mTBI and PTSD Flory, Janine Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002200-01 Development of a clinically-relevant SCI-induced pain model Floyd, Candace Rehabilitation R&D
14F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Ford, Judith Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000834-01A1 Exercise Therapy to Reduce Heart Failure Symptoms; Sorting Mechanisms of Benefit Forman, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003284-01 Mechanisms of ventilatory adaptations to chronic hypercapnia Forster, Hubert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 17-153 RCS Fortney, John Health Services R&D
IK2BX003196-01A1 Mechanisms of age-related cognitive impairment in male and female rats after mTBI Fortress, Ashley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001595-01 Novel Prediction Tools for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Fournier, Christina Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000646-01A2 Discontinuing NSAIDs in Veterans with Knee Osteoarthritis Fraenkel, Liana Health Services R&D
SDR 16-196 Partnered Evidence-Based Policy Research Center (PEPReC) Frakt, Austin Health Services R&D
I01BX003031-01A1 Mechanisms of synergistic regulation of biliary inflammation and fibrosis Francis, Heather Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001914-01A2 Development and Testing of a Prescription Opioid Tapering Intervention Frank, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01BX000516-05 Identification and targeting of colon cancer initiating cells Frank, Natasha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000989-01A1 ABCB5 Dermal Stem Cells In Regenerative Wound Healing Frank, Natasha Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003718-01A1 Relationship between circadian disruption, cardiac GH/IGF-1 signaling, and heart failure Frank, Stuart Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000945-01A2 Culture and Context Affect High Reliability in Transfers of Care Frankel, Richard Health Services R&D
I21RX001398-01A1 Pelvic Visceral Interaction Following Spinal Cord Injury Fraser, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001749-01 Using aberrant pelvic reflexes to facilitate walking following spinal cord injury Fraser, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003485-01A1 Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration in a Transgenic Alzheimer Rat with Vascular Disease Frautschy, Sally Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TPR 06-103 Post Residency Training Program Frayne, Susan Health Services R&D
I01BX000559-04A2 5-HT transporter function: Interaction of hormones and antidepressants Frazer, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001183-01A1 Systemic sclerosis (SSc) vasculopathy: Improved clinical monitoring and treatment Frech, Tracy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002962-01 Role of CD44 in adaptive plasticity of pancreatic cancer Freeman, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0565 CSP 565 - VA Nephropathy iN Diabetes Study Fried, Linda Cooperative Studies
I01RX001663-01A1 Towards improved efficacy of retinal prosthetics Fried, Shelley Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002062-01A2 Promoting Advance Care Planning as a Healthy Behavior Fried, Terri Health Services R&D
I01HX000906-01A1 Understanding Advance Care Planning as a Dyadic Process Fried, Terri Health Services R&D
I01BX000137-05 Glypican-1 in gliomagenesis Friedl, Andreas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001028-01 Multimodal Neural Investigation of Reward Processing in Schizophrenia Fryer, Susanna Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001228-01 Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research Fu, Steven Health Services R&D
TPP 02-152 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Center of Excellence - Minneapolis Fu, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX001858-01A1 In vivo mechanisms of methamphetamine-induced neuronal necrosis Fujikawa, Denson Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001232-05A1 Role of Cu Transporter Proteins in Atherosclerosis Fukai, Tohru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000169-05 Targeting the COX-2 Pathway to Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality Fulton, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000909-01A2 RCT of Behavioral Activation for Depression and Suicidality in Primary Care Funderburk, Jennifer Health Services R&D
IK2HX002064-01 Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Bariatric Surgery within VA Funk, Luke Health Services R&D
10F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Furey, Jr., William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX001848-01A1 Exploring Exits From Homelessness for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Gabrielian, Sonya Health Services R&D
IK2HX002089-01A2 Improving Housing Outcomes for Homeless Veterans Gabrielian, Sonya Health Services R&D
IK2BX001701-01A2 Regulation of Helicobacter pylori pili encoded by the cag pathogenicity island Gaddy, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001756-01A2 Prolyl Endopeptidase-Mediated Matrix Remodeling and Inflammation in COPD Gaggar, Amit Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001798-01A2 Nicotinic Receptor Alpha 7 Regulation of Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoke Gahring, Lorise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002211-01A2 Inhibiting the TOR Pathway to Combat Alzheimer's Disease Galvan, Veronica Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002069-01 Expression of ¿FosB as a Therapy for Blast-Induced PTSD Gama Sosa, Miguel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001174-05 Mechanisms of Liver Failure Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000684-01A2 Rehab Therapy Adjunct with a Neurogenic, Mnemoactive, A-Beta-Lowering Compound Gandy, Samuel Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002333-01 Proneurogenic Treatment for Amyloid or Tau-Based Neurodegeneration Gandy, Samuel Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001640-01A1 Neurophysiological Basis for Enhancing Motor Recovery after Stroke Ganguly, Karunesh Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003744-01 Pathways regulating adult pancreatic beta cell replication Gannon, Maureen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Gao, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002653-01 The role of p52 in prostate cancer Gao, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX001628-01A1 Age-Related Variations in Swallowing and Aspiration Risk in Veterans Garand, Kendrea Focht Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002807-01A1 Mechanisms of action of ghrelin in muscle and adipose tissue in cancer cachexia Garcia, Jose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000446-08A1 Dynamic Regulation of Erythropoietin Gene Expression in Mammals Garcia, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001677-01A1 Effects of Antiretrovirals on Neuronal Health: Screening ARVs for Neurotoxicity Garcia, Paul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002107-01 Optimization of Prosthetic Foot and Ankle Stiffness for Standing and Walking Gard, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002056-01A1 Design of a Smart Prosthetic Liner Controlled by Muscle Activation Feedback Gard, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001363-01A1 Effect of prosthesis stiffness on impact force during in vivo step loads and gait Gard, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002237-01A1 Improving Analysis of Endogenous Multimodal Treatments for Use in Geriatrics Health Outcomes Studies Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
CDP 12-255 Imnpact of Mental Illness on Veteran's Palliative Care Access and Outcomes (CDA 11-201) Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
IK2HX000767-01A2 Impact of Mental Illness on Veterans' Palliative Care Access and Outcomes Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
0595 CSP #595 - Pulmonary Health and Deployment to Southwest Asia and Afghanistan Garshick, Eric Cooperative Studies
I01RX000792-01A2 Vitamin D, Respiratory Function, and Illness in Chronic SCI Garshick, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002990-01 Lymphoma development in the elderly: Perturbed posttranscriptional regulation Gartenhaus, Ronald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000432-05 Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance in Diabetes Garvey, W. Timothy Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001786-01A2 Automated Assessment of Optic Nerve Edema with Low-Cost Imaging Garvin, Mona Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000753-01A1 Vitamin D3 Supplementation for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Trial Gattoni-Celli, Sebastiano Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001189-01A1 Intraoperative Imaging of Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Gaughan, Colleen Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX001650-01A1 DNA Methylation in Ethanol Drinking Behavior Gavin, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
G002 Million Veteran Program(MVP) Gaziano, J. Michael Cooperative Studies
I01CX000751-01A2 Genetics of Anxiety Disorders Gelernter, Joel Clinical Science R&D
SDR 16-193 STORM Implementation Program Evaluation Gellad, Wallid Health Services R&D
I01HX001765-01 Safety of Opioid use Among Veterans Receiving Care in Multiple Health Systems Gellad, Wallid Health Services R&D
IK2HX001555-01A1 Simulation-Guided Systems Redesign in GI Endoscopy Gellad, Ziad Health Services R&D
I01BX003714-01A1 Determine if a candidate dengue vaccine in advanced trials induces antigen-specific cellular immunity that mimics immunity after multiple infections and controls antibody-enhanced viral replication George, Sarah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002665-01 Mechanisms of Resistance to mTOR-Targeted Therapies Gera, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002099-01A1 Modulating microglial phenotype to prevent SCI-induced central neuropathic pain Ghosh, Mousumi Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000400-05A1 Loss of Filamin A Nuclear Localization in Prostate Cancer Progression Ghosh, Paramita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002297-01A2 Cholesterol regulation of Macrophage Inflammation and Vascular Diseases Ghosh, Shobha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003611-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000926-05A2 Mechanism of Renal Cell Injury Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001627-01A2 Value of End-of-Life Cancer Care Gidwani, Risha Health Services R&D
I01HX000804-01A2 Adjunctive Mood Management for Telephone-based Smoking Cessation in Primary Care Gierisch, Jennifer Health Services R&D
CIN 14-234 Bedford/Boston CIN 13-403 Professional Development/Supplementals Gifford, Allen Health Services R&D
TPP 97-002 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Bedford COIN Gifford, Allen Health Services R&D
I01BX001352-05 Endothelial topography, phosphatidylserine, and procoagulant activity Gilbert, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001211-01 Sex Differences in Gut Permeability; Impact on Autoimmunity Gilkeson, Gary Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000930-01A2 Factors Associated with Institutional Use by Veterans in Home Based Primary Care Gillespie, Suzanne Health Services R&D
I01BX003451-01A1 Targeting Melanocortin-4 Receptors to Reduce Pain in U.S. Veterans Gilpin, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001182-01A1 HRV Biofeedback in Pain Patients: Pilot Intervention for Pain, Fatigue & Sleep Ginsberg, Jay Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000924-01A2 Prospective Trial of Arthroscopic Meniscectomy for Degenerative Meniscus Tears Giori, Nicholas Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002192-01 Role of Mechanosensitive Receptors During Biliary Proliferation and Fibrosis Glaser, Shannon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001155-01 Cognitive Support Informatics for Antimicrobial Stewardship Glassman, Peter Health Services R&D
I01BX002019-01A2 Diabetes: ERK5 and Vascular Inflammation Goalstone, Marc Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002950-01 Retinal Ganglion Cell Differentiation and Transplantation Goldberg, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000844-01A1 A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a Wellness Self-Management Program Goldberg, Richard Health Services R&D
I01BX002352-01A1 NEU1 Sialidase Disrupts CD31-Driven Angiogenesis in Human Lung Endothelia Goldblum, Simeon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000930-05 Oxyntic Atrophy and Novel Gastric Lineages Goldenring, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001826-01A1 Mobile Manual Standing Wheelchair Goldish, Gary Rehabilitation R&D
12F-RCS-004 Research Career Scientist Award Goldstein, Gerald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001540-01A1 Peer Support for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Female Veterans Goldstein, Karen Health Services R&D
I01CX000908-01 Tadalafil for Pulmonary Hypertension Associated with Chronic Lung Disease Goldstein, Ronald Clinical Science R&D
0004 CCTA 0004 - Novel Therapeutics in PTSD: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Mifepristone Golier, Julia Cooperative Studies
I01CX000330-01A2 Novel Therapeutics in PTSD: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Mifepristone Golier, Julia Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001059-01A2 Perioperative Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence Home Telehealth Program Goode, Patricia Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001911-01A1 Suicide Safety Planning Group Treatment: "Project Life Force" Goodman, Marianne Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001880-01A2 Alignment of Treatment Preferences and Repair Type for Veterans with AAA Goodney, Philip Health Services R&D
I01HX001080-01 Encouraging Patient-Centered Communication in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits Gordon, Howard Health Services R&D
I01HX000919-01 A randomized trial of an educational intervention in type 2 diabetes patients Gordon, Howard Health Services R&D
I01RX001979-01 Maneuverability Enhancement Following Spinal Cord Injury Gordon, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003250-01A1 Regulation of pancreatitis severity Gorelick, Fred Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000732-01A1 Effects of Evoked Resistance Training and Testosterone after Spinal Cord Injury Gorgey, Ashraf Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001669-05A1 Chromatin Accessibility and Transcription Factor Networks in Rheumatoid Arthritis Goronzy, Jorg Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000578-01A2 Oxygen versus PAP for treatment of sleep apnea in chronic heart failure Gottlieb, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001478-01A2 Reducing Anxiety and Improving Functioning in Older Veterans Gould, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX000971-01 Musculoskeletal Diagnoses Cohort: Examining Pain and Pain Care in the VA Goulet, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01BX002806-01A1 Pathophysiology of Diabetic Gastroparesis Goyal, Raj Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000582-01A1 Characterizing Ankle Function During Sloped Locomotion For Prosthesis Development Grabowski, Alena Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002182-01 Development of a Novel Device to Measure Socket Pistoning Grabowski, Alena Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002189-01A1 Enhancing social support for diabetes self-management among men and women Veterans Gray, Kristen Health Services R&D
I21RX001932-01A1 Objective Assessment of Behavioral Associations in Patients with Dementia Greco, Frank Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX001707-01A2 MicroRNAs regulate proliferative signaling pathways in pulmonary hypertension Green, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001866-01A1 A Minimally Invasive Platform to Target, Image, and Treat Head and Neck Cancer Green, Hadiyah-Nicole Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX001875-01 Enhancing Community Integration for Homeless Veterans Green, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001116-01A2 Homeless Veterans with Mental Illness: Predicting and Enhancing Recovery Green, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000158-05 Rotavirus: Studies of Intestinal Tropism and Innate and Heterotypic Immunity Greenberg, Harry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002646-01A2 Functional Consequences of Adenosine-Mediated Changes in Homeostatic Sleep Needs Greene, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001034-01A2 Immune Mechanisms of Large-airway Lymphocytic Bronchitis Greenland, John Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX003610-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Greenwood, Beverley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001195-05 Understanding Pain of Gastrointestinal Origin in Women that Serve in OEF/OIF Greenwood, Beverley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002188-01 Central Mechanisms Modulating Visceral Sensitivity Greenwood, Beverley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000844-01A3 Skeletal Muscle Plasticity As An Indicator of Functional Performance Post-Stroke Gregory, Chris Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002047-01A1 Innate Immune Response Patterns to Autoantigen-Associated RNA Greidinger, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001324-01 Suppression of T cell immunity during sepsis Griffith, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001630-01A1 Costs and Outcomes of Chronic Heart Disease Care in the VHA Groeneveld, Peter Health Services R&D
IK2CX000845-01A2 Transdiagnostic Psychotherapy for Veterans with Mood and Anxiety Disorders Gros, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000163-08A1 Mitochondrial CAMKII in smooth muscle as key regulator of hypertension and vascular remodeling Grumbach, Isabella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001561-01A1 CaMKII as a regulator of diabetic retinopathy Grumbach, Isabella Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000163-04 Calmodulin kinase II inhibition as novel molecular treatment of hypertension Grumbach, Isabella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002991-01A1 Targeting Sphingosine to Treat Brain Injury Gudz, Tatyana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001819-01A2 Glia-neuron interaction in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Guizzetti, Marina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Gukovskaya, Anna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000990-01A2 Current Evidence and Early Warning Indicators of Homelessness Risk Among Veterans Gundlapalli, Adiseshu Health Services R&D
I01BX002141-01A1 iPLA2 as a Target in Vascular Inflammation, Neointima Formation, and Restenosis Guo, Zhenheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000891-01A1 Comparative Effectiveness and Cost of Surgical Prophylaxis Regimens Gupta, Kalpana Health Services R&D
I01HX001574-01A1 Optimizing Colorectal Cancer and Polyp Surveillance after Colorectal Polypectomy Gupta, Samir Health Services R&D
I01BX002494-01A1 Targeting EZH2 in Prostate Cancer by Luteolin Gupta, Sanjay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK3HX001608-01A1 Adherence to the Use of Home Telehealth Devices by Veterans with Heart Failure Guzman, Jenice Health Services R&D
I01BX002003-01A1 The Leptospiral Outer Membrane Proteome & Immunity Haake, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002348-01 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Renal Anemia Haase, Volker Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002559-01 Interactions between inflammatory and oncogenic signaling pathways in GBM Habib, Amyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002159-01A2 Development of a Patient Centered Mental Health Intervention for Recent Veterans Hack, Samantha Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000870-01A1 Optimizing motor training in Parkinson disease through neural mechanisms Hackney, Madeleine Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002156-01A1 Testing a Novel Strategy to Improve Implementation of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Veterans with Opioid Use Disorders in Low Performing Facilities Hagedorn, Hildi Health Services R&D
I01RX001705-01A1 Epigenetic Mechanisms in Blast Related Traumatic Brain Injury Haghighi, Fatemeh Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001395-01A1 DNA Methylation and Inflammatory Signatures Associated with Suicide Risk and Treatment in US Veterans Haghighi, Fatemeh Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002058-01 Vestibular Rehabilitation and Otolith Dysfunction Hall, Courtney Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002345-01 Pilot Testing Prehabilitation Services Aimed at Improving Outcomes of Frail Veterans Following Major Abdominal Surgery Hall, Daniel Health Services R&D
IK2RX001316-01A2 Exercise as an Adjuvant Therapy for Veterans with PTSD Hall, Katherine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003774-01A1 Gene Transfer To Treat Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Hammond, H. Kirk Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001534-01 Promoting adaptive neuroplasticity in mild cognitive impairment Hampstead, Benjamin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001271-01A1 A Delta GABA Receptor as a Target for Essential Tremor Therapy Handforth, C. Adrian Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000827-01A2 Optical spectroscopy to diagnose Alzheimer and Lewy body dementia Hanlon, Eugene Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001531-01 Bimodal Prosthetic Ankle-Foot System for Improved Balance and Mobility Hansen, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001514-01A1 Development of Adaptive Prosthetic Ankle-Foot Systems Hansen, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
12F-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Harder, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001834-05A1 Lupus Association with Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 4 (STAT4) Harley, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002267-01A2 Neurobiological mechanisms of reduced AD-neuropathology by treatment of diabetes Haroutunian, Vahram Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000146-05A2 Cognition in Parkinson's Disease Harrington, Deborah Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002188-01A1 Peer Enhanced Exposure Therapy (PEET) Harris, J. Irene Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000320-05 Role of the EGF Receptor in Diabetic Nephropathy Harris, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001854-01 Detection and Treatment of Sarcopenia and Myosteatosis in Older African Americans Harris-Love, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002580-01 The Intron Debranching Enzyme (Dbr1) in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Hart, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001552-01 Developing a roadmap for best practices in CLC resident-centered care Hartmann, Christine Health Services R&D
I01HX001440-01A2 Safety climate in CLCs: variation, predictors, and impact on resident outcomes Hartmann, Christine Health Services R&D
I01HX000797-01A2 Developing and Implementing a Toolkit for Measuring CLC Cultural Transformation Hartmann, Christine Health Services R&D
I01BX002143-01 Hyperthermia-augmented epithelial apoptosis and acute lung injury Hasday, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000915-01A2 Women Veterans Cohort Study 2 Haskell, Sally Health Services R&D
I01HX002039-01A2 Quality of Care and Patient Experience in GeriPACT: A Comparative Effectiveness Study Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I50HX001227-01 Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I01HX000976-01A1 Discharge Information & Support for Patients Receiving Outpatient Care in the ED Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I21HX002030-01A1 Video-Enhanced Care Management for Medically Complex Veterans Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I01BX002195-01A2 Turnover of Adipose Tissue Macrophages Hasty, Alyssa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002392-01 Targeted therapy for osteoarthritis Hasty, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-004 Research Career Scientist Award Hasty, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002010-01A2 Virtual Medical Modality Implementation Strategies for Patient Aligned Care Teams to Promote Veteran Centered Care Haun, Jolie Health Services R&D
I01HX001263-01A2 Staying Positive: An Intervention to Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain Disparities Hausmann, Leslie Health Services R&D
I01BX002750-01A2 Regulation of Innate Immunity and Inflammation Through Nuclear Reprogramming Hawiger, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002057-01A1 Evaluating the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Application for Self-management of Unhealthy Alcohol Use Hawkins, Eric Health Services R&D
I01HX001129-01A1 Optimizing Veteran-Centered Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Hawley, Sarah Health Services R&D
I01BX000733-05 Hexokinase 2 and cancer therapy Hay, Nissim Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001594-01A1 Neuroimaging Genetics of Mild TBI Hayes, Jasmeet Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001451-01A1 Neurobiology of Affective Instability in Veterans at Low and High Risk for Suicide Hazlett, Erin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000345-08 Role of Protein S in early Diabetic Kidney Disease He, John Cijiang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003671-01A1 Caveolin-mediated neuronal signaling in differentiated adult human neuronal stem cells and the aging brain Head, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001994-01A1 An FGFR1 oncogene driver pathway in head and neck cancer Heasley, Lynn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002123-01A1 Financial vs. Non-financial Rewards for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: A Randomized Controlled Trial Hebert, Paul Health Services R&D
I01BX002687-01A1 Mechanisms of Cytoskeletal Regulation of Tight Junction Homeostasis and Repair Hecht, Gail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001477-01A1 Aging, Fibroblast Senescence, and Apoptosis in Lung Fibrosis Hecker, Louise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000338-05 Regulation of oncogenic KIT by LMTK3 Heinrich, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001492-01A1 Cognitive Remediation for Alcohol Use Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Heinz, Adrienne Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002096-01 Peer Support to Enhance Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments: Examining Comparative Effectiveness in VA Health Systems Heisler, Mary Ellen Health Services R&D
I01HX001116-01A1 Technologically Enhanced Coaching(TEC):A Program for Improving Diabetes Outcomes Heisler, Mary Ellen Health Services R&D
I01BX003854-01 Molecular Mechanisms of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Henkel, Anne Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C9247-S Research Career Scientist Henry, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001205-01A1 Establishing Normative Standards for Measures of Tinnitus Perception Henry, James Rehabilitation R&D
N0010 CSP NODES - VA San Diego Healthcare System Multidisciplinary CSP Node Initiative Henry, Robert Cooperative Studies
I01BX003858-01 Neuropeptide Mechanisms and Stress Pathologies Herman, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001772-01A2 Implementing and Evaluating Computer-Based Interventions for Mental Health Hermes, Eric Health Services R&D
IK2RX000949-01A2 Brain Targets for Alcohol Craving in Veterans with mTBI. Herrold, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002695-01A2 Peripheral and Central Pain Generators of Chronic Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain High, Karin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002223-01 Adapting Montessori Activity Programming for Veterans Living in Community Living Centers Hilgeman, Michelle Health Services R&D
IK2RX001824-01A1 Optimizing Dementia Care Through Collaborative Recovery Interventions Hilgeman, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000930-01A1 Bad to the Bone: Age-related Increases in Serum SDF-1 Leads to Bone Loss with Age Hill, William Clinical Science R&D
12S-RCS-006 Research Career Scientist Award Hioe, Catarina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002607-01 Role of inflammasomes in mucosal and systemic candidiasis. Hise, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001778-01A2 Appropriate Use of Cardiovascular Procedures to Optimize Healthcare Value Ho, P. Michael Health Services R&D
TPR 16-186 Post Residency Training Program Ho, P. Michael Health Services R&D
TPP 16-183 Training Program for Fellows (Post PhDs)at Denver COIN Ho, P. Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX000675-04A1 Estrogen-based combinatorial therapies for castration-resistant prostate cancer Ho, Shuk-mei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N9228-C Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology Hochberg, Leigh Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002295-01A2 BrainGate: Robust Neural Decoding for Veterans with ALS Hochberg, Leigh Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001160-01A2 MOVE! UP: Improving MOVE! for Veterans with PTSD Using Peer Support Hoerster, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01BX002905-01A1 The Role of Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Hoffman, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001699-01A2 Targeted Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Treatment of Prostate Cancer Hoffman, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Hoffman, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002029-01 Persisting functional CNS changes following peripheral nerve repair Hogan, Quinn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001863-01A1 Cannabinoid Signaling in the dPAG: Specific Analgesic and Autonomic Functions Hogan, Quinn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001940-01A1 AAV-encoded analgesic peptide aptamers for chronic pain Hogan, Quinn Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001903-01A1 A Technology-Assisted Care Transition Intervention for Veterans with Chronic Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hogan, Timothy Health Services R&D
I01HX002128-01A1 Using Data Integration and Predictive Analytics to Improve Diagnosis-Based Performance Measures Hoggatt, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01BX001533-01A2 The RAGE of COPD Hoidal, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001416-01A1 Acupuncture for PTSD in Combat Veterans Hollifield, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001095-01A2 Development of Effective Strategies for Tinnitus Diagnosis and Treatment Holt, Avril Genene Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002322-01A2 NCC and ENaC form a Sodium Transporting Complex Hoover, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001075-01A1 Frontal Cortex and Gait Freezing in Parkinson's Disease: Rehabilitation Impact Horak, Fay Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000593-01A1 Mechanisms of Negative Symptoms in Veterans with Schizophrenia Horan, William Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002582-01A1 Melanocyte Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine Hornyak, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002711-01A1 Quorum Sensing Dependent Interactions with Biofilms and Innate Immunity Defenses Horswill, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001952-01A2 The Gastrointestinal Stem Cell Response to Injury Houchen, Courtney Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001529-05A2 p63 Regulation of Human Osteoprogenitor Maturation by Hepatocyte Growth Factor Howard, Guy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001529-01A1 Human Osteoprogenitor Control by Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Vitamin D Howard, Guy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003241-01 Combination Therapy Using CRISPR/Cas Gene Editing Plus Human Monoclonal Antibodies for a Functional HIV Cure Howell, Alexandra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002316-01A1 Force Feedback Redistribution & Eccentric-Focused Rehab post-SCI Howland, Dena Rehabilitation R&D
B9249-S Research Career Scientist Howland, Dena Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002690-01A2 Targeting CCR2 (CC Chemokine Receptor 2) to treat TBI Hsieh, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001696-01A1 The Protein Degradation Pathway after Brain Ischemia Hu, Bingren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002133-01 ER Stress-induced Neurodegeneration as Therapeutic Targets for ALS Huang, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001108-05 Mechanisms of ER Stress and Neurodegeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Huang, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002978-01A2 Mechanisms of Progranulin Deficiency in Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration Huang, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000499-05 Neuroimaging Investigation of mTBI and its Potentiation of PTSD in Veterans Huang, Mingxiong Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002310-01A1 Vascularized Cardiac Patch with Physiological Orientation for Myocardial Repair Huang, Ngan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX002471-01A1 Neuroinflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Hippocampal Defects in Gulf War Illness Huang, Ting Ting Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000854-05A1 TLR4 Signaling and Sphingolipid Interplay in Diabetes-Associated Atherosclerosis Huang, Yan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001114-01 A Biomarker Risk Prediction Model for Prostate Cancer Hudson, Tamaro Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001963-01 Responsiveness, Stability, and Validity of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Aphasia Hula, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX000974-01 Web-based Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Use in Veterans with Hepatitis C Humphreys, Keith Health Services R&D
RCS 04-141 Evaluating Treatment & Self-help Methods of Improving Functioning & Quality of Life Outcomes of Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders Humphreys, Keith Health Services R&D
IK2HX001515-01A2 Integration of Peer Support Across the PTSD Continuum of Care Hundt, Natalie Health Services R&D
I01BX003360-01 Pharmacogenomics of risk factors and therapies outcomes for kidney disease Hung, Adriana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000982-01A1 Dysmetabolism of Chronic Kidney Disease and Vascular Health Hung, Adriana Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000545-05A2 Multi-Faceted Targeting of Treatment-Sensitive and Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer Hussain, Arif Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001728-01A1 Regulation of plasma lipids and atherosclerosis by miR-30c Hussain, Mahmood Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000911-01A2 Analgesic safety and effectiveness in older veterans with arthritis Hwang, Ula Health Services R&D
I01BX001328-01A1 Role of Bile Acids and Gut Bacteria in GI Diseases Hylemon, Phillip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001328-05 Bile Acids and Clostridium scindens Inhibit C. difficile: Role of Secreted Antibacterial Compounds Hylemon, Phillip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 17-155 Access, Costs, and Effectiveness (ACE) Evaluation of Care in the Community Using a Multi-Method Approach Hynes, Denise Health Services R&D
RCS 98-352 Research Career Scientist Award Hynes, Denise Health Services R&D
I01HX001110-01A1 Linking Clinician Interaction and Coordination to Clinical Performance in VA PACT Hysong, Sylvia Health Services R&D
IK2RX002318-01A1 Improving the Detection, Classification and Treatment of Misaligned Arthritic Ankles Iaquinto, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
TPP 97-007 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Philadelphia COIN Ibrahim, Said Health Services R&D
I01BX001023-01A2 Anti-aging and anti-cancer effects of thioredoxins Ikeno, Yuji Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000952-01A2 Chronic effects of blast injury: analyses of Alzheimer related pathology Ikonomovic, Milos Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001778-01A2 Multifunctional rehabilitative therapy to reduce Alzheimer pathology after TBI Ikonomovic, Milos Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001587-01A1 Facilitating use of the Veterans Crisis Line in High-Risk Patients Ilgen, Mark Health Services R&D
I01HX001650-01A2 Estimating Risk of Sporadic Colorectal Cancer in Veterans Under Age 50 Imperiale, Thomas Health Services R&D
I01BX002906-01A1 Regulation of graft versus host disease with in vivo generated regulatory T cells Ince, Mirac Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000720-01A2 Sex Differences in Fear Conditioning: Mechanisms of Risk and Resilience for PTSD Inslicht, Sabra Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001714-01A1 Telehealth Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Parkinson's Disease Interian, Alejandro Health Services R&D
I01HX000954-01A2 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Preventing Suicide in Military Veterans Interian, Alejandro Health Services R&D
I01BX002910-01A2 Cholesterol lights the fire of NASH Ioannou, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001156-01A1 Does screening for HCC reduce HCC-related mortality in HBV-infected Veterans? Ioannou, George Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002940-01A1 SIRTUIN1-mediated inhibition of p66shc lysine acetylation as a novel treatment for diabetic vasculopathy Irani, kaikobad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000369-01A1 A comparative efficacy study: treatments of non-healing diabetic foot ulcers Isseroff, Rivkah Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002560-01 Highly specific targeting of the TMPRSS2/ERG fusion gene in prostate cancer Ittmann, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002418-01 Intimate Partner Violence Screening Programs in VHA: Informing Scale-Up and Spread of Best Practices Iverson, Katherine Health Services R&D
IK2HX000765-01A1 Intimate Partner Violence, Health, and Health Care Among Female Veterans Iverson, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01HX001325-01A1 Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: Primary Care Roles and Outcomes Jackson, George Health Services R&D
SIP 16-178 Improving Communication between Inpatient and Ambulatory Providers Jackson, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01BX001681-01A2 Novel Diagnostics to Detect Lung Injury Jacobs, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000844-01A1 Evaluating Two Types of Cognitive Training in Veterans with Schizophrenia Jahchan, Carol Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002076-01 CENC - Novel White Matter Imaging to Improve Diagnosis of Mild TBI Jak, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000713-04A2 SURGICAL STUDIES ON MUCOSAL HOMEOSTASIS Jaladanki, Rao Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001045-01A1 Biomarkers of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Resilience in Women Veterans James, Lisa Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002798-01A1 The Pathophysiology of Delayed Graft Function Jani, Alkesh Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001464-01A1 Impact of HIV-1 and Aging on Mucosal Vaccine Responses Janoff, Edward Clinical Science R&D
14S-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Janowsky, Aaron Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002758-01A2 Trace amine receptor-mediated methamphetamine response in brain Janowsky, Aaron Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001138-01 CAP - Randomized Clinical Trial of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Posttraumatic Headache Jaramillo, Carlos Clinical Science R&D
14S-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Jarvis, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000727-05A2 Interaction of LOS and Innate Immunity in Neisseria Infection Jarvis, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
CDA 13-265 Optimizing Testosterone Prescribing in the VA Jasuja, Guneet Health Services R&D
CDP 12-252 Improving Weight Management at VA: Enhancing the MOVE!23 for Primary Care (CDA 10-206) Jay, Melanie Health Services R&D
IK2HX000762-01A1 Improving weight management at the VA: Enhancing the MOVE!23 for primary care Jay, Melanie Health Services R&D
I01HX002119-01A2 Testing the efficacy of a technology-assisted intervention to improve weight management of obese patients within Patient Aligned Care Teams at the VA Jay, Melanie Health Services R&D
I01CX001403-01A1 Blood Flow Monitoring to Prevent Post-Polypectomy Induced Ulcer Bleeding. Jensen, Dennis Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001299-01A2 Pharmacotherapy for Retinal Degenerative Disorders Jensen, Ralph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003690-01 Tunable Assembly of Regulatory Immune Signals to Promote Myelin-specific Tolerance Jewell, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000512-05A1 Early detection of lung cancer in Veterans Jiang, Feng Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000900-05A2 PLTP as a target for lowering VLDL production Jiang, Xian-Cheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001731-01A1 Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Enabled Memory Training for Schizophrenia Johannesen, Jason Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000604-01A1 Gait after intervention trial in peripheral arterial disease Johanning, Jason Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001772-01A1 Evaluating Neural Adaptation after Tendon Transfer and Task-based Training in SCI Johanson, M. Elise Rehabilitation R&D
0094 Cooperative Studies Coordinating Center - West Haven, CT Johnson, Gary Cooperative Studies
I01CX000920-01A1 E. coli ST131 and Intestinal Colonization Johnson, James Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000920-04A2 Gut reservoir of E. coli ST131 Johnson, James Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002586-01 Fructokinase and Nondiabetic and Aging-Associated Chronic Kidney Disease Johnson, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002525-01A1 Regulation of VTA dopamine neurons by AMP kinase Johnson, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0596 CSP #596 - Optimal Treatment for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection Johnson, Stuart Cooperative Studies
I01BX002449-01A2 Impact of Binary Toxin on Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection Johnson, Stuart Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001908-01A2 Understanding and Improving Decision-making in Pneumonia with Informatics Jones, Barbara Ellen Health Services R&D
I01BX000904-04A2 Regulation of Cellular Phenotype Change in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Jones, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Jones, Kathryn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
CDA 10-030 Actionable Knowledge to Guide Antibiotic Stewardship Jones, Makoto Health Services R&D
B9268-X Translational Research Center for TBI and Stress Disorders (TRACTS) Network Site Jorge, Ricardo Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001030-01A1 Phosphate Lowering to Treat Vascular Dysfunction in Chronic Kidney Disease Jovanovich, Anna Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001444-01A2 Vaccinating at Mucosal Surfaces with Nanoparticle Conjugated Antigen and Adjuvant Joyce, Sebastian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002218-01 Telehealth to Support Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementation at VA Facilities Jump, Robin Health Services R&D
I01BX003751-01A1 Impact of TPO Treatment on Bone Healing and Angiogenesis in Type 2 Diabetes Kacena, Melissa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001259-01A2 Effects of Stress on Reaction Time in Combat Exposed Military Veterans Kachadourian, Lorig Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001060-05A1 Pathogenesis and Impact of Islet Amyloid Kahn, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002050-01A1 Unintended Consequences: The Impact of VA Antipsychotic Reduction Efforts in Dementia Kales, Helen Health Services R&D
I01BX001744-01A1 Lipid Metabolism and Steatosis in Liver Kamat, Amrita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000786-05A2 Mechanisms of Asbestos-Induced Alveolar Epithelial Cell Injury Kamp, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002947-01A2 Targeting Tau for TBI Kang, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002475-01A1 UPR as a Neuronal Death Mediator in Alzheimer's Disease Kang, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002478-01A1 Molecular Intermediates and Regulation of the Abeta-Tau Pathogenic Cascade Kang, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001285-01 Care for Women Veterans with Hepatitis C Virus Infection Kanwal, Fasiha Health Services R&D
I01CX000981-01 B-Cell Dysregulation in Cirrhosis due to Chronic Hepatitis C Infection Kaplan, David Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001144-01A2 Behavioral and Neural Plasticity in TBI and PTSD Kaplan, Gary Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002748-01A1 Analysis of human uterine mucosal cells as targets of HIV-1 infection Kappes, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003677-01A1 Immunotherapeutic Regulatory CD8 T cells in Autoimmune Demyelinating Disease Karandikar, Nitin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C9251-C Prevention and Treatment of Visual Loss Center Kardon, Randy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002173-01 CENC - Visual Sensory Impairments and Progression Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Kardon, Randy Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001907-01A1 Impact of New Physician Residents on Veterans' Access to Care Kashner, T. Michael Health Services R&D
I01HX001582-01 CSI: Assessing Resident Supervision Kashner, T. Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX001340-05A1 New Insights in Mechanisms of Renal Injury Kasinath, Balakuntalam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13F-RCS-004 Research Career Scientist Award Katiyar, Santosh Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001559-01A2 Women Veterans' VA Maternity Care Utilization, Satisfaction, and Health Outcomes Katon, Jodie Health Services R&D
I21HX002079-01 Understanding veterans' preferences for smoking cessation treatment in primary care Katz, David Health Services R&D
0590 CSP #590 - A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Lithium Augmentation and Enhanced Suicide Prevention Management in Preventing Suicide Re-Attempts in Individuals with Depression and Bi Katz, Ira Cooperative Studies
I21RX001574-01A1 Improving balance and mobility in older Veterans Katzel, Leslie Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001813-01A1 Multimodal Exercise and Weight Loss in Older Veterans with Dysmobility Katzel, Leslie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001245-05A2 Luminal Factors Affecting Duodenal Protection and Chemosensing Kaunitz, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001629-01A1 Cognitive Reserve and Training in Older Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Kaup, Allison Rehabilitation R&D
13S-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Kaushal, G. Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001935-01A2 The effects of impaired post-stroke coordination and motor pathway integrity on mobility performance Kautz, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
A9272-S Research Career Scientist Kautz, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000825-01A2 Remediation of Impaired Self-Regulation in Patients with Mild TBI Kayser, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000879-01 Measurement-Based Telehealth Care of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Kean, Jacob Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001828-01A1 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Kearney, David Health Services R&D
I01CX000857-01A2 A trial of Loving-Kindness Meditation and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD Kearney, David Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001850-01A1 Regulation of Macrophage Activation by House Dust Mite Keegan, Achsah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001434-01A1 Dropout from Evidence-Based Therapy for PTSD: Reasons and Potential Interventions Kehle-Forbes, Shannon Health Services R&D
I01BX000382-05 PPAR gamma Agonists for Lung Cancer Chemoprevention Keith, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003185-01A2 Repair of Vascular Contractility and Mitochondrial Function by NOS Recoupling Keller, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001756-01A1 Improving Functional Outcomes of Veterans with PTSD and Tobacco Dependence Kelly, Megan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000506-01A3 Power and Data Telemetry System for a 256-Channel Retinal Implant Kelly, Shawn Rehabilitation R&D
IK3HX001840-01 Trauma-sensitive yoga for female Veterans with PTSD who experienced military sexual trauma Kelly, Ursula Health Services R&D
I01RX001183-01A1 A Prospective, Controlled Study of Rehabilitation of Anomia in Aphasia Kendall, Diane Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002882-01A1 B Lymphocytes in Autoimmune Disease Kendall, Peggy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000372-05 OmpR and SsrB Regulation of Salmonella Virulence Kenney, Linda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002026-01A1 Physical Exercise Effects on Determinants of Social Integration in Schizophrenia Kern, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002117-01 Acetylation and diabetic retinopathy Kern, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003604-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Application Kern, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TPR 15-229 Post Residency Training Program Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
I50HX001241-01 Center for Clinical Management Research (CCMR) Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
I01HX001895-01A1 Identifying, Measuring, and Facilitating Opportunities for De-intensification of Medical Services Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
TPP 97-001 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Ann Arbor COIN Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
I01HX001900-01A1 Primary Care Quality and Homeless Service Tailoring Kertesz, Stefan Health Services R&D
I01BX001155-01A2 Effect of Alcohol on Hepatic Creatine Biosynthesis: Role of Defective Methylation Kharbanda, Kusum Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000824-05A2 SPROUTY: PUTATIVE ONCOGENE IN COLORECTAL CANCER Khare, Sharad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001409-05 Regulators of Epithelial Tumor Progression Khavari, Paul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000104-05A2 Regulation of Innate and Acquired Immunity in Human COPD and Emphysema Kheradmand, Farrah Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002282-01A1 Bioengineering Catalytically Active Grafts for Vascular Surgery Kibbe, Melina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001804-01 Whole-body Neuroprosthetic Approach for Incomplete Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Kilgore, Kevin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002680-01A2 TGFb and BMP signaling in muscle atrophy and degradation after massive RCT Kim, Hubert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001682-01A1 Healthcare utilization patterns and associated costs for Gulf War I Era Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan Health Services R&D
IK2CX000525-01A1 Gene x Environment Effects on PTSD Kimbrel, Nathan Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001486-01A1 Nonsuicidal Self Injury in Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001450-01A1 Targeted Delivery of Antioxidant Drugs Following Cerebral Ischemic Injury Kindy, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
12F-RCS-020 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Kindy, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-009 Research Career Scientist Award Kineman, Rhonda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001350-01A2 Strain-specific Immunity to Plasmodium vivax malaria King, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001706-01A2 HuR and RNA regulation as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Malignant Glioma King, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001549-01 Rationalizing Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Coronary Stenting Kinlay, Scott Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001799-01A2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Increase CPAP Adherence in Veterans with PTSD Kinoshita, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
B9219-S Research Career Scientist Kirsch, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001077-01 Fully implanted system for upper limb myoelectric prosthesis control Kirsch, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
B9229-C Center for Functional Electrical Stimulation Kirsch, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX002683-01A1 Studies on visual cycles and their relevance to age-related macular degeneration Kiser, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000596-05A2 Targeting Renal Purinergic Signaling for the Treatment of Lithium-induced NDI Kishore, Bellamkonda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001277-01A1 The Role of Intestinal Digestive Enzymes in Circulatory Shock Kistler, Erik Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001771-01 APOE genotype effects on brain function following traumatic brain injury (TBI) Klein, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002335-01A1 Testosterone and APOE genotype interactions following mild traumatic brain injury Klein, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000729-01A1 Metformin and Muscle in Insulin-resistant Older Veterans Klein, Robert Clinical Science R&D
I21CX001341-01 Age- and Sex-associated Production of Adipocytes from Bone Marrow Stem Cells Klemm, Dwight Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX001850-01 Cognitive Biomarker Targets for Treatment in Veterans with Parkinson's Disease Kletzel, Sandra Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001237-01A1 A Translational Medicine Approach to Gulf War Illness: From Cells to Therapy Klimas, Nancy Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001050-01A1 Women v Men with GWI: Differences in Computational Models and Therapeutic Targets Klimas, Nancy Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001480-01 A Randomized, Double-blind Placebo-controlled Phase III Trial of Coenzyme Q10 in Gulf War Illness Klimas, Nancy Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001836-01A1 CBT-I for Psychosis: Guidelines, Preliminary Efficacy, and Functional Outcomes Klingaman, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001933-01A1 Torsional stiffness and user preference: lower limb amputee lab test Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001840-01A1 User-Controlled Variable Stiffness Prosthesis to Improve Amputee Balance Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001603-01A1 Social Activity Networks and the Mobility of Lower Limb Amputees Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
A9248-S Research Career Scientist Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001768-01 LED Light Therapy to Improve Cognitive-Psychosocial Function in TBI-PTSD Veterans Knight, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002315-01 Aligning policy and healthcare services with Veterans' values and preferences for results from Whole Genome Sequencing Knight, Sara Health Services R&D
I01RX002249-01A1 Contralaterally Controlled FES plus Video Games for Hand Therapy after Stroke Knutson, Jayme Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002275-01 Hybrid neuroprosthesis with power assist for walking in SCI Kobetic, Rudolf Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003190-01A2 Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes for Treatment of Contusive Spinal Cord Injury Kocsis, Jeffery Biomedical Laboratory R&D
B9260-L Senior Research Career Scientist Kocsis, Jeffery Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000576-01A1 The role of Burkholderia in giant cell arteritis Koening, Curry Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002510-01A1 Collecting duct renin regulation of blood pressure in health and hypertension Kohan, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003762-01A1 Regulation of cutaneous immune function and anti-tumor immune responses by PPARgamma-mediated transrepressive signaling Konger, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003364-01A1 Genetic Risk for AMD in Diverse Veteran Populations Konicki, P. Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000559-05 Longitudinal Changes in Auditory Function Among Veterans with Diabetes Konrad-Martin, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001580-01A1 Feasibility of Microsoft Kinect for Assessment of Independent Wheelchair Transfer Koontz, Alicia Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000705-05A2 NKLAM: An RBR E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Essential for Regulation of Innate Immunity Kornbluth, Jacki Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001186-01A2 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Rapid Disease Progression in Parkinson Disease Kotagal, Vikas Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX002986-01A1 TBI and posttraumatic epilepsy in plasticity susceptible and resistant rats Kotloski, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003004-01A2 Rescue of dormant brain circuits in neurodegenerative disease Kotz, Catherine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000998-01A1 Use of Predictive Modeling to Improve Operating Room Scheduling Efficiency Kougias, Panagiotis Health Services R&D
0599 CSP #599 - Transfusion Trigger After Operations in High Cardiac Risk Patients (TOP) Kougias, Panagiotis Cooperative Studies
I01RX001488-01 High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation to Restore Cough Kowalski, Krzysztof Rehabilitation R&D
13S-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Kowluru, Anjan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002801-01A1 Novel Regulators of Islet Beta-Cell Function in Health and Diabetes Kowluru, Anjan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002619-01A1 Identifying new tau targeted therapeutics: a drug repurposing approach Kraemer, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003755-01A1 Inhibiting pathological TDP-43 phosphorylation as a therapeutic strategy for ALS Kraemer, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000398-09 Lipid Trafficking for Steroidogenesis Kraemer, Fredric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000398-05 Lipid Droplet Metabolism Kraemer, Fredric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002175-01 Manipulating Adipose Genes to Improve Bone Healing Kraemer, Fredric Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX000883-01A1 VHA-Indian Health Service Collaborations in Rural Health: HBPC Kramer, Betty Health Services R&D
I01HX001752-01A1 Effects of VHA opioid policy on prescribing and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin Health Services R&D
I01HX000671-01A1 Strategies for Prescribing Analgesics Comparative Effectiveness (SPACE) Trial Krebs, Erin Health Services R&D
I01HX002134-01A1 Text messaging to engage and retain Veterans in smoking cessation counseling Krebs, Paul Health Services R&D
IK2HX000850-01A2 A Targeted Risk Communication Tool for Tobacco-Dependent Veterans with Cancer Krebs, Paul Health Services R&D
CDP 13-005 Practice Models to Meet the Tobacco Cessation Needs of VA Cancer Patients (CDA 11-256) Krebs, Paul Health Services R&D
RCS 11-222 Research Career Scientist Award Krein, Sarah Health Services R&D
I01HX001101-01A2 Identifying and Reducing Catheter-Related Complications Krein, Sarah Health Services R&D
I01BX002730-01A1 Leukocyte trafficking in thoracic grafts Kreisel, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001098-01A2 External Determinants of Non-Elderly Veterans' Demand of VA Health Care Kressin, Nancy Health Services R&D
RCS 02-066 Research Career Scientist Award Kressin, Nancy Health Services R&D
I01BX000917-05A2 Nudix hydrolases and mitochondrial dynamics in acute neurodegenerative disease Kristian, Tibor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000905-01A1 Comprehensive vs. Assisted Management of Mood and Pain Symptoms (CAMMPS) Trial Kroenke, Kurt Health Services R&D
I01RX000379-05 Effect of Articular Neurotoxin on Joint Pain and Neurochemical Signature Krug, Hollis Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002299-01 Mechanisms of Immunosurveillance for Lung Cancer Krupnick, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001142-01A1 CAP-Ketamine for antidepressant resistant PTSD Krystal, John Harrison Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001163-01A2 Stem Cell Therapy for Glaucoma Kuehn, Markus Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002419-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Kuhn, Donald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000458-05A1 Role of TPH2 and 5HT Neuronal Loss in Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Kuhn, Donald Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001790-01A2 An RCT of a Primary Care-based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach Kuhn, Eric Health Services R&D
IK2RX000943-01A2 Cognitive behavioral therapy to enhance competitive work outcomes Kukla, Marina Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001517-01A1 Improving Veteran Engagement in Diabetes Prevention Kullgren, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01BX003876-01 Therapeutic potential of Palmatine in pancreatic cancer Kumar, Addanki Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001094-01A2 Remote Ambulatory Management of Veterans with Sleep Apnea Kuna, Samuel Health Services R&D
I21RX001764-01A1 Effect of Scaffold-delivery Growth Factors in Rotator Cuff Repair Kuntz, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001497-01A1 Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Injured Spinal Cord Kurpad, Shekar Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002943-01 Pre-clinical evaluation of Clostridium difficile toxin inhibitors Lacy, Dana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001413-01A1 Evaluation of Efficiency and Selectivity of a Novel Computational Model of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Lad, Shivanand Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001325-01A2 Sustainability of Rehabilitation Gains in COPD Laghi, Franco Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002042-01A2 Hypoxia-mediated protective estrogen receptor signaling in pulmonary hypertension Lahm, Timmy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
08F-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Lakshman, Raj Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000995-01A1 Role of a Novel Exercise Program to Prevent Post-thrombotic Syndrome Lal, Brajesh Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001621-01 Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: Cognitive Function and Plaque Correlates - 2 Lal, Brajesh Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX002114-01 Functional Electrical Stimulation-Assisted Exercise and Bone Health after Spinal Cord Injury Lambach, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
13F-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Lamping, Kathryn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000543-05A1 Effect of dietary fat on diet-induced insulin resistance and vascular dysfunction Lamping, Kathryn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 16-195 Risk Stratified Enhancements to Clinical Care: Targeting Care for Patients Identified Through Predictive Modeling as Being at High Risk for Suicide, with the Office of Mental Health Operations Landes, Sara Health Services R&D
IK2RX002305-01A2 PLGA Nanoparticles as a Localized Therapy for Experimental Autoimmune Neuritis? Langert, Kelly Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002277-01 Targeting HSC-derived Circulating Fibroblast Precursors in Pulmonary Fibrosis LaRue, Rutha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000333-04A2 Enhancement of Fracture Repair by Hematopoietic Stem Cells LaRue, Rutha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Lattemann, Dianne Figlewicz Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003782-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Lau, K. H. William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002964-01A2 Regulation of Functional Activity of Osteoclasts Lau, K. H. William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-006 Research Career Scientist Award Lau, K. H. William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-008 Research Career Scientist Award Lau, Yun-Fai Chris Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002644-01A2 Distinct MHCII APC Requirements for T Cell and B Cell Effector Functions Laufer, Terri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001919-05 Development of Human Asparaginase for Cancer Therapy Lavie, Arnon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001919-01 Development of Human Asparaginase for Cancer Therapy Lavie, Arnon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002095-01A1 Gender Differences in OEF/OIF Veterans’ Partnerships and PTSD Symptomology Laws, Holly Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001988-01 Regulation of pulmonary fibrosis by the sonic hedgehog pathway Lawson, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001587-01 Role of Short Chain Fatty Acids and their Receptors in Islet Function Layden, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003382-01A1 A Novel Relationship Between the Gut Microbiota and Pancreatic Beta Cells contributes to Gestational Glucose Homeostasis Layden, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0597 CSP #597 - Diuretic Comparison Project (Point of Care Research) Lederle, Frank Cooperative Studies
N0006 CSP NODES - Minneapolis CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Lederle, Frank Cooperative Studies
I01RX002148-01A2 Forced Convection as a Rehabilitation Strategy for Arresting Low Back Pain Ledet, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
A9245-S Research Career Scientist Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002008-01 Quantitative Prescription of Foot Orthoses: A Dose-Response Study of Kinematics in Patients with Foot and Ankle Pain using Biplane Fluoroscopy Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001070-01 Dynamic Foot Bone Motion: Evaluation of Foot Type and Reconstructive Procedures Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000825-01A1 Testosterone, Inflammation and Metabolic Risk in Older Veterans Lee, Cathy Clinical Science R&D
2012 CSP #2012 - Prediabetes Prospective Observational Study (PreDOS) Lee, Jennifer Cooperative Studies
IK2BX002442-01A2 Human Bone Engineering and Resorption in a Novel Mineralized Collagen Scaffold Lee, Justine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003265-01A1 MIF-mediated Mechanisms in Emphysema Lee, Patty Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001190-01A2 Veterans with Diabetes Mellitus: Improving Physical Activity & Participation Lee, Pearl Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001130-01 Secreted Virulence Proteins and biofilm formation in Candida Lee, Samuel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002135-01A2 Development and Validation of 10-Year Life Expectancy Calculators to Individualize Veterans’ Prevention Decisions Lee, Sei Health Services R&D
F7829-L Senior Research Career Scientist Lee, Thay Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003387-01A1 The Role of Endothelial Dysfunction in Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation Lee, Timmy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002060-01A1 Identifying Networks of Transmission by Examining Routines of Action, Contact, and Thinking (INTERACT) Leecaster, Molly Health Services R&D
N0003 CSP NODES - Hines CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Leehey, David Cooperative Studies
C9232-L Senior Research Career Scientist Leek, Marjorie Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001255-01A2 Hippocampal oscillations, interictal discharges, and memory formation Leeman, Beth Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX000867-01A2 Evaluation of Web-Based CBT for Women Veterans with PTSD Lehavot, Keren Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001215-01A2 Biological and Psychological Correlates of Sexual Dysfunction in PTSD Lehrner, Amy Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002126-01A1 Personalized Life Expectancy to Encourage High Value Prostate Cancer Care Leppert, John Health Services R&D
I01BX001355-05A2 Myocardial Infarction in the Aging Heart: Ischemia-Damaged Mitochondria, Reticulum Stress and the Transition to Heart Failure Lesnefsky, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002151-01A2 Metabolic implications of adipose arterial function: Role of Robo4 and AMPK Lesniewski, Lisa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002366-01 Improving functions in Veterans with Post-Traumatic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain Leung, Albert Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001418-01A2 Prospective RCT of Water exchange (WE) vs. WE plus Cap-Assisted Colonoscopy Leung, Felix Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000402-01A1 Comparative efficacy of water & indigo carmine vs water or air method Leung, Joseph Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001959-01A2 Chemerin, Complement, and Insulin Resistance Leung, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001954-01A2 Nephropathy in Obesity and Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment Levi, Moshe Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002316-01A1 Estrogen Receptor and Cardiovascular Function Levin, Ellis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001320-01A1 An fMRI Study of Deployment-Related TBI in Veterans and Service Members Levin, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001996-05A1 Molecular mimicry in immune mediated neurologic disease Levin, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001996-01A1 Molecular Mimicry in Immune Mediated Neurologic Disease Levin, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-010 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Levin, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000533-05A2 Recognition of Mtb-Infected Cells by Non-Classically Restricted CD8+ T Cells Lewinsohn, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000924-04A1 Diabetic Complications and Risk of Kidney Cancer Lewiz Habib, Samy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001282-01A1 The Role of PPARgamma in Lung Cancer Progression and Metastasis Li, Howard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003385-01 Therapeutic Development in Segmental Demyelination Li, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000737-05 Macrophage-mediated gene delivery of neurotrophic factors for Parkinson's disease Li, Senlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001171-01A2 Effects of Broccoli Sprout Extract on Allergic Rhinitis Li, Zhaoping Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX002243-01A1 Investigation of modifiers of TDP-43 neurotoxicity in ALS models Liachko, Nicole Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001277-01 CAP-Neurobiological Predictors and Mechanisms in Exposure Therapy for PTSD Liberzon, Israel Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000637-01A3 Executive Functioning in TBI from Rehabilitation to Social Reintegration:COMPASS Libin, Alexander Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001670-05A2 Targeting of DEPTOR in Multiple Myeloma Lichtenstein, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002230-01A1 Gut Neuroendocrine Cell Signaling and Obesity Liddle, Rodger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
A9233-L Senior Research Career Scientist Lieber, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
0380 Prospective Evaluation of Risk Factors for Large Colonic Adenomas in Asymptomatic Subjects Lieberman, David Cooperative Studies
I01BX000252-04A1 Role of MLL1 chromatin remodeling factor in neural stem cells Lim, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002712-01A1 Sleep-wake disturbances in traumatic brain injury Lim, Miranda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0553 CSP 553 - Adjuvant Therapy For High Risk Prostate Carcinoma: Docetazel & High Dose Calcitriol (DECAL) Lin, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I01BX002284-01A1 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Age-Related Retinal Degeneration Lin, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002340-01A1 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Neurodegeneration Lin, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002263-01 Decreased PI3K Signaling and Long QT Syndrome in Diabetes Lin, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TMI 95-660 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Lincoln, Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX000505-05A2 MMP-9 Roles in the Aging Myocardial Response to Ischemia Lindsey, Merry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001357-01A1 Patient and provider perceptions of intentional medication discontinuation Linsky, Amy Health Services R&D
I01BX000820-05A2 Cdc-42 and the Exocyst in Ciliogenesis and Polycystic Kidney Disease Lipschutz, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001134-01 CAP-Assessment Core Boston Litz, Brett Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002135-01A2 Psychosocial Rehabilitation after Moral Injury and Loss with Adaptive Disclosure Litz, Brett Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001633-01 Optimizing the Value of Primary Care Delivered by Nurse Practitioners Liu, Chuan-Fen Health Services R&D
13F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Liu, Jialing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003335-01A1 Collateral flow and stroke outcome Liu, Jialing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001419-05A2 Novel Cellular Mechanisms for Reducing Hyperlipidemia Liu, Jingwen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001962-01A1 Function of Verticillin A in Suppression of MDSC and CRC Stem Cells Liu, Kebin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002387-01A1 Phage and Antibiotic Combination Therapy for Use on Polymicrobial Infections Loc Carrillo, Catherine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002061-01A1 Alcohol dependence and HCV: mechanisms of combined CNS injury Loftis, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003477-01A1 Genetic and Epigenetic Biomarkers of PTSD Logue, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001351-01A2 Accelerated Aging among Veterans with PTSD Lohr, James Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX002426-01A2 Energy dependent reversal of endothelial dysfunction in wound healing Lohr, Nicole Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-016 Research Career Scientist Award Lokeshwar, Balakrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001517-01 Role of chemokine Receptor CXCR7 in prostate cancer progression Lokeshwar, Balakrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001944-01 Bilayered Vocal Fold Tissue Engineering Long, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001149-01A2 Using Peer Mentors to Support PACT Team Efforts to Improve Diabetes Control Long, Judith Health Services R&D
I01BX003315-01A2 Epigenetic Control of Melanoma by MAGE Transcription Factors Longley, Bruce Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002281-01 Lipoproteins and Inflammation in the Development of Diabetic Complications Lopes-Virella, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 15-461 The Opioid Consent: Helping Optimize Information for Cancer and Effective (CHOICE) Pain Management Lorenz, Karl Health Services R&D
13F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Lovallo, William Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001252-01A2 Transplantation of Neural Progenitors as Functional Relay for Spinal Cord Injury Lu, Pengzhe (Paul) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003035-01 HuR regulates TDP-43 and FUS: implications for ALS pathogenesis Lu, Liang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2002 Effects of Metformin on Outcomes of Patients with Pre-diabetes and Atherosclerosis Lu, Ying Cooperative Studies
0145 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center - Palo Alto, CA Lu, Ying Cooperative Studies
I01RX001966-01A1 Task-specific upper-extremity robotic training for stroke neurorehabilitation Lum, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001544-01A2 An Effectiveness Trial of the Triage Algorithm for PACT Pharmacy Services Lund, Brian Health Services R&D
I01BX001721-01A2 Thiamine deficiency and alcohol-induced neurodegeneration Luo, Jia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002236-01A2 Targeting GRB7 Signaling in Solid Tumors Luoh, Shiuh-Wen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 14-438 Pain Care Quality and Integrated and Complementary Health Approaches Luther, Stephen Health Services R&D
I01HX000902-01A1 Leveraging EHR Information to Measure Pressure Ulcer Risk in Veterans with SCI Luther, Stephen Health Services R&D
I01BX003188-01A1 Functionally-selective parathyroid hormone analogs as therapeutics in metabolic bone disease Luttrell, Louis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000101-04A2 Distinct regulation of pulmonary inflammation by isoforms of Interleukin-33 Luzina, Irina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001151-01 Regulation of Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junction Barrier Ma, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 10-391 Research Career Scientist Maciejewski, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX001065-01 Risk Stratification and Tailoring of Prevention Programs Maciejewski, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX001078-01A1 Organization & Outcomes of Dialysis for Veterans with End Stage Renal Disease Maciejewski, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01RX001699-01A1 Adaptive ankle robot control system to reduce foot-drop in chronic stroke Macko, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX002137-01A2 The effect of exercise on systemic inflammation in veterans with COPD and OSA. Macrea, Madalina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002010-01A2 Synchronized Intestinal Electrical Stimulation for Obesity Madhoun, Mohammad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002888-01 Extracellular Microvesicles Aid Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Madison, Roger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-009 Research Career Scientist Award Madison, Roger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001539-01A2 Telephone-Facilitated Insomnia Treatment in Primary Care for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Maguen, Shira Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001743-01A1 Effect of Prosthetic Socket Design on Residual Limb Motion using Biplane X-Ray Video Maikos, Jason Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX001968-01A1 Real-Time Monitoring Device for Vascular Signals Majerus, Steve Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002968-01A2 oxLDL immune complex-mediated modulation of atherosclerosis Major, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001322-01A1 Sensory-Motor Mechanisms Underlying Fall Risk in Transtibial Amputees Major, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
13F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Majumdar, Adhip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001927-01 Differentiation and Elimination of Chemo-surviving Colon Tumors Majumdar, Adhip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002034-01A2 BDNF agonist treatment in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis Makar, Tapas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX000851-01A1 Optimizing Imaging Use Among Veterans with Prostate Cancer Makarov, Danil Health Services R&D
CDP 12-254 Optimizing Imaging Use Among Veterans with Prostate Cancer (CDA 11-257) Makarov, Danil Health Services R&D
IK2HX001916-01A2 Improving Outcomes for Older Veterans with Chronic Back Pain and Depression Makris, Una Health Services R&D
I01BX002200-01 SCF-based Ubiquitin E3 Ligases in the Pathobiology of Pneumonia Mallampalli, Rama Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10S-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Mandel, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002256-01A1 Afferent arteriolar function and novel small molecules for renal radiation injury Mandel, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003304-01A2 Caveolins, Striatal Toxicity and Methamphetamine Addiction Mandyam, Chitra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
O8089-L Senior Research Career Scientist Mann, William Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001233-01 Center of Innovation on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (CINDRR) Mann, William Health Services R&D
I01BX003272-01A2 AMP Kinase Activation in Calcineurin Inhibitor Nephrotoxicity Mannon, Roslyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001405-05A2 Androgens, estrogens, and bone loss in males Manolagas, Stavros Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002258-01 The Effects of Grape Seed Extract Against Lung Cancer Mao, Jenny Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001833-01A2 Advanced Materials to Improve Moisture Management for Prosthetic Socket Liners Marasco, Paul Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003888-01 Functional and Mechanistic Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome to Ameliorate Ischemic Damage of Rodent Hearts in situ and Human Myocardium-on-a-Chip March, Keith Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001942-01A1 The Role of Aminopeptidase-A in GBM Thickening in Diabetic Nephropathy Marshall, Caroline Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001965-01 An Intracochlear Approach to Improving the Clinical DP-Gram Martin, Glen Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001287-01A1 A Patient-Focused Approach to Insomnia Treatment for Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I21RX001578-01A1 A Comparison of CBT and CET Interventions for Veterans with Tinnitus Martz, Erin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001646-01A2 Latent Sensitization and Neuropathic Pain Marvizon, Juan Carlos Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000794-01A1 Complementary Neurosteroid Intervention in Gulf War Veterans Illnesses (GWVI) Marx, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002028-01A2 Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating Masheb, Robin Health Services R&D
I01BX001092-01 Technology to improve the assessment of tissue-associated protein biomarkers Mason, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000267-05 Trk Ligands for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury Massa, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001425-01 Phenotypic heterogeneity in small cell lung cancer. Massion, Pierre Clinical Science R&D
I21RX001713-01A1 Gene Transfer to DRG to enhance sensory recovery in spinal cord injury Mata, Marina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000792-05A1 The Tissue Transglutaminase-Fibronectin Interaction in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis Matei, Daniela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15S-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Mateika, Jason Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000125-05A1 Circadian Modulation of Breathing Stability and Respiratory Plasticity Mateika, Jason Clinical Science R&D
TMI 07-355 Medical Informatics Post-Doc Program Matheny, Michael Health Services R&D
I01HX001284-01A1 Automated Surveillance and Intervention among Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Matheny, Michael Health Services R&D
I01CX001205-01A1 Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Late-Life Depression Mathew, Sanjay Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001589-01A1 Evaluation of peer Coach-Led Intervention to improve Pain Symptoms (ECLIPSE) Matthias, Marianne Health Services R&D
I01HX001288-01A1 Patterns and Experiences of VA Maternity Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin Health Services R&D
SDR 17-156 Developing Measures to Evaluate Network Adequacy for VA Community Care Mattocks, Kristin Health Services R&D
I01BX002914-01A1 Inhibition of the Fas/FasL system in experimental acute lung injury Matute-Bello, Gustavo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001321-01A1 Bioactive Injectable Implants for Functional Intervertebral Disc Regeneration Mauck, Rober Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001765-01 Cartilage Repair with Synovial Joint Precursors Mauck, Rober Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002068-01 Apraxia of Speech: A comparison of EPG Treatment & Sound Production Treatment Mauszycki, Shannon Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000749-01 The Use of Electropalatography in the Treatment of Apraxia of Speech Mauszycki, Shannon Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001634-01A1 Comparative Effectiveness of Delivery Methods for Caregiver Support and Education Mavandadi, Shahrzad Health Services R&D
I01CX001610-01 Failure of the glutamate uptake-ascorbic acid exchange drives seizure susceptibility and severity May, James Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001136-01A2 Chronic Postconcussive Headache: A Placebo-Controlled Treatment Trial of Prazosin Mayer, Cynthia Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001369-01A1 Problem-Solving Therapy for Gulf War Illness McAndrew, Lisa Health Services R&D
I01CX001053-01 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Gulf War Illness McAndrew, Lisa Clinical Science R&D
SDR 14-204 WRIISC as a Model of Care for Chronic Multisymptom Illness McAndrew, Lisa Health Services R&D
I01BX003431-01A1 Circadian rhythms and cell survival in lithium responsive bipolar disorder. McCarthy, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002996-01A2 Dietary Fat and Alcoholic Liver Disease McClain, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001140-05 Iron, the circadian clock, and diabetes risk McClain, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001732-01A1 Exercise to improve blood flow and vascular health in the lower limbs of SCI. McDaniel, John Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000703-01 Resilience and Adjustment after VA Inpatient Rehabilitation for Traumatic Injury McDonald, Scott Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000760-04 Surgical Revascularization's Impact on Hibernating Myocardium McFalls, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10S-RCS-005 Senior Research Career Scientist McGinty, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003520-01 Adult Neurogenesis: Regulation by Sleep McGinty, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001327-01A2 Structural & Functional Brain Alterations Related to Adolescent Binge Drinking McGlinchey, Regina Clinical Science R&D
B9254-C RR&D National Center for TBI Research McGlinchey, Regina Rehabilitation R&D
D8094-I Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD: A Randomized Clinical Trial McGovern, Stephanie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000508-05A1 Regulation of fibroblast polarity during pulmonary alveolar septal formation McGowan, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000956-01 Effects of exercise intervention on aging-related motor decline McGregor, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000712-01A2 Goal Setting in Psychiatric Rehabilitation McGuire, Alan Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002093-01A2 Evaluation of Recovery-oriented Acute INpatient Mental Healthcare (RAIN-MH) McGuire, Alan Health Services R&D
I01HX001767-01A2 Quality of Care for Hepatitis C in Veterans Who Are Homeless McInnes, Donald Health Services R&D
I01RX002170-01 CENC-VA TBI Brain Tissue Repository McKee, Ann Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000991-01 Tau Biomarkers following Blast mTBI in OEF/OIF Veterans McKee, Ann Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001497-01A1 Electrophysiological robustness in developing and adult heart. McKinnon, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003478-01A1 SNO transport regulates endothelial adhesion of RBCs McMahon, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003486-01A1 Pathogenic role of thrombospondin-1 in acute and chronic liver failure McMillin, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002130-01A1 Improving cortical function & cognition in schizophrenia by modulation of mGluR5 McNally, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001145-01A1 Aphasic comprehension: conflict resolution and short-term memory McNeil, Malcolm Rehabilitation R&D
0574 CSP #574 - Extend Steroid in CAP (ESCAPe): Phase III Clinical Trial of Evaluate the Safety & Efficacy of Low-Dose Methylprednisolone Infusion in Subjects with Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia Meduri, G. Umberto Cooperative Studies
I01BX003692-01 The Role of EZH2 in Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Meeks, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003259-01A1 Cell-free DNA is a driver of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis via TLR9 activation Mehal, Wajahat Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000643-01A2 Alcohol abuse, oxidative stress, and zinc deficiency in lung disease Mehta, Ashish Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000282-05 LOX-1, Angiogenesis and Atherosclerosis: Search for New Therapies. Mehta, Jawahar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001020-01A2 Mechanisms of Erbin regulation of remyelination Mei, Lin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002086-01A2 Improving Veteran Adherence to Treatment for PTSD through Partnering with Families Meis, Laura Health Services R&D
I01CX001526-01A2 Contribution of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Pericardial Fluid to Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery Melby, Spencer Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001128-01A2 Neural Networks in Cognitive Aging Melrose, Rebecca Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001724-04 Functional characters of non-coding RNAs in alcoholic liver injury Meng, Fanyin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002327-01A2 Regulatroy Role of HDAC in Post-MI Ventricular Remodeling Menick, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002526-01 Role of PepT1 in Intestinal Inflammation Merlin, Didier Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-008 Research Career Scientist Award Merlin, Didier Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000552-09A1 Modifying the Internal Globus Pallidus (GPi) in Parkinson's Disease: Role of Glutamate in Restoration Meshul, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000552-05A1 Role of the subthalamic nucleus and TrkB following dopamine loss Meshul, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001643-01A1 Progressive dopamine loss:effect of exercise on striatal and nigral glutamate Meshul, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000611-05A2 Trauma and Hemorrhage-Induced Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance Messina, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001937-01A2 Antiviral Immunosuppression by Cigarette Smoke Metcalf, Jordan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000304-04A1 Predicting Classes of Functional Trajectories: Malleable Risk Factors Meyer, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002244-01A1 Brief Psychotherapy for Depression in Primary Care: Identifying Successful Clinical Practices Mignogna, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01BX003767-01A1 Discovering novel mechanisms for aging-related dementia: probing medin and abeta vasculopathy Migrino, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000896-01A1 Environmental Factors and Autoantibody Expression in Rheumatoid Arthritis Mikuls, Ted Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003665-01A1 Role of Thyroid Hormone Signaling in Sarcopenia Milanesi, Anna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001337-01 CAP - Using Emotion Regulation to Decrease Aggression in Veterans with PTSD Miles, Shannon Clinical Science R&D
I21HX001947-01A1 Spatiotemporal Analysis to Evaluate Opioid Safety Initiative Spread Miller, Donald Health Services R&D
I01BX001729-05A1 Regulation of the Nox1 NADPH Oxidase in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Miller, Francis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002292-01A2 Structural and Biochemical Studies of the Insulin and IGF Receptors Miller, W. Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001241-01A2 Improving Veteran Transitions from VA Community Living Centers to the Community Mills, Whitney Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001611-01A2 Assessing Hypertension Care for Aged Veterans: Balancing Risks and Benefits Min, Lillian Health Services R&D
I01BX003732-01 Molecular Mechanisms and Translational studies in Colon Cancer Mishra, Lopa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000149-05 Mechanosensory Motor Neurons of Lower Esophageal Sphincter Mittal, Ravinder Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001923-01A1 Sleep-EEG Predictors of Functional Outcome after TBI Modarres, Mo Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001471-05A2 The mechanism of uremia induced vascular calcification Moe, Sharon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2005 CSP #2005 - Veterans Affairs Lung Cancer Surgery Or Stereotactic Radiotherapy (VALOR) Moghanaki, Drew Cooperative Studies
15F-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Mohan, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000357-04A1 Targeted Gene Therapy and Nanomedicine Approaches to Treat Corneal Diseases Mohan, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002717-01A1 Impact of Mild TBI on Bone Formation Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001396-05 Prolyl Hydroxylases, Epigenetics and Osteoarthritis Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002324-01A1 Race/ethnic differences in guideline recommended hypertension medications in VHA Mohanty, April Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003685-01A1 Nanomicellar antiviral strategies for RSV infection Mohapatra, Shyam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003778-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Mohapatra, Shyam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-005 Research Career Scientist Award Mohapatra, Shyam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002668-01A2 Combined Nano and Cell therapy for the Treatment of TBI Mohapatra, Subhra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002470-01 Gulf War Exposures and the Molecular Mechanisms of Paternal Reproductive Risk Moley, Kelle Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001137-05A2 Reducing Nephrotoxicity while enabling read through of missense stop codons by Gentamicin congeners Molitoris, Bruce Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001513-01 Low Dose Naltrexone for Chronic Pain in Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Arthritis Monach, Paul Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX001553-01 Mechanisms for cell specific modulation of proliferation and migration Monahan, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001467-01A2 Identifying and Measuring Risk for Homelessness among Veterans Montgomery, Ann Health Services R&D
I01CX000295-05A2 Optimizing Hepatitis C Therapies and Predicting Liver Disease Outcomes Monto, Alexander Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002128-01A2 GABAergic mechanisms of adolescent and emerging adult vulnerability to alcohol Moore, Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001271-05 Mechanisms underlying neuropeptide release in the extended amygdala Moore, Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002067-01A2 The Effect of Reduction and Standardization of Reimbursements in the VA Fee-Basis Program: Impact on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes Mor, Vincent Health Services R&D
I01HX000978-01 Implementing and Evaluating INTERACT in VA CLCs Mor, Vincent Health Services R&D
IK2CX001043-01A2 HDL function and mortality in end stage renal disease Moradi, Hamid Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001583-01A2 A Patient-Centered Intervention to Improve Opioid Safety Morasco, Benjamin Health Services R&D
I01CX000748-01A1 Brain Systems for Fear Generalization and Threat Processing in PTSD Morey, Rajendra Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001128-01 Comparative safety and effectiveness of isolation in VHA community living centers Morgan, Daniel Health Services R&D
N0005 CSP NODES - VA Long Beach HCS CSP NODES Initiative Morgan, Timothy Cooperative Studies
I01BX003512-01A1 Treating PTSD and depression: Mechanisms of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in rats Morilak, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000972-05 Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria for Cancer Immunotherapy by Gamma Delta T Cells Morita, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002093-01 An Integrative Technology Approach to Home-based Conjoint Therapy for PTSD Morland, Leslie Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002012-01A1 Effect of Exercise on Recovery in Drug-Induced Parkinsonism and Parkinson Disease Morley, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001984-01 Association of a common variant of the PPAP2B gene with cardiovascular disease. Morris, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001550-05 Lysophosphatidic acid and cardiovascular disease risk Morris, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001108-01A2 Improving Surgical Quality: Risks and Impact of Readmission Morris, Melanie Health Services R&D
IK2BX002527-01 Calcific Atherosclerosis is Mediated by Macrophage Adhesion Signaling Morrison, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0002 CSP NODES - VA North Texas Health Care System NODES Initiative Mortensen, Eric Cooperative Studies
I01BX002424-01A1 Anti-arthritic activity and therapeutic use of novel joint-homing peptides Moudgil, Kamal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000600-05 Btk breaks the tolerance of marginal zone macrophages to apoptotic antigens Mountz, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001150-01A2 The Effect of Physical Activity Promotion on Short and Long-term Outcomes in COPD Moy, Marilyn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002197-01 Physical Activity, Telomere Length, and Acute Exacerbations in COPD Moy, Marilyn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002298-01A1 Pathobiology of Complement C3 effects in ADPKD Mrug, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003458-01A1 Defining the role of the androgen receptor low molecular weight isoforms in bladder cancer Mudryj, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001893-01A2 Improving Glaucoma Medication Adherence Muir, Kelly Health Services R&D
I01RX002300-01 Multi-level assessment and rehabilitation of combat mild traumatic brain injury Mukherjee, Pratik Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001707-01A1 Exercise Capacity Recovery After Myocardial Infarction: Response to Novel Therapy Mukherjee, Rupak Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001520-01A1 Development of an Adverse Event Surveillance System for Outpatient Surgery Mull, Hillary Health Services R&D
I01BX002922-01A2 Targeting MNK Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer Munshi, Hidayatullah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002339-01A1 Peer Support for Exercise in Older Veterans with Psychotic Disorders Muralidharan, Anjana Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001564-01A1 Biased Survey-Based Recruiting in Longitudinal Studies: Extent and Remedies Murdoch-Nelson, Maureen Health Services R&D
I01RX001540-01A1 The Precision and Accuracy of the Video Head Impulse Test Murnane, Owen Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000926-01 Biological & Environmental Mediators of Vitamin D and Aggressive Prostate Cancer Murphy, Adam Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001407-01A1 Mesenchymal stem cells induce regulatory T cells in patients with aortic aneurysm Murphy, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001990-01A2 How Do Wrist Surgical Salvage Procedures Limit Hand Strength? Murray, Wendy Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000771-01A1 Acquisition and Expression of Avoidance: Computational Modeling and Human Studies Myers, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000915-01A2 Exercise to Prevent Muscle Mass and Functional Loss in Elderly Dialysis Patients Myers, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002477-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Myers, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000524-01A1 Transcranial, Light-Emiting Diode (LED) Therapy to Improve Cognition in GWVI Naeser, Margaret Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002994-01A2 Immune Modulation and Cardiac Remodeling Nakamura, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002764-01A1 Mechanisms associated with systemic effects of cancer Nakshatri, Harikrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001276-01A1 REcovery after in hoSpital Cardiac arrest: late outcomes and Utilization_ResCU Nallamothu, Brahmajee Health Services R&D
I01CX001112-01 Biomarker guided therapies in Stage A/B Heart Failure Nambi, Vijay Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001580-01A1 Preventing Amputations by Tailored Risk-based Intervention to Optimize Therapy Natarajan, Sundar Health Services R&D
I01RX001858-01 STEP UP to Avert Amputation in Diabetes Natarajan, Sundar Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000513-05 Human neutrophils and Staphylcoccus aureus: microbial targets and responses Nauseef, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000908-01A1 Neurosteroids as Novel Therapeutic Agents for Chronic Pain in OEF/OIF Veterans Naylor, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001588-01A2 Vet-COACH (Veteran peer Coaches Optimizing and Advancing Cardiac Health) Nelson, Karin Health Services R&D
IK2HX000860-01A2 Using Economics and Epidemiology to Evaluate MRSA Decolonization in the VA Nelson, Richard Health Services R&D
CDP 13-003 Using Economics and Epidemiology to Evaluate MRSA Decolonization in the VA (CDA 11-210) Nelson, Richard Health Services R&D
I01BX003279-01A2 Dopamine D2 Receptor Splice Variants and Autoreceptor Function Neve, Kim Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001608-01A1 Neuroimaging Meditation Therapy in Veterans with Co-morbid Mild TBI and PTSD Newsome, Mary Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001939-01A2 Improving Mind/Body Health and Functioning with Integrative Exercise Neylan, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002205-01 Integrating Caregiver Support into MS Care Nichols, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX002520-01 Programmable DNA-binders as radio-modulators and therapeutics for prostate cancer Nickols, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000139-04 Blood Biomarkers for Psychosis: Specificity vs Overlap with Mood Disorders Niculescu, Alexander Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001422-01 Novel Interventions for Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Niles, Barbara Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001671-01A2 Targeting MDM2 with Intracellular Antibodies Nishimura, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003212-01A2 Inhibitory G protein (Gi) signaling in bone disease and repair Nissenson, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001009-01A2 Dietary carbohydrate effects on GERD in obese Veterans:nutritional or hormonal? Niswender, Kevin Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000157-06A1 Neurophysiological and MRI Studies of Schizophrenia Niznikiewicz, Margaret Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX000744-01A1 Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Training in Older Adults Nocera, Joe Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000416-05A2 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Role of Astrocytes Norenberg, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001459-01A2 Astrocyte swelling/Brain Edema in Acute Liver Failure: Role of Endothelial Cells Norenberg, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000756-01 Integrated Alcohol Disorder and PTSD Treatment Norman, Sonya Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001068-01A1 Neurobiological Correlates of Fear in Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Norrholm, Seth Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002370-01 The Role of CtBP1 in UV-mediated Melanoma Carcinogenesis Norris, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000141-05A2 Melanoma Resistance to Apoptosis: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential Norris, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001111-01A1 Rehabilitation of Executive Functioning in Veterans with PTSD and Mild TBI Novakovic-Agopian, Tatjana Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001048-01A2 Role of DNA Repair in COPD Nyunoya, Toru Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001248-01A2 Targeting Pathogenic Endothelial Dysfunction in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Oates, James Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000156-05 Bioactive Sphingolipid enzymes as targets in inflammation Obeid, Lina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000294-05A1 RANKL and lymphocyte-mediated bone loss O'Brien, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002095-01A1 Novel Functions for Ras Family GTPases O'Bryan, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002095-04 Novel Functions for Ras family GTPases O'Bryan, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003195-01A1 Role of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor in Regulating Neuroinflammantion and Mental Health O'Connor, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0602 CSP Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) Oddone, Eugene Cooperative Studies
500A National Registry of Veterans with ALS Oddone, Eugene Cooperative Studies
TPP 97-003 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Durham COIN Oddone, Eugene Health Services R&D
500B CSP 500B Genetic Epidemiology of ALS Veterans Oddone, Eugene Cooperative Studies
I01HX001079-01 Will Veterans Engage in Prevention after HRA-guided Shared Decision Making? Oddone, Eugene Health Services R&D
0594 Comparative Effectiveness in Gout O'Dell, James Cooperative Studies
SDR 16-192 Mobile Teledermatology's Effect on Usability, Access and Patient Outcomes Oh, Dennis Health Services R&D
I01BX003224-01A2 Role of Vitamin D in cutaneous DNA repair Oh, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000961-01A1 Advance care planning in Veterans with kidney disease O'Hare, Ann Health Services R&D
I01HX001884-01 Effectiveness of Telehealth Collaborative Care for Veterans with HIV in Rural and Outlying Settings Ohl, Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX000477-05A2 Pathogenic Mechanism for Lung Infection in Mucoid Pseudomonas Ohman, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000982-01A2 Design and Evaluation of User Centered Electronic Health Records Ohno-Machado, Lucila Health Services R&D
I01BX000656-05A1 Modulation of Immune Defenses in Pathobiology of Chronic Infections Olszewski, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003615-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Olszewski, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SIP 17-152 Strengthening Excellence in Research through Veteran Engagement (SERVE) Ono, Sarah Health Services R&D
IK2RX001512-01A2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Veterans with History of TBI Orff, Henry Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001269-01A1 Functional impact of HDL transport of microRNA in rheumatoid arthritis Ormseth, Michelle Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX003804-01 Alzheimer's disease-associated tau toxicity induces cellular senescence in the brain. Orr, Miranda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002198-01A2 Mechanism of Quinolone Resistance Osheroff, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001132-01A2 Reducing the Burden of Depression on Employment: Improving function and work Oslin, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001507-01 Topiramate Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder in African Americans Oslin, David Clinical Science R&D
SDR 16-348 Precision Medicine in Mental Health Oslin, David Health Services R&D
I01BX001673-01A1 Ethanol-Induced Hypomethylation Accelerates Hepatitis C Progression Osna, Natalia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002853-01A1 Paternal Toxicant Exposure Impacts Testicular-Placental Crosstalk Osteen, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002120-01A1 Recruited Lung Dendritic Cells and the Orchestration of Local Immune Responses Osterholzer, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002327-01A1 Testosterone Plus Finasteride Therapy to Improve Walking Function After SCI Otzel, Dana Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001807-01A1 Maximizing Spike - Timing Dependent Plasticity after Spinal Cord Injury Oudega, Martin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000667-01A3 Effect of Exercise Training on Inflammation and Function in HIV Infected Veterans Oursler, Kris Ann Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001121-01 Adapting and Implementing the Blended Collaborative Care Model in CBOCs Owen, Richard Health Services R&D
I50HX001239-01 Center for Mental Healthcare and Outcomes Research (CeMHOR) Owen, Richard Health Services R&D
TPP 10-008 Training Program for Fellows (post PhDs) at Little Rock COIN Owen, Richard Health Services R&D
IK2BX002929-01A2 Targeting the BMP pathway in metastatic cancer Owens, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002488-01A1 Pharmacogenetic manipulation of brain regions to reduce alcohol binge drinking Ozburn, Angela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001356-01A1 Neural Circuitry Underlying Alcohol Use Disorders in Men and Women Veterans Padula, Claudia Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX000516-01 Neuroimaging and cognitive correlates of repetitive blast-related mTBI Pagulayan, Kathleen Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002174-01 Aspirin, PPAR and EAE Pahan, Kalipada Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003033-01 Cinnamon and its metabolite sodium benzoate in Parkinsonism Pahan, Kalipada Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001777-01A2 Molecular regulation of GM-CSF expression in alveolar epithelial cells Paine, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001784-01A1 Development of targeting nanotherapeutics against bladder cancer Pan, Chon-Xian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002912-01A2 Kidney Protection by AMPK Pan, Jenny Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000197-05 Role of Cholesterol in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Pandak, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Pandey, Subhash Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000132-05A2 Hippocampus, synaptic plasticity and anxiety vulnerability Pang, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX001820-01A1 Effects of Blast Exposure on Sensory Gating and Speech Perception in Noise Papesh, Melissa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002872-01A1 Targeting Burkholderial beta-lactamases: Structure, function, and regulation PAPP, KRISZTINA Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C9257-S Research Career Scientist Pardue, Machelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000951-01A1 Detecting Early Stage Diabetic Retinopathy Pardue, Machelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000890-01A1 Adult Neurogenesis and Stroke Recovery Parent, Jack Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002408-01A1 Hormonal regulation of phospholipases and lipid metabolism Park, Edwards Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001065-01A2 Mechanisms of Sympathetic Overactivity in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Park, Jeanie Clinical Science R&D
IK3HX002055-01A1 Mobile Health Strategies for Veterans with Coronary Heart Disease Park, Linda Health Services R&D
I01BX002026-01A1 Cell Surface Plasminogen Activation and Hypertension Parmer, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 10-185 Research Career Scientist Partin, Melissa Health Services R&D
I01BX003005-01A2 Novel Prophylactic and Therapeutic Interventions for Stress-Induced Depression Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-007 Research Career Scientist Award Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003785-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX003516-01A1 Brain Bioavailable Nurr1 Transactivator for Treatment of Synucleinopathies Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002205-01 Transcriptional regulation of tumor growth Passaniti, Antonino Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000837-05 Inhibition of IGF-1R: A Therapeutic Strategy for Colon Cancer Stem-like Cells Patel, Bhaumik Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001963-05 AKIP1 regulation of PKA and NF-KB in the heart Patel, Hemal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001963-01A1 Novel Therapeutics for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Patel, Hemal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13F-RCS-009 Research Career Scientist Award Patel, Jawaharlal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001922-01A2 Evaluating Connected Health Approaches to Improving the Health of Veterans Patel, Mitesh Health Services R&D
I01BX001424-01 Apoptosis pathways underlying adipogenesis Patel, Niketa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003836-01 Adipose stem cells niche in obesity Patel, Niketa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N9274-S Research Career Scientist Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001759-01A1 Neural Mechanisms Mediating Interlimb Transfer Following Stroke Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001677-01A1 Corticospinal Efficacy as a Prognostic Indicator for Walking Recovery Post-stroke Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001269-01A2 Impact of Global and Regional Sagittal Malalignment on Cervical Spine Mechanics Patwardhan, Avinash Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX001747-01A1 Reducing Colorectal Cancer Death Through Mailed Outreach Screening Paulson, Emily Carter Health Services R&D
14F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Peachey, Neal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002340-01 Metabolism of Lactate in the Outer Retina Peachey, Neal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001050-01A2 Enhancing the Reparative Efficacy of Schwann Cells following Chronic SCI Pearse, Damien Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000624-05 PGI2 inhibition of pulmonary innate allergic immune responses Peebles, Ray Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001510-01 Neural Links of Approach Bias Modification in Heavy Drinking Veterans Pennington, David Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001242-01 Center for Comprehensive Access & Delivery Research and Evaluation (CADRE) Perencevich, Eli Health Services R&D
I01HX001091-01 Checklist to Prevent MRSA Surgical Site Infections Perencevich, Eli Health Services R&D
I01RX000815-01A1 Enhancement of hand motor function after cervical spinal cord injury Perez, Monica Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001106-01A2 Multifamily Group to Reduce Marital Conflict and Disability in Veterans with mTBI Perlick, Deborah Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002432-01 SAFER: A brief intervention involving family members in suicide safety planning Perlick, Deborah Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001920-01A1 Cognitive Rehabilitation and Brain Activity of Attention-Control in TBI Perlstein, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001612-01A1 Mild TBI and Biomarkers of Neurodegeneration Peskind, Elaine Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001049-01 Multimodal Biological Assessment of Gulf War Illness Peskind, Elaine Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001195-01 Simvastatin: Proof-of-Concept for Prevention of Neurodegeneration in Mild TBI Peskind, Elaine Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001951-01A1 Balance Control Mechanisms, Age-Related Changes, and Methods for Improvement of Balance During Gait Peterka, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
TPR 06-101 Post Residency Training Program Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
TPP 97-004 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Houston COIN Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
I01HX000967-01 Identifying and Delivering Point-of-care Information to Improve Care Coordination Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
I50HX001236-01 Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety (IQuESt) Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
I01HX002034-01A2 Improving the Measurement of VA Facility Performance to Foster a Learning Healthcare System Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
SPLE-002-16S CAP - Maximizing Outcomes with Intensive Treatments for Combat-Related PTSD Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
SPLE-001-16S Image-guided, Robotically Delivered Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (irTMS) for Combat-Related PTSD: a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001139-01 CAP - Consortium to Alleviate PTSD - STVHCS Coordinating Center Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001140-01 CAP - Consortium to Alleviate PTSD - STVHCS Data and Statistics Core Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
SPLE-TAYLOR CAP - Treatment of Comorbid Sleep Disorders and PTSD Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
SPLE-FREDMAN CAP - Multi-Couple Group Intervention for PTSD Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
SPLE-MCDEVITT-M CAP - A Behavioral Economic Analysis of PTSD Using Ecological Momentary Assessment Peterson, Alan Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003367-01 Novel Diagnostic Tests for Renal Cell Carcinoma Petros, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001755-01A1 Incorporating Treatment Outcomes into Quality Measurement of Depression Care Pfeiffer, Paul Health Services R&D
I01HX000916-01A1 Veteran College Students Mental Health and Academic Achievement Pfeiffer, Paul Health Services R&D
I01BX002714-01 Immune-mediated pathways in pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysm Pham, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000913-01A1 Brain and Mental Health RECOVERY Phan, K. Luan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001577-01A1 Pregnancy Outcomes of Veterans (PROVE) Phibbs, Ciaran Health Services R&D
IK2CX000724-01A2 PTSD and the Default Network: Developing Imaging Phenotypes Philip, Noah Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002032-01A1 Pilot Testing of Theta-Burst Neuromodulation for Chronic PTSD Philip, Noah Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001902-01A1 DESIPHER_Speech Degradation as an Indicator of Physiological Degeneration in ALS Phillips, Samuel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001926-01 Respiration in Sepsis Piantadosi, Claude Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002444-01A2 Neuroprotective Small Molecules as Novel Treatments for ALS Pieper, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001460-01A1 Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools Piette, John Health Services R&D
RCS 03-155 Research Career Scientist Award Piette, John Health Services R&D
I01CX000916-01 Signaling Pathways and Therapeutic Targeting of Leukemic Cells Platanias, Leonidas Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001832-01A2 Improving Psychosocial Functioning in Older Veterans with PTSD Pless Kaiser, Anica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002343-01 RNA Editing Alterations in Spinal Cord Injury Plevan (Dracheva), Stella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001829-01A1 Genetic and Molecular Determinants of Suicide Plevan (Dracheva), Stella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003324-01 Approach to the Aberrant Androgen Receptor Signaling in Lethal Prostate Cancer Plymate, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001922-01A1 Defining the role of the EGFR in MHC expression and anti-tumor immune responses. Pollack, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX001934-01 Modification & Validation of a Measure of Chronic Stress for People with Aphasia Pompon, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001465-01A1 Story-Call: E-Mobile Support for Community Dementia Caregivers Pope, Charlene Health Services R&D
I01BX002719-01A2 Combating persistent viral infections using cell specific therapies Popkin, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000444-05A1 Role of PPARa on renal fibrosis Portilla, Didier Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001400-01A2 The Vitamin D-Gelsolin-S1P Axis in Rheumatoid Arthritis Postlethwaite, Arnold Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001310-01A1 Toxoplasma gondi, the kynurenine pathway, and suicidal behavior in veterans Postolache, Teodor Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002403-01A1 Toward 3D printed microfluidic artificial lungs for veteran rehabilitation Potkay, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000390-04A2 Toward portable microchannel artificial lungs for veteran rehabilitation Potkay, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001372-01A1 TARGETING G(alpha)q AND SRC-3 SIGNALING AS A NOVEL THERAPEUTIC APPROACH IN MELANO Poulaki, Vasiliki Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001089-01 Action Ethnography of Community Reintegration for Veterans with TBI Powell-Cope, Gail Health Services R&D
TPP 02-150 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Gainesville COIN Powell-Cope, Gail Health Services R&D
I01BX000666-05A2 Glucose and Lipid Effects on Human Islets Powers, Alvin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-018 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Pozzi, Ambra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002025-01 Role of Collagen Binding Receptors in Glomerulosclerosis Pozzi, Ambra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002285-01A1 Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Prabhakar, Bellur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002706-01A1 Role of Regulatory T-Lymphocytes in Chronic Heart Failure Prabhu, Sumanth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001095-01A2 Evaluation of the Oral and Lung Microbiota and Inflammation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Frequent Exacerbators Pragman, Alexa Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001026-01 Targeted Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea to Reduce Cardiovascular Disparity Prasad, Bharati Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001372-01A2 HIF-Mediated Detrimental Consequences of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Prchal, Josef Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001861-01A1 Cost-Effectiveness of Dabigatran and Warfarin for Veterans with Afib Prentice, Julia Health Services R&D
IK2BX003845-01 A Novel Small Molecule Inhibitor of Sclerostin to Improve Surgical Spine Fusions In Vivo Presciutti, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001456-05 Mechanisms of obesity-linked muscle atrophy and n-3 fatty acids Price, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001456-01A2 Dysfunctional PGC-1alpha expression in skeletal muscle during diabetes Price, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001275-01 Veterans Coping Long Term with Suicide Primack, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I01CX000730-01A2 Exercise training, CACs, and vascular function in older veterans with IGT Prior, Steven Clinical Science R&D
I21RX001927-01A1 Post-revascularization rehabilitation to improve function in Veterans with PAD Prior, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000340-05A1 Stroke and Coated-Platelets - A Translational Research Initiative Prodan, Calin Clinical Science R&D
0585 CSP #585 - Gulf War Era Cohort and Biorepository (Pilot) Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
2006 CSP #2006 - Genomics of Gulf War Illness in Veterans Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
380B Prospective Evaluation of Risk Factors for Large Colonic Adenomas in Asymptomatic Subjects Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
I01BX001837-01A2 Mechanism of CREB dysregulation in Alzheimer brain Pugazhenthi, Subbiah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001343-01 Sensemaking in VHA Health Care Systems: A Focus on Readmissions Pugh, Jacqueline Health Services R&D
I21RX002060-01 Validating Cases of Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in OEF/OIF Veterans Pugh, Mary Jo Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001638-01A1 Novel mechanisms for Alzheimer's disease prevention and/or treatment Puglielli, Luigi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001767-01A1 Can rTMS enhance somatosensory recovery after stroke? Pundik, Svetlana Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002313-01A1 Mental Health Clinician Community Clergy Collaboration Intervention Pilot Study Pyne, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01HX001114-01 Development and Validation of a Perceived Access Measure Pyne, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01RX001313-01A1 Sclerostin Antagonism and the Osteocytes Role Prevention of Bone Loss after SCI Qin, Weiping Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002171-01A1 Role and Regualtion of miRNA223 in EAE Qin, Xuezhong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002113-01A1 Targeting tau pathology with copper-modulating strategies in Alzheimers disease Quinn, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002307-01A1 Sensitization of lung cancer to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors Rabinowich, Hannah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002409-01A2 Phosphorylation-dependent Feed-forward Regulation of SREBP-1c Raghow, Rajendra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0008 CSP NODES - Portland CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Raitt, Merritt Cooperative Studies
I01RX001694-01A2 Aging & Urethral Sphincter Dysfunction: Role of Wnt-B Catenin Signaling Pathways Rajasekaran, Mahadevan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003308-01A1 Enhancing Neural Circuit Plasticity to Promote Recovery After TBI Ramanathan, Dhakshin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001560-01A1 Influence of T Cell Clonality on PD-1 Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Ramnath, Nithya Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001382-01 Mitochondrial ROS in environmental toxin-induced AD pathogenesis Ran, Qitao Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002355-01 Role of Sprouty 2 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Rana, Ajay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002703-01 Targeting Mixed Lineage Kinase3-Hedgehog Axis in Pancreatic Cancer Rana, Ajay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003296-01 Elucidation of MLK3 Signaling in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Rana, Basabi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002234-01 The Effect of Exercise on the Efficacy of Neural Innervation in the Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss Rando, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002324-01 Regulation of Muscle Fibrosis in Response to Injury and Aging Rando, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
B4843-F Innovative Rehabilitative Strategies for Muscle Dysfunction Rando, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001222-01A1 Muscle Stem Cell Therapy for Volumetric Muscle Loss Rando, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002745-01A1 Regulation of extrasynaptic GABA-A receptors in health and disease Ransom, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003198-01 Targeting mPGES-1/5-LOX for Prevention of CRC in High-Risk Veterans Rao, Chinthalapally Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003014-01A2 Impact of Stress on Alcoholic Gut Injury Rao, Radhakrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000537-01A2 Investigations of the optimum serum bicarbonate level in renal disease Raphael, Kalani Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001149-05A2 Lipid raft localization of Gsa as a biomarker for depression and therapeutic response Rasenick, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002180-01 Prazosin and CSF Biomarkers in mTBI Raskind, Murray Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001725-05 A Novel Mechanism Regulating Virulence in Acinetobacter baumannii Rather, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Rather, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002129-01A2 M3R, MMP1 and Colon Cancer Dissemination Raufman, Jean-Pierre Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000131-05A1 FoxM1 in tumor cell Raychaudhuri, Pradip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002664-01A1 Immune basis for hippocampal cholinerginc deficits in pyridostigmine-treated rats Reagan, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001804-01A1 Decreased CNS leptin activity in co-morbid depression and obesity Reagan, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003271-01A2 Hepatic eNOS and Mitochondrial Function in NASH Rector, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0002 Plaque Regression and Progenitor Cell Mobilization with Intensive Lipid Elimination (PREMIER) Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
0008 CCTA 0008 Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
0092 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center, Hines, IL Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
0458 National Health Survey of Persian Gulf Veterans and Their Families Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
465F CSP 465 F/S - VA Diabetes Trial Long Term Follow-up Study Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
IK2RX001851-01 Motivational Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Intervention and Biomarkers Reddy, Lena Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001102-01A2 Role of PPAR-gamma in Smoking-induced COPD Progression and Steroid Resistance Reddy, Raju Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002401-01A2 Mechanisms of TNF-alpha Mediated Resolution of Pulmonary Fibrosis Redente, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001153-01A1 Temporal Pattern Discovery Across and Within Documents of Veterans in PTSD Care Reeves, Ruth Health Services R&D
I21BX003357-01A1 Synpatic Autophagy in Alzheimer Disease Reimer, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000801-01A2 CAM in Veterans with Gulf War Illnesses Reinhard, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
IK3HX002054-01 Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients Newly Diagnosed with Lung Cancer: Phase II Reinke, Lynn Health Services R&D
I01HX001096-01 Building an Optimal Hand Hygiene Bundle: A Mixed Methods Approach Reisinger, Heather Health Services R&D
I01BX001874-01 Novel Regulatory Pathway in Prevention of Atherosclerosis Ren, Shunlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12S-RCS-007 Research Career Scientist Award Ren, Shunlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001818-01A2 Erythromycin-doped nanofiber coating to increase implant longevity Ren, Weiping Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000812-01A1 Brain Chemistry and Altitude in Bipolar Disorder Renshaw, Perry Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002908-01A1 Improving Therapeutic Options for Hypoxia-related Depression with an Animal Model Renshaw, Perry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000771-05 Home Study of an Advanced Upper Limb Prosthesis Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002707-01 Needs, Preferences and Functional Abilities of Veterans and Service Members with Upper Limb Amputation Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
A9264-S Research Career Scientist Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002778-01A1 HIF-alpha-independent Druggable Targets in Renal Cell Carcinoma Rettig, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001532-01A1 Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Exercise Intolerance in Diabetes and the Role of Sex Reusch, Jane Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002046-01A2 Pharmacological Restoration of Diabetic Vascular Dysfunction Reusch, Jane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000871-01A2 A Study of Sexual Dimorphism in PTSD-Related Sleep Disturbance: A Focus on REM Richards, Anne Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002106-01A2 Genetic basis of methamphetamine intake Richards, Tamara Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Richards, Tamara Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Richardson, Arlan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
E9275-L Senior Research Career Scientist Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001697-01A1 Passive limb movement: A tool to assess vascular health and guide rehabilitation Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002323-01A1 Vascular Endothelial Function: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Alzheimer's Disease Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003471-01 Therapeutic Targeting of PTPN13 in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Riches, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002239-01A1 Can Electronic Data and Natural Language Processing Accurately Reproduce a Surgical Quality Measure? Richman, Joshua Health Services R&D
I01BX002301-01 Modeling New Therapeutic Approaches for Malignant Melanoma Richmond, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Richmond, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003724-01A1 Endocrine Actions of Sclerostin Riddle, Ryan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002109-01A2 Self-management of blood pressure medication for hypertensive veterans Rifkin, Dena Health Services R&D
I01BX002558-01 Role of COMTval158met in PTSD risk and treatment response Risbrough, Victoria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Riscoe, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003312-01 Design and Optimization of Novel Antimalarial Drugs Riscoe, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002505-01A2 Glial mechanisms of ethanol-induced damage: plasticity and pathology Risher, Mary-Louise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001164-05 CARP-1: A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Breast Cancer Rishi, Arun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003040-01A2 Validation Studies of CRF Receptor 1 as a Target for AD Rissman, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000934-01A1 The Role of Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Robinson, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002345-01A1 Investigating the Role of Fc Receptors in the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis Robinson, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001478-05A2 Harnessing the anabolic potential of Wnt signaling to improve bone health Robling, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003783-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Robling, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002238-01A1 Acute Exercise Effects on Word Learning in Aging and Stroke-induced Aphasia Rodriguez, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003015-01A2 Lipid Rafts: Mechanosensors of the distal nephron Rohatgi, Rajeev Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003050-01A2 RPE Cell Bystander Effects Contribute to AMD Pathology Rohrer, Baerbel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000444-05A1 Complement Factor H-based Therapeutic Strategies in Macular Degeneration Rohrer, Baerbel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000216-05A1 Nicotine and nicotinic receptors in lung transitional remodeling Roman, Jesse Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000623-05 Role of Gfi-1 in Myeloma Bone Disease Roodman, Garson Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002004-01A1 A Novel Strategy to Decrease Fall Incidence Post-Stroke Rose, Dorian Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002051-01 Biofeedback to Increase Propulsion during Walking after Stroke Rose, Dorian Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000604-01A1 MRI Analysis of Coil Position to Improve the rTMS Treatment of Depression Rosen, Allyson Clinical Science R&D
RCS 97-401 Research Career Scientist Award Rosen, Amy Health Services R&D
I01BX002201-01A1 Novel Aspects of Hepatic Innate and Adaptive Immunity to HCV Infection Rosen, Hugo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001319-01A2 Remotely-Delivered Benefits Counseling for Service Connection Applicants Rosen, Marc Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX000693-01A2 Evaluation and Treatment of Substance Use in Veterans with PTSD Disability Claims Rosen, Marc Health Services R&D
IK2BX003628-01 Endothelial Healing is Inhibited by PI3 Kinase-Induced Activation of TRPC6 Rosenbaum, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001143-01 ANK-dependent ATP efflux causes calcium pyrophosphate deposition in cartilage Rosenthal, Ann Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002180-01A1 Interaction of environment and genetics in the predisposition to inflammatory art Rosenzweig, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001618-01 Engaging Veterans and Family Supporters in PACT to Improve Diabetes Management Rosland, Ann-Marie Health Services R&D
13S-RCS-012 Research Career Scientist Award Rosloniec, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003256-01A2 Neo-antigens and the function of HLA-DR alleles in autoimmune arthritis Rosloniec, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003260-01 Costamere Structure, Membrane Stability and Integrin Trafficking in the Normal and Diseased Heart Ross, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003480-01A1 Regulation of neuro-cardiovascular function during stress Rossi, Noreen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000851-05 Exercise Training and Blood Pressure in Hypertension: Integrated Mechanisms Rossi, Noreen Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000783-05 Enhancing Cardiac Protection Roth, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001443-01 Comparison of E-Health vs. In-Person Delivered Family Psychoeducation Treatment Rotondi, Armando Health Services R&D
I01CX000570-05A1 Effectiveness of Hypoglycemic Medications Among Veterans with CKD Roumie, Christianne Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002622-01A2 Mechanisms of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Acute Lung Injury Rounds, Sharon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002395-01 Dissecting Cis Regulation of Gene Expression in Schizophrenia Roussos, Panagiotis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001463-01A1 Role of NRF-1 in Estrogen-Induced Breast Cancer Pathogenesis Roy, Deodutta Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003222-01A2 Mechanisms of NAD Metabolism and Chronic Inflammation in HIV-1 Transgenic Rat Models Royal, Walter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002390-01 Hemodynamics, Uremia & Vascular Biology: Interactive Pathways for AVF Maturation Roy-Chaudhury, Prabir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000899-01A2 Validation and Extension of the Michigan Barretts Esophagus pREdiction Tool (M-BE Rubenstein, Joel Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001134-01 Preventing MRSA infections: a virtual comparative effectiveness model Rubin, Michael Health Services R&D
I50HX001245-01 Center of Innovation in Long Term Services and Supports for Vulnerable Veterans Rudolph, James Health Services R&D
SDR 16-194 The Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services Program: Impact and Implementation Rudolph, James Health Services R&D
TPP 16-184 Training Program for Fellows (post PhDs)at Providence COIN Rudolph, James Health Services R&D
TPR 17-150 Post Residency Training Program Rudolph, James Health Services R&D
I01BX002551-01A2 Platelets and microvascular thrombosis in inflammation Rumbaut, Rolando Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002519-01A2 Ephrin Therapy for Segmental Defect Repair in Bone Rundle, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001458-01A2 Role of RGC-32 in gliosis Rus, Horea Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX000856-01A1 Improving Medication Safety through Human Factors and Informatics Research Russ, Alissa Health Services R&D
I01RX001030-01A1 Improving Autonomic Function and Balance in Diabetic Neuropathy Russell, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002101-01 Photosensitivity as a preclinical assessment for treatment of post-traumatic headache Russo, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002305-01A1 Mechanisms of 2DGs Antiepileptic Effects Rutecki, Paul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001729-01A1 Adapting Virtual Reality Technology for the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain Rutledge, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001461-01A2 Resistive Training Combined with Nutritional Therapy after Stroke Ryan, Alice Rehabilitation R&D
N9273-L Senior Research Career Scientist Ryan, Alice Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001205-05 Basic Mechanisms in Hearing Loss of Cochlear Origin Ryan, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002604-01A2 Renal mechanisms of hypertension in autoimmune disease Ryan, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001060-01 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Women at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Saban, Karen Health Services R&D
I01BX001006-05 Acid Adaptation Targets for Eradication of Helicobacter pylori Sachs, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001786-01 TREM-1 in Lung Immune Response Sadikot, Ruxana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001075-04A1 Microglial Mechanisms in Panic-PTSD Sah, Renu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001586-01A2 Opening the Black Box of Cultural Competence Saha, Somnath Health Services R&D
I01BX002661-01A2 Sleep and PTSD Sahota, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15S-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Said, Hamid Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001142-05 Physiological and Pathological Aspects of Intestinal Vitamin B2 Absorption Said, Hamid Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001278-01A1 Promoting Veteran-Centered Colorectal Cancer Screening Saini, Sameer Health Services R&D
I01BX002358-01A1 Discovery of acidic epitopes for HIV-1 broadly neutralizing seroantibodies Sajadi, Mohammad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002867-01A1 EPIGENETIC REGULATION OF INTESTINAL Na /H EXCHANGER-3 Saksena, Seema Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX000988-01A1 Optimizing Medication Reconciliation for Older Veterans in Home Health Care Salanitro Mixon, Amanda Health Services R&D
I01CX000994-01A1 Multimodal Imaging of Reward Brain Centers in Tobacco Smoking Veterans Salas, Ramiro Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001774-01A1 VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic medication use Sales, Anne Health Services R&D
TPR 06-104 Post Residency Training Program Saliba, Mary Health Services R&D
I01CX000721-01A1 Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures in U.S. Veterans Salinsky, Martin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001793-01A1 Elucidating the mechanisms that mediate the effects of lipoic acid in MS Salinthone, Sonemany Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000887-01A1 Cerebral Atrophy, Anticoagulants, and the Risk for Chronic Subdural Hematoma Samadani, Uzma Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003374-01A1 Impact of N-Myc interactor on metastatic progression of breast cancer. Samant, Rajeev Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50HX001240-01 Informatics, Decision-Enhancement and Analytic Sciences Center Samore, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX001169-01 Veterans Like Mine_Cognitive Support for Therapeutic Decision Making Samore, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01BX002647-01 OSTEOARTHRITIS AND KNEE JOINT PAIN Sampen, Hee-Jong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000901-05A1 Cellular mechanisms for increased gluconeogenesis in type 2 diabetes mellitus: the role of lipid induced pyruvate carboxylase acetylation in increasing hepatic gluconeogenic capacity. Samuel, Varman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002754-01A2 Glucose transport in the diabetic outer retina. Samuels, Ivy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001326-01 Low Molecular Weight Protein Nephrotoxicity Sanders, Paul Clinical Science R&D
A9243-C Limb Loss Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering Sangeorzan, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000547-01A2 Pathogenesis of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Spinal Cord Injury Patients Sankari, Abdulghani Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001442-01A1 Group Motivational Interviewing (GMI) For Homeless Veterans in VA Services Santa Ana, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
SDPTSD Can Service Dogs Improve Activity and Quality of Life in Veterans with PTSD? Saunders, Gabrielle Cooperative Studies
I01BX003328-01 Overcoming BRAF and MEK Inhibitors Resistance in Advanced Melanoma Savaraj, Niramol Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002022-01A1 iPad Functionality Leveraged to Optimize Workflow (iFLOW) Savoy, April Health Services R&D
I21RX002070-01A1 Telephone Coaching of Family Members of Veterans with Substance Abuse Problems Sayers, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001157-01 Integrated cognitive behavior therapy to improve work outcomes in schizophrenia Sayers, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003240-01A1 The influence of ApoE4 on signaling Sayre, Naomi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001240-01A1 Dementia Caregiver Rehabilitation: Enhancing Veteran and Family-Centered Care Scanlon, Blake Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001710-01 Mobile Media Intervention for Family Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia Scanlon, Blake Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX001757-01A1 The Impact of C-C Chemokine Receptor 7 (CCR7) on Synovitis and Osteoarthritis (OA Scanzello, Carla Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002401-01A1 Auditory processing in veterans with concussion and blast exposure Schairer, Kim Rehabilitation R&D
DIST SCIENT16 Development of New Therapies for Cancer and Other Diseases Using Peptide Analogs Schally, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001898-01A2 Incorporating Veterans' Preferences into Lung Cancer Screening Decisions Schapira, Marilyn Health Services R&D
I01RX001062-01A1 A longitudinal study of chronic TBI in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans and service members Scheibel, Randall Rehabilitation R&D
0097 Pharmacogenomic Analysis Lab(PAL)-Little Rock Schichman, Steven Cooperative Studies
I01RX001691-01A1 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease and MCI Schiehser, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003258-01A1 Neural Mechanisms of Impulsivity and Attention Following Traumatic Brain Injury Schindler, Abigail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000159-05 Anti HCV Protease Activities of Metalloporphyrins Schmidt, Warren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002213-01A2 The Commensal Microflora Suppresses Liver Fibrosis Schnabl, Bernd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002949-01A1 Functional contribution of adult-born neurons to epileptogenesis Schnell, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000851-05A2 5-HT Stimulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Acute Kidney Injury Schnellmann, Rick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0591 CSP #591 - Comparative Effective Research in Veterans with PTSD (CERV-PTSD) Schnurr, Paula Cooperative Studies
CDP 13-004 Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Control S. Aureus Infections (CDA 11-215) Schweizer, Marin Health Services R&D
IK2HX000757-01A2 Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Control S. aureus Infections Schweizer, Marin Health Services R&D
IK2RX000704-01A2 Neurobiological and Psychological Benefits of Exercise in Chronic Pain and PTSD Scioli-Salter, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001451-05 Sex chromosome aneuploidies in autoimmune disease Scofield, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000772-01 Neural Response to Cognitive Overload in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Scott, James Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001125-01 Motivational Coaching to Enhance Mental Health Engagement in Rural Veterans Seal, Karen Health Services R&D
I01BX002242-01A2 BCG-Induced Oxidative Stress as a Target for Improved Clinical Efficacy See, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001387-01A1 Nogo Receptors as Therapeutic Targets in a Model of Multiple Sclerosis Segal, Benjamin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002011-01A2 Integration of a Sensory Feedback Implant with Myoelectric Prosthetic Hands Segil, Jacob Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002177-01A1 Cyclical muscle vibration in MS to improve walking Selkirk, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001180-01A2 Study and Treatment of Visual Dysfunction and Motor Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis Serra, Alessandro Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000944-01A2 Aerobic Training to Improve Energy Utilization and Antioxidant Capacity in Stroke Serra, Monica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002623-01 Role of Notch Signaling in Melanoma Transdifferentiation and Tumor Progression Setaluri, Vijayasaradhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-013 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Shafer, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000112-05 Gonococcal Mechanisms to Evade Host Defenses Shafer, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001074-01A2 Anti-inflammatory therapy during percutaneous coronary intervention Shah, Binita Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001471-01A3 Novel Modular Nerve Lengthening Device for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Shah, Sameer Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002286-01A1 Ligation of TLR7 promotes joint inflammation and bone loss in RA. Shahrara, Shiva Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001583-01A1 Inhibition of Cancer stem cell characterisitcs in Pancreatic Cancer Shankar, Sharmila Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003234-01 Mitochondrial-Derived Superoxide in Type 2 Diabetic Kidney Disease Sharma, Kumar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003171-01A2 Programming Durable Immune Responses in Lung Cancer Sharma, Shervendra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002021-01 Mechanisms of Drug Induced Phospholipidosis Shayman, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001146-01A2 Treatment of Trauma-Related Anger in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Shea, M. Tracie Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001783-01A1 Interpersonal Therapy for Veterans with PTSD Shea, M. Tracie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002006-01A1 Stanniocalcin-1: New paradigms for cytoprotection and anti-inflammation Sheikh-Hamad, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000928-01A2 Development of MR Biomarkers of Brain Injury in Acute and Chronic mTBI Shenton, Martha Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000176-06 MR Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Schizophrenia Shenton, Martha Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002107-01A2 Improving Primary Care Anxiety Treatment Engagement and Effectiveness Shepardson, Robyn Health Services R&D
I01HX000817-01A2 Proactive Outreach for Smokers in VA Mental Health Sherman, Scott Health Services R&D
IK6BX003612-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Shetty, Ashok Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002351-01A1 Combined NSC Grafting and Neurogenic Drug Therapy for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Shetty, Ashok Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002389-01A1 Therapeutic actions of GSK-3 inhibition in rmTBI Shim, Seong Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002059-01 Developing a Taxonomy of Unintended Consequences of eHealth Implementation Shimada, Stephanie Health Services R&D
I01HX002100-01A1 Improving Diabetes Care through Effective Personalized Patient Portal Interactions Shimada, Stephanie Health Services R&D
IK2HX000854-01A3 Improving Care for PTSD Shiner, Brian Health Services R&D
I01RX001178-01A2 Next-Generation High-Density Wireless Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Shire, Douglas Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001304-01A1 VA Vascular Injury Study (VAVIS): VA-DoD extremity injury outcomes collaboration Shireman, Paula Health Services R&D
I01CX001191-01 Intravenous Sub-anesthetic Ketamine Treatment in Treatment-Resistant Depression Shiroma, Paulo Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000798-05 Sleep Neurobiology and Circuitry Shiromani, Priyattam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-011 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Shiromani, Priyattam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001471-01A1 Role of IL-6 and IL-1b in immune dysfunction during aging, HIV, and HCV infection Shive, Carey Clinical Science R&D
12S-RCS-003 Senior Research Career Scientist Shmookler Reis, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001655-01A1 Analysis and Therapy of Age-Dependent Proteostasis Failure in Neurodegeneration Shmookler Reis, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000946-01 Pharmacogenetic Trial of Noradrenergic Medication for Treatment of Cocaine Abuse Shorter, Daryl Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002022-01A1 Preclinical Therapy and Novel Mechanisms in Ventilator-induced Diaphragm Atrophy Shrager, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0517FS CSP #517FS - ROOBY Trial Follow-up Extension Shroyer, Annie Cooperative Studies
I01BX000638-05A1 Pathogenesis of Nerve Injury: Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases Shubayev, Veronica Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001561-01A2 Nanoplatform Delivery of MDA-7 and Brachytherapy for Treatment of Brain Tumors Shultz, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002091-01A1 Hypertension Improvement Pilot Intervention in Post-Stroke Veterans Sico, Jason Health Services R&D
IK2HX001388-01A1 Improving Cerebrovascular Risk Factor Management in Post-Stroke Veterans Sico, Jason Health Services R&D
I01BX001353-01A2 Genetic Regulation of Metabolic and Fibrotic Programs in Hypertrophic Heart Siddiqui, M.A.Q. Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Siegel, Jerome Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001753-05 What Causes Human Narcolepsy? Siegel, Jerome Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001280-01A2 Improving Safety and Quality of Care Among Veterans Following Acute Kidney Injury Siew, Edward Health Services R&D
I01CX000900-01A1 Cardiovascular RF and Successful Cognitive Aging in Very Old Male Veterans Silverman, Jeremy Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000828-01A2 Computerized Cognitive Training to Improve Cognition in Diabetic Elderly Veterans Silverman, Jeremy Health Services R&D
I01BX001629-01A1 Brain injury due to transcranial versus transthoracic blast exposure Simard, J. Marc Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002889-01A2 Gulf War neurotoxicants and acquired cognitive and neuropsychological dysfunction Simard, J. Marc Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001155-01A1 Mobile Signal Processing System for Broadband Neural Decoding Simeral, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000715-01A2 Neurobehavioral Substrates Of Combat Stress: A Follow-Up Study Simmons, Alan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000835-01A2 Relational Agent to Improve Alcohol Screening and Treatment in Primary Care: RCT Simon, Steven Health Services R&D
I01HX001568-01A1 The Secure Messaging for Medication Reconciliation Tool (SMMRT) Trial Simon, Steven Health Services R&D
I01RX001208-01 Safety Study of Percutaneous Osseointegrated Implants for Prosthetic Attachment Sinclair, Sarina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002761-01A2 Role of Claudin-2 in Colon Tumorigenesis Singh, Amar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003401-01A1 Mechanisms of Neuroprotective Therapy in TBI Singh, Avtar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000993-01 Automated Point-of-Care Surveillance of Outpatient Delays in Cancer Diagnosis Singh, Hardeep Health Services R&D
I01RX002090-01A1 Neurorestorative Therapy for Stroke Injury Singh, Inderjit Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002829-01A1 Immunomodulation and Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis Singh, Inderjit Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001461-01A1 STorytelling to Improve DiseasE outcomes in GoUT: The STRIDE-GO Study Singh, Jasvinder Health Services R&D
I01BX001716-01A2 Mechanisms of arsenic-induced carcinogenesis Singh, Keshav Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002332-01 Osteopontin: role in myocyte apoptosis and myocardial function Singh, Krishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002175-01A2 Renal Oxygenation in the Pathophysiology of Kidney Disease Singh, Prabhleen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001146-01A1 Optical Spectroscopy in the Management of Colorectal Neoplasia Singh, Satish Clinical Science R&D
0592 CSP #592 - Efficacy and Safety of ICD Implantation in the Elderly Singh, Steven Cooperative Studies
IK2CX001036-01A1 New Solutes to Assess Kidney Disease Sirich, Tammy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000285-05 Mitochondrial-targeted CoQ analogs: Bioenergetic Effects in Obesity Sivitz, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002482-01 Immunotherapeutics for the treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii infection Skaar, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001162-01 Improving the prostate cancer survivorship care of veterans Skolarus, Ted Health Services R&D
IIR 16-003 Lung Cancer Screening: Building Blocks for Effective Implementation and Partnership Slatore, Christopher Health Services R&D
I01CX001238-01A2 Lung Cancer Screening: Building Blocks for Effective Implementation & Partnership Slatore, Christopher Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000467-01A1 Group CBT for Chronic PTSD: RCT with Veterans Sloan, Denise Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001637-01A1 Impact of My HealtheVet on Healthcare Use and Costs Smith, Bridget Health Services R&D
I01BX003392-01A1 GRPR/PSMA Targeting Agents for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Smith, C. Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001375-01A2 Functional and Structural Neuroanatomy of Past Remembrance Smith, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000486-01A2 OnabotulinumtoxinA (onaVoNT-A) vs Oral Tamsulosin for PBH & LUTS (#02-10-10-05) Smith, Christopher Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001424-01 Assessing Actigraphy-Determined Movement Variability as a Novel Objective Marker of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior Risk in Veterans and Its Role in Integrated Suicide Risk Assessment Smith, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002274-01A1 Tissue Engineered Total Disc Replacement in a Large Animal Model Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001476-01A1 Tissue-Engineered Constructs for Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002502-01 Heritable Risk Factors for Familial Prostate Cancer Smith, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0603 CSP Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) Smith, Nicholas Cooperative Studies
0256 CSP 256 - Vietnam Era Twins Registry Smith, Nicholas Cooperative Studies
I21RX001895-01 Efficacy of a Coupler-Based Hearing-Aid Fitting Approach for Experienced Users Smith, Sherri Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002547-01A1 Calcium-sensing Receptor Signaling and Epilepsy Smith, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002769-01 Adipose autotaxin: a novel link between obesity and cardiovascular disease Smyth, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001862-01 Epithelial Sodium Channel Trafficking Snyder, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001000-05A2 The role of collecting duct chloride transporters in salt absorption and blood pressure homeostasis Soleimani, Manoocher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001542-01A1 Evaluating and Improving Osteoporosis Care for Male Veterans Solimeo, Samantha Health Services R&D
I01BX002334-01A2 Oxidative Stress, PKC Signaling and Heart Failure Song, Long-Sheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001407-01A2 Reinforcing the Repair Response to Traumatic Brain Injury Song, Shijie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001508-01 Neurocircuitry of Prospective Memory in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Sorg, Scott Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000935-01A2 PTSD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk in OIF/OEF Veterans Soufer, Robert Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002010-01A1 Identification and treatment of brain regions causing post-traumatic headache Sowers, Levi Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001260-01A2 Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Total Joint Replacement Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
RCS 14-232 HSR&D Career Scientist Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
I01BX000386-05 Mechanisms of Synaptic Integration in Central Neurons Spain, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002240-01A1 AT1 Angiotensin Receptors in the Renal Circulation Control Blood Pressure Sparks, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002362-01 Telephone-linked, home-based exercise training in PD Sparrow, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001696-01 A Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients with PD Sparrow, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001991-01A2 Shock Waves and Injectable Gelatin Matrix for Cartilage Repair Spector, Myron Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001443-01A2 Spontaneous EEG Activity in Psychosis Spencer, Kevin Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000154-04 Neurophysiological Studies of Visual Perception in Schizophrenia Spencer, Kevin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000168-06A1 Maladaptive Remodeling in Aging Myocardium Spinale, Francis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-014 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Spiro, III, Avron Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000227-05A2 Quantitative Modeling of Visual Perception Endophenotypes in Schizophrenia Sponheim, Scott Clinical Science R&D
I01HX000936-01 Promoting Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for PTSD in CBOCs Spoont, Michele Health Services R&D
2003 CSP #2003 - Exoskeleton Assisted-Walking in Persons with SCI: Impact on Quality of Life Spungen, Ann Cooperative Studies
I01BX002984-01A1 Novel Targets for the Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Disease Spurney, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10S-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Squire, Larry Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000359-05A1 The Neuropsychology of Memory Squire, Larry Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000136-08 Mechanism of GDNF regulation of Hepatic Steatosis Srinivasan, Shanthi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002095-01A2 Optimizing treatment response in VA Specialized Intensive/Inpatient PTSD programs Sripada, Rebecca Health Services R&D
I01BX002223-01A1 Cholesteryl ester transfer protein, a novel mediator of insulin sensitivity Stafford, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003666-01A1 Purkinje Cell Rhythmicity, Synchrony, and Enhancing Function in Cerebellar Disorders Stahl, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000207-09 Novel viral immune interference mechanisms: HCV as a model system Stapleton, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000207-05 The effects of hepatitis C virus (HCV) E2 protein on host immunomodulation Stapleton, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002348-01A1 Nutritional (High Protein) Perihabilitation in Older Veterans Undergoing Surgery Starr, Kathryn Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001495-01 6-week trial of oxytocin for co-occurring cocaine and opioid use disorders Stauffer, Christopher Clinical Science R&D
575B CSP #575B - Genomics of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Stein, Murray Cooperative Studies
I01CX001038-01A1 The neuropathology of mild traumatic brain injury in Alzheimer's disease Stein, Thor Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002037-01A1 Developing and Validating a Spiritual Assessment Tool for Seriously-ill Veterans Steinhauser, Karen Health Services R&D
I01HX000942-01A2 Improving the Frequency and Quality of Sleep Apnea Care Management Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl Health Services R&D
I01BX001957-01 Strategies for early treatment of bone metastases Sterling, Julie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001957-05 Targeting the Bone Microenvironment to Reduce Tumor-induced Bone Disease Sterling, Julie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002251-01 Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes After Total Hip Arthroplasty Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001978-01A1 Improving Function in Older Veterans with Hospital-associated Deconditioning Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002193-01 Shifting Rehabilitation Paradigms in Skilled Nursing Facilities Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001993-01A1 Inhibition of chronic neuroinflammation reduces neurological deficits after TBI Stoica, Bogdan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002539-01A2 Differential cardioprotection by mitochondrial Ca2+ sensitive potassium channels Stowe, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Strecker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002774-01A1 Sleep loss impairment of arousal and cognition: role of the basal forebrain Strecker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001266-01A2 Lipid Profiles and Management in Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Streja, Elani Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000816-01A2 Neurobehavioral Correlates of Pain in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Strigo, Irina Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002041-01 A Pre-Clinical Model for the Rehabilitation of CPAP-Intolerant Obstructive Sleep Apnea Strohl, Kingman Rehabilitation R&D
15F-RCS-011 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Strong, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001641-01A1 Detoxification of Biogeneic Aldehydes in Parkinson's Disease Strong, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001573-01A1 Use of VA and Non-VA Health Care after the Affordable Care Act Stroupe, Kevin Health Services R&D
I21RX001593-01A1 Rho GTPase siRNA as a Therapeutic Strategy in Regulating Outflow Resistance Stubbs, Evan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001674-01A1 Determining the compartmental role of B cell subsets during CNS autoimmunity Stuve, Olaf Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001460-01A1 Defining how Microbes Drive Abnormal T Cell Responses in Rheumatoid Arthritis Su, Laura Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002035-01A2 Airway and Lung Vascular Remodeling in COPD Su, Yunchao Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001090-01A2 Role of Membrane Modifications in the Bioactivities of Conjugated Linoleic Acids Subbaiah, Papasani Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002930-01 Reprogramming of Mitochondrial Metabolism in Renal Cancer Sudarshan, Sunil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX003680-01 Dysregulation of Neurotransmission in the Bladder with Parkinson's Disease Sullivan, Maryrose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001790-01A1 Detrusor Overactivity and Bladder Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Sullivan, Maryrose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003405-01A1 mitoNEET as a therapeutic target for TBI Sullivan, Patrick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX000772-01 Developing a Peer Coach Program to Improve Adherence Rates for Colonoscopy Sultan, Shahnaz Health Services R&D
I01BX002891-01A1 WNK as therapeutic targets for ischemic stroke Sun, Dandan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001481-01 Shedding light on glaucoma: optogenetics regulation of ciliary phosphoinositides Sun, Yang Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003443-01A2 Regulation of intestinal NaCl absorption Sundaram, Uma Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003430-01A2 Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Triggered Cognitive Impairment and its Prevention Suo, William (zhiming) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001067-01A2 New Strategy to Fight Selective Cholinergic Neuronal Loss in Alzheimer Disease Suo, William (zhiming) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002132-01A2 Respiratory Muscle Weakness Supinski, Gerald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0007 CSP NODES - VA Palo Alto Health Care System NODES Initiative Suppes, Patricia Cooperative Studies
IK2RX001515-01A1 A Twin Study of Chronic Back Pain and Associated Disability in Veterans Suri, Pradeep Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001368-01A1 Implementation research of benefit-based treatment for cardiovascular disease Sussman, Jeremy Health Services R&D
I01HX002014-01A1 Developing Benefit-Based Performance Measurement for VHA Sussman, Jeremy Health Services R&D
I21HX001865-01A1 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data-mining for identifying clinical risk modifiers of drug-induced liver injury Suzuki, Ayako Health Services R&D
I01BX002262-01A2 Restriction of Oncogenic Herpesviruses by Host Cell Factors Swaminathan, Sankar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003249-01A2 Thiol repletion therapy for Parkinson's disease Swanson, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-012 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Swartzwelder, Harry Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000452-04A2 Cortical Synapses and Psychosis in AD Sweet, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000566-05 Frontal Lobe Injury and Executive Control of Cognition and Emotion Swick, Diane Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000566-01A2 Frontal Lobe Injury and Executive Control of Cognition and Emotion Swick, Diane Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000849-01A2 Translation of Eye Movement Reading Training to Clinical Practice Szlyk, Janet Rehabilitation R&D
12F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Szymusiak, Ronald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001556-05A2 Impact of Corticotropin Releasing Factor on Sleep Regulation Szymusiak, Ronald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002172-01 CENC - Structural and Functional Neurobiology of Veterans Exposed to Primary Blast Forces Taber, Katherine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001982-01A1 Diabetes suppresses sympathetic neurotransmission and thereby glucagon secretion Taborsky, Jr., Gerald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003951-01 Mechanisms and therapeutic interventions of postoperative gastric ileus Tache, Yvette Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-015 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Tache, Yvette Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001262-01A1 Understanding the Initiation of Maintenance Dialysis among Older Veterans Tamura, Manjula Health Services R&D
IK2RX001123-01A2 Abnormal Dendritic Spines Underlie Neuropathic Pain and Spasticity in SCI Tan, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001143-01A2 Octyl gallate (OG) and Promotion of non-amyloidogenic processing of APP Tan, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001690-01A1 Mechanisms of trauma and hemorrhage-induced impairment of innate immunity Tan, Xiao-Di Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000726-05A2 Role of catechol-O-methyltransferase gene in prostate cancer Tanaka, Yuichiro Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003644-01 Upstream regulation of TAZ and YAP in sarcomas: towards combinatorial therapy targeting the Hippo Pathway Tanas, Munir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002420-01 NMDA RECEPTOR-MEDIATED FEEDFORWARD MEMORY Tang, Cha-Min Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001385-01A1 Robotic neck brace Tang, Cha-Min Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX001717-01 Factors Influencing Veteran Informed Decision Making for Lung Cancer Screening Tanner, Nichole Health Services R&D
I01CX000975-01A1 The association of SAA with apoB lipoproteins affects cardiovascular risk Tannock, Lisa Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001273-01A2 Improving VA Weight Management Outcomes: Role of the Residential Environment Tarlov, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I01BX000626-05A2 Nerve growth factor – The key factor in endothelial aging, angiogenesis and gastric ulcer healing Tarnawski, Andrzej Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001296-01A1 Feasibility of a direct brain-to-muscle upper-limb neuroprosthesis Taylor, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002369-01A2 Regulation of Intestinal Inflammation by Irgm1 Taylor, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003403-01 The role of IL-17 neutrophils and lymphocytes during diabetic retinopathy Taylor, Patricia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 14-435 The Cost Effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative Treatments to Reduce Pain Taylor, Stephanie Health Services R&D
IK2HX001789-01 Optimizing Veterans' Social Relationships to Enhance Depression Care Teo, Alan Health Services R&D
I01BX002880-01A2 Mechanisms of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Induced Airflow Obstruction during Allergic Lower Airway Inflammation Teodorescu, Mihaela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001660-05A2 Innate inflammation in osteoarthritis Terkeltaub, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003056-01A1 Sirtuins in Lung Aging and Fibrosis Thannickal, Victor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000502-05 Platelet Microvesicles Thiagarajan, Perumal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001121-01 Cholinesterase inhibitor discontinuation Thielke, Stephen Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX001775-01A2 Evaluating Cash Benefit Programs for Veterans' Long Term Care Thomas, Kali Health Services R&D
IK2BX002492-01A1 Chronic Kidney Disease and Impaired Actions of Insulin Thomas, Sandhya Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000502-01A1 Neurobiology and Experimental Treatment of TBI Pain and Anxiety Thompson, Floyd Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001589-01 An adjunctive family intervention for individual PTSD treatment Thompson-Hollands, Johanna Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000180-05 Homeostasis and Tubuloglomerular Feedback Thomson, Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001759-01A2 De-Intensifying Unnecessary Medications in VA CLC Residents Nearing End of Life Thorpe, Carolyn Health Services R&D
I01HX001067-01A1 Dual Use of VA-Medicare Drug Benefits and Unsafe Prescribing in Dementia Patients Thorpe, Joshua Health Services R&D
I01BX002567-01A1 Mitochondrial mitophagy in the development and treatment of NAFLD Thyfault, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002412-01A2 Immune responses in traumatic RGC death Tian, Ning Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000556-05 Targeted Morpholino Interference of VEGF Pathways in Ocular Angiogenesis Tian, Ning Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001187-01A1 Novel Radiomitigators Targeting LPA Receptors Tigyi, Gabor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 00-001 Research Career Scientist Award - Quality and Care of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Treatment Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
I01HX000895-01 TeleMonitoring to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment After Detoxification Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
I21HX002318-01A1 VA-Legal Clinic Partnerships to Increase Veterans’ Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Access, Initiation, and Engagement Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
I01HX002024-01A1 Improving Outcomes among Medical/Surgical Inpatients with Alcohol Use Disorders Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
I01BX003231-01A1 RAN translation in C9orf72 repeat associated ALS and FTD Todd, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002363-01 Targeting complement and chronic inflammation after traumatic brain injury Tomlinson, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001141-01A1 Novel Therapies to Improve Functional Recovery After Stroke Tomlinson, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003631-01A1 Targeting the inflammatory response to treat post-traumatic anxiety and depression. Tonelli, Leonardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002418-01A1 The Role of TNF alpha Converting Enzyme in Alcoholic Liver Disease Torok, Natalie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000864-01A1 Neural Mechanisms of a Novel Psychotherapy in Veterans with PTSD and Alcoholism Townsend, Andrea Spadoni Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000809-01A1 IGF-1 and the initiation of non-melanoma skin cancer Travers, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000853-06A1 Oxidized lipids and UV immunosuppression Travers, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001805-01A2 Vasomotor and Sudomotor Activity During Heat Stress in Spinal Cord Injury Trbovich, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
14F-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Tregellas, Jason Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001292-01 High-Resolution, Motion-corrected 3D Cine MRI of Carotid Plaque Treiman, Gerald Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001215-01A2 Understanding the Exercise-Hypertension Paradox: Implication for Rehabilitation Trinity, Joel Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX001871-01 Advanced Platform Technology Center Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
A9259-L Senior Research Career Scientist Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001204-01 A neuroprosthesis for seated posture and balance Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001039-01A1 Exploiting Selective Recruitment to Prolong Standing after SCI Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002104-01A1 Risk-Adjusting Hospital Outcomes for Veteran's Socioeconomic Status Trivedi, Amal Health Services R&D
IK2HX000776-01A1 Developing a Couples Coping Intervention for Veterans with Heart Failure Trivedi, Ranak Health Services R&D
I21HX002228-01A1 Web-based Self-management Tool Targeting Patients and their Informal Caregivers Trivedi, Ranak Health Services R&D
I01RX000668-01A2 Multi-Scale Cortical Dynamics and Seizure Prediction in Human Focal Epilepsy Truccolo, Wilson Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001713-01A1 Communicating the Impact of mTBI on Post-Deployment Reintegration using Photovoice True, Gala Health Services R&D
CDP 12-256 Evaluation of VA's Supported Housing Program for Homeless Veterans (CDA 10-212) Tsai, Jack Health Services R&D
IK2HX000745-01A1 Evaluation of VA's Supported Housing Program for Homeless Veterans Tsai, Jack Health Services R&D
I21HX002175-01A1 A pilot intervention to help homeless and at-risk veterans manage their money Tsai, Jack Health Services R&D
I01BX002641-01A1 Regulatory Role of MicroRNAs in Aging-related Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Disease Tsao, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003362-01 Genetics of Cardiometabolic Diseases in the VA Population Tsao, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0144 Cooperative Studies Program Epidemiology Center - Palo Alto Tsao, Philip Cooperative Studies
I01HX001601-01A2 Glycemic Control: Overtreatment, Hypoglycemia, Mortality and De-Intensification Tseng, Chin-Lin Health Services R&D
I01BX002241-01A1 Deep Sequencing in Schizophrenia Tsuang, Debby Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-013 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Tsukamoto, Hidekazu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001991-01A1 Molecular Mechanisms of Stellate Cell Activation in Liver Fibrosis Tsukamoto, Hidekazu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000586-01A1 White matter pathway disconnection and cognitive control impairments in stroke Turken, And Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001143-01A1 Self-management to improve function following amputation Turner, Aaron Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002223-01A1 Delayed Septal/Fornix Brain Stimulation after Repetitive Closed Head Injury Turner, Dennis Rehabilitation R&D
I21BX003023-01A2 Fornix Stimulation Enhances Neurovascular Plasticity in Alzheimer's Mouse Model Turner, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000113-04 Barrier Dysfunction in Severe Surgical Diseases Turner, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001019-01A3 Role of keratinocyte-derived cytokines in epidermal injury and atopic dermatitis Turner, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000961-01A2 CD22-targeted Therapeutics for the Treatment of Lung Cancer Tuscano, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50RX001706-01 The VA Gordon Mansfield SCI Consortium Tuszynski, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001972-01A1 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Homeless OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Twamley, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002780-01A1 Regional melanoma chemotherapy: a novel way to augment systemic immunotherapy Tyler, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
A9280-S Research Career Scientist Tyler, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001334-01A1 Peripheral Interfaces in Amputees to Restore Sensation Tyler, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000963-05A2 Mechanisms of Virus-induced Injury in the Brain and Spinal Cord Tyler, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001506-01A2 Interferon-Alpha-Neurotoxicity Tyor, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001466-01A1 Xanthine oxidoreductase in impaired diabetic wound healing. Tzeng, Edith Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX000845-01A2 A Stepped Care Model for Treating Sleep Disturbance in OEF/OIF Veterans Ulmer, Christi Health Services R&D
I01BX003747-01 Ectopic Lipids in the Pancreatic Alpha Cell Link Insulin Resistance to Hyperglycemia Unger, Roger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001968-05A1 Regulation of hepatic gene expression and metabolism by FoxO proteins Unterman, Terry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000834-01A1 Utilizing the RESCUE Stroke Caregiver Website to Enhance Discharge Planning Uphold, Constance Health Services R&D
I01CX001398-01A2 Ezetimibe as a Safe and Efficacious Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Uprichard, Susan Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001691-01A1 Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism and Lipogenesis Uyeda, Kosaku Biomedical Laboratory R&D
09F-RCS-012 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Uyeda, Kosaku Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000793-01A1 Helping Invested Families Improve Veterans Experiences Study (HI-FIVES) Van Houtven, Courtney Health Services R&D
12F-RCS-011 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Van Remmen, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002595-01 Testing the mechanisms by which NMJ disruption contributes to sarcopenia Van Remmen, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001298-01A2 Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anger and Aggression in Veterans with PTSD Van Voorhees, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000226-09 Immunoregulation of Myelin-Specific T Lymphocytes Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000226-05 Immunoregulation of Myelin Specific T Lymphocytes Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-014 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001499-01A2 Evaluating Causative Effects of Single/Multiple Neurotrauma on Neurodegeneration Vandevord, Pamela Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001262-01A1 Clinical safety and efficacy of pharmacogenetics in Veteran care Vassy, Jason Clinical Science R&D
0566 CSP #566 - Neuropsychological and Mental Health Outcomes of OIF: A Longitudinal Cohort Study Vasterling, Jennifer Cooperative Studies
IK2RX000747-01 Behavioral therapy to treat urinary symptoms in Parkinson's disease Vaughan, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001978-01 Impaired hippocampal function as a risk factor for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Vazdarjanova, Almira Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002073-01 Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Adaptive Response to Host Reactive Species Vazquez-Torres, Andres Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002073-05A1 Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Adaptive Response to Host Reactive Species Vazquez-Torres, Andres Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003789-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Vedantam, Gayatri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001183-05A1 Gastrointestinal Colonization of Diarrheagenic Clostridium difficile Vedantam, Gayatri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002985-01 Role of alpha Synuclein and microRNA 7a in post stroke brain damage Vemuganti, Raghu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13S-RCS-016 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Verfaellie, Mieke Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000925-01 Medial Temporal Lobe Contributions to Future Thinking: Evidence from Amnesia Verfaellie, Mieke Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000906-01 Testosterone Replacement to Augment Lifestyle Therapy in Obese Older Veterans Villareal, Dennis Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000424-01 CYP19A1 gene and Pharmacogenetics of Response Villareal, Reina Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002225-01A1 Determining and targeting reasons for low statin use to improve guideline-concordant statin therapy in high-risk patients Virani, Salim Health Services R&D
I01HX001069-01A1 Work and Family Functioning in Women Veterans: Implications for VA Service Use Vogt, Dawne Health Services R&D
RCS 14-443 Research Career Scientist Award Voils, Corrine Health Services R&D
I21HX002295-01 Development of a Weight Maintenance Intervention for Bariatric Surgery Patients Voils, Corrine Health Services R&D
I01HX001082-01A1 Impact of family history and decision support on high-risk cancer screening Voils, Corrine Health Services R&D
I01BX001958-01A1 Fibrocyte Contribution to Systemic Fibrosis in Chronic Kidney Disease Wagner, Brent Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002259-01A1 A Dominantly Inherited AD network In Vitro Trial with a Gamma-Secretase Modulator Wagner, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
SDR 17-157 Planning for a New Era in Veterans Health Care: Community Care, Information Exchange and Multi-system Use Wagner, Todd Health Services R&D
I01HX001056-01A2 Access to Specialty Care for Veterans with Complex Conditions Wagner, Todd Health Services R&D
0146 CSP Health Economics Resource Center Wagner, Todd Cooperative Studies
IK2RX000902-01A2 Metacognitive Training to Enhance Strategy Use In Blast Related TBI Waid-Ebbs, Julia Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001613-01A2 GPR109A and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Niacin in Outcome Measures Wakade, Chandramohan Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002220-01A1 Advanced Prediction Models to Optimize Treatment and Access for Veterans with Hepatitis C Waljee, Akbar Health Services R&D
IK2HX000775-01A2 Risk Stratification and Targeted Therapy for HELP Diseases in Veterans Waljee, Akbar Health Services R&D
I01RX001821-01A1 Testing of the Peripheral Visual Field - Obtaining the Full View Wall, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX000914-01A1 Blood Expression Profiles as a Biomarker for Responses to Tuberculosis Treatment Walter, Nicholas Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000803-05A1 Ron Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling in Breast Cancer Waltz, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
O9244-S Research Career Scientist Wambaugh, Julie Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001782-01 Effect of Intensity of Treatment on Rehabilitation of Acquired Apraxia of Speech Wambaugh, Julie Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002165-01A1 The epigenetics of exercise and physical activity in COPD Wan, Emily Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002465-01A2 Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor involvement in exercise modulation of appetite Wang, Chuanfeng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-015 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Wang, Jian-Ying Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003523-01A1 Epigenetic Mechanism Linking Diabetes and Cognitive Dysfunction Wang, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001859-01A2 Repetitive mTBI-induced neurobehavioral changes and CTE-like proteinopathy Wang, Kevin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002634-01 Circadian Clock Regulation of Alcoholic Liver Disease Wang, Li Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001685-01A1 Ghrelin Agonists Multiple Beneficial Effects on Parkinson's Non-Motor Symptoms Wang, Lixin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003824-01 Pathological protein generation in cerebral small vessel disease Wang, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000375-05 Molecular Interactions in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Wang, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003232-01A1 Mechanisms of Breaking Indolence in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Wang, Xiao-Jing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002650-01A2 Novel Mechanisms of Hypertensive Kidney Injury and Fibrosis Wang, Yanlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001725-01 Atomoxetine in Comorbid ADHD/PTSD: A Pilot, Placebo-Controlled Feasibility Study Wang, Zhewu Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX001289-01A1 Metabolic reprogramming: A new paradigm for targeting cisplatin resistant cells Wangpaichitr, Medhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0095 Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center Warren, Stuart Cooperative Studies
I01HX000950-01 Controlled Trial of Tele-Support and Education for Womens Health Care in CBOCs Washington, Donna Health Services R&D
I01BX000273-05 Treatment of status epilepticus: a translational proposal. Wasterlain, Claude Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SIP 16-180 Emergency Department Utilization within Intensive Care Interventions for High-Risk Veterans Watts, Brook Health Services R&D
B9253-C Center For Restoration of Nervous System Function Waxman, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000605-05 Sodium Channels in Spinal Cord Injury, Nerve Injury and Neuropathic Pain Waxman, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000395-05A1 Neuromolecular Basis for Pain in Burn Injury Waxman, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001237-01 Center of INovation for Complex Chronic Healthcare (CINCCH) Weaver, Frances Health Services R&D
TPP 02-151 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Hines COIN Weaver, Frances Health Services R&D
RCS 98-354 Research Career Scientist Award Weaver, Frances Health Services R&D
I01CX000773-01A2 HDL Remodeling in Metabolic Syndrome Webb, Nancy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002709-01A2 SRSF3 Loss and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Webster, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-012 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Webster, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001616-01A1 Combining gene therapy and tissue engineering to enhance meniscal repair Weinberg, Joe Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002367-01A1 Novel Forms of Cell Death During Acute Kidney Injury Weinberg, Joel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002021-01A1 Patient-Centered versus Imaging-Directed Care for Older Veterans with Chronic LBP Weiner, Debra Rehabilitation R&D
TPR 06-102 Post Resident Training Program Weiner, Michael Health Services R&D
TPP 05-179 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Indianapolis COIN Weiner, Michael Health Services R&D
I50HX001235-01 VA HSR&D Center for Health Information and Communication (CHIC) Weiner, Michael Health Services R&D
I01HX002017-01A1 Evaluating Use of Patient-Collected Audio Recorded Encounters for Provider Audit Feedback to Reduce Contextual Errors Weiner, Saul Health Services R&D
I01BX000436-05A1 Glucocorticoid-induced osteonecrosis of the hip, osteocytes and canalicular fluid Weinstein, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001154-01 Cognitive Support Informatics for Nurse Medication Stewardship Weir, Charlene Health Services R&D
I01RX001341-01 A Postural Control Paradigm for EMG Control of Advanced Prosthetic Hands Weir, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000765-01 Cognitive, Clinical and Neural Markers of Late Life Depression Weisenbach, Sara Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002788-01A1 Molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii Weiss, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000105-05 Bone Formation and the Immuno-skeletal Interface Weitzmann, Mervyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003368-01 Molecular Regulation of Breast Cancer Progression Wells, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001146-05A1 Cellular Circadian Clocks in Mood Disorders Welsh, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000741-05 ASICs in the n. accumbens in depression-related synaptic plasticity and behavior Wemmie, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000706-01A2 The role of TNF-Alpha in cutaneous integrity Werth, Victoria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002660-01A2 Extracellular Matrix Induction of Renal Stem and Progenitor Cell Development Wertheim, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002662-01A1 Stem Cell-Based Therapy of Chronic Kidney Disease Westenfelder, Christof Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-009 Research Career Scientist Award Wexler, Hannah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001981-01 Interactions of the RAAS and a Western Diet on Insulin Metabolic Actions Whaley-Connell, Adam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003391-01A2 Endothelial Cell Mineralocorticoid Receptor and Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis Whaley-Connell, Adam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001430-01A2 Sex hormones and HCV-related liver disease progression White, Donna Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002209-01A1 Chemokine signaling in the transition from acute to chronic pain White, Fletcher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002488-01 Molecular characterization of a rat model of chronic mild traumatic brain injury White, Todd Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002976-01 Pathophysiology of a Genetic Vascular Disease Whitehead, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001721-01 Cognitive Impairment in Low Vision Rehabilitation: Prevalence and Consequences Whitson, Heather Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001830-01A1 Factors and Outcomes Associated with Inappropriate Prescribing of Phosphodiesterase-5-Inhibitors for Pulmonary Hypertension Wiener, Renda Health Services R&D
I01CX000565-01A2 Cognitive and Brain Changes in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Wierenga, Christina Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000565-05A1 Cognitive and Brain Changes in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Wierenga, Christina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001876-01A1 Role of the Sterile20 (Ste20)-like kinase MST4 in Pituitary Tumorigenesis Wierman, Margaret Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001216-01A2 Role of the Inflammatory Cytokine Oncostatin-M in Promoting Atherosclerosis Wijelath, Errol Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002174-01 Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) Imaging Core Wilde, Elisabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001880-01 CENC - Diffusion Tensor Imaging Standardization using Novel MR Diffusion Phantoms Wilde, Elisabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002372-01A1 Combined Stem Cell and Rehabilitation Therapies for Osteoarthritis Willett, Nick Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001426-05A1 Modulation of junctional signaling by BVES in colorectal carcinoma Williams, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002287-01 Development of a Unique Antibiofilm Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infections Williams, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001198-01A2 A Combination Coating for the Prevention of Perioperative Device Infections Williams, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001161-01A1 Implementation Research for Evidence-based Care for Alcohol Dependence Williams, Emily Health Services R&D
I21HX001805-01A1 Functional Outcome Assessment after Hospitalization Williams, Linda Health Services R&D
I21RX002196-01A1 Effect of Upper Arm Support on the Hemiparetic Arm Williams, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001141-01 CAP - Consortium to Alleviate PTSD- STVHCS Biomarkers & Genomics Core Williamson, Douglas Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001245-01 CAP - Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations as Biomarkers for PTSD Diagnosis Williamson, Douglas Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX000707-01 White Matter Changes and Mild TBI: Emotional and Autonomic Consequences Williamson, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001453-05 Arginine Availability and Metabolism in H. pylori-associated Gastric Inflammation and Disease Progression Wilson, Keith Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001374-01A2 Modeling Individual Differences in PTSD Wilson, Marlene Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001983-01A1 Inflammation and NLR Proteins in Leishmaniasis Wilson, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000536-05A1 The Role of Exosomes in the Pathogenesis of Leishmaniasis Wilson, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002190-01 Kidney specific site-directed integration for cystinuria Wilson, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003340-01 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, Prevalent Cardiovascular Disease, and Genetics in the Million Veteran Program Wilson, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001025-01 Prediction of CVD Risk in Veterans Wilson, Peter Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX000601-01A2 Genome-wide association study of resilience Wingo, Aliza Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001472-01A1 Role of H,K-ATPase in the Action of Mineralocorticoids Wingo, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001820-01A2 A Genetic Study of a Large Pedigree with Late-onset Alzheimer's Disease Wingo, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
B9215-C Maryland Exercise and Robotics Center (MERCE) Wittenberg, George Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001667-01A1 Neurophysiological and Kinematic Predictors of Response in Chronic Stroke Wittenberg, George Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001276-01A2 PTSD-Related Accelerated Aging in DNA Methylation and Risk for Metabolic Syndrome Wolf, Erika Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001479-01A2 Mechanisms of Cortico-Limbic Network Dysfunction Underlying PTSD after TBI Wolf, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002581-01A2 Drug-Enhanced Rehabilitation in Recovery from Stroke Wolf, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002550-01 Operant Conditioning of Spinal Reflexes to Improve Function after Nerve Injury Wolpaw, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001389-01 Economic Impact of Dual Use and Patient Choice in Primary Care Wong, Edwin Health Services R&D
I01BX002204-01A2 FAS Pathway Abnormalities in MF and SS Wood, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002797-01 In Situ Reprogramming of Induced Nephron Progenitor Cells for Kidney Regeneration Woodard, Lauren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001103-01A1 Point-of-care health literacy and activation information to improve diabetes care Woodard, Lechauncy Health Services R&D
IK1RX002113-01A2 Feasibility Study: fMRI Evaluation of Auricular PENFS for Fibromyalgia Woodbury, Anna Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000799-01A2 Patient-Targeted Upper Extremity Rehabilitation After Stroke Woodbury, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002028-01A2 Re-epithelialization of Skin Wounds Woodley, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX000758-01A1 Mechanisms and Effects of Oxytocin on Social Cognition in Schizophrenia Woolley, Joshua Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001311-01A2 Overcoming Exercise Intolerance in Veterans with Heart Failure: The Role of NO. Wray, David Walter Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000799-05 Molecular Control of Gut Permeability in Trauma Wu, Mack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001800-01A1 Group Medical Visits in Heart Failure for Post-Hospitalization Follow-Up Wu, Wen-Chih Health Services R&D
13S-RCS-017 Research Career Scientist Award Wu, Xue-Ru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002049-01A1 Molecular and Genetic Studies of Bladder Tumorigenesis Wu, Xue-Ru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003781-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003635-01 Malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde adducts and lung injury Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
11F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000893-01 Examination of Cognitive Fatigue in Gulf War Illness Using fMRI Wylie, Glenn Clinical Science R&D
11F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Wyss-Coray, Tony Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001218-01A2 Aging and Inflammation in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Wyss-Coray, Tony Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001241-01A2 GBV-C E2 protein mimics a cellular antigen involved in HIV-1 entry Xiang, Jinhua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002900-01A1 Molecular mechanisms of Insulin resistance under chronic stress Xiang, Yang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002777-01A2 Transcriptional Repression of MMP7 by FXR in Intestinal Epithelial Cells Xie, Guofeng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000838-05A1 APPswe as a risk factor for osteoporosis Xiong, Wen-Cheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002356-01A1 Constructing a growth-promoting pathway for functional regeneration after SCI Xu, Xiao-Ming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002903-01A1 Targeting Tcf/Lef-transcriptional program in leukemic stem cells Xue, Hai-Hui Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001636-01A1 Vascular Disease Risk Factors and MS Progression: A Study of Brain Metabolism Yadav, Vijayshree Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001246-01 CENC - Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) Epidemiology Study Yaffe, Kristine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000170-05 Role of Angiogenic CXC Chemokines in Intramembranous Bone Repair Yamaguchi, Dean Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001633-01 A Novel Pathophysiological Mechanism of Alzheimer's Disease Yan, Zhen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001282-01A1 Jump Starting Shared Medical Appointments for Diabetes with Weight Management Yancy, William Health Services R&D
14F-RCS-011 Research Career Scientist Award Yang, Tianxin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002817-01A2 Role of renal (pro)renin receptor in hypertension and kidney injury Yang, Tianxin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
TPP 02-154 Training Program for Fellows (post Ph.D.s) at Center of Excellence - Sepulveda Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
RCS 05-195 Research Career Scientist Award Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
SDR 10-012 Women's Health Research Consortium/Practice-Based Research Network Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I01HX000991-01 Implementation of VA Womens Health Patient Aligned Care Teams WH-PACTs Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I50HX001232-01 Center for the Study of Healthcare Innovation, Implementation and Policy Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
12F-RCS-013 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Yao, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001474-01A1 Chimeric SHIV VLP as an oral mucosal HIV vaccine Yao, Qizhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002670-01A2 Premature T cell aging and vaccine failure in chronic viral infection Yao, Zhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001449-01A1 Higher-Than-Replacement Testosterone Plus Finasteride Treatment After SCI Yarrow, Joshua Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002185-01A1 Role Of Bone Blood Flow In Bone Loss Following SCI Yarrow, Joshua Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002678-01A2 Tead1 - A Regulator of Quiescence and Proliferation in Pancreatic Beta Cells Yechoor, Vijay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001219-01A1 Evaluation of Glucocorticoid-Related Prognostic and Diagnostic PTSD Biomarkers Yehuda, Rachel Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000589-05A1 Heat shock proteins in brain ischemia and stroke Yenari, Midori Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003441-01A2 Astrocytic LRP-1 Modulates Blood-Brain Barrier Function Yepes, Manuel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0556 CSP 556- The Effectiveness of rTMS in Depressed VA Patients Yesavage, Jerome Cooperative Studies
I01CX001379-01A2 Ketamine for The Rapid Treatment of Major Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder Yoon, Gihyun Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002382-01A1 Improving Neurocognitive Deficits and Function in Schizophrenia with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Yoon, Jong Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000889-05A2 Diabetic Neuropathy: Function-Structure of Corneal Nerves to Assess Injury-Repair Yorek, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000889-01A1 Diabetic Neuropathy: Function-Structure of Corneal Nerves to Assess Injury-Repair Yorek, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001122-01A1 Multisensory Processing of Human Speech Measured with msec and mm Resolution Yoshor, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001456-01A1 Dysregulated Immune State in PTSD Contributes to Microglial Inflammation Young, M. Rita Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000851-01 Sustaining a Th17 Phenotype to Prevent Premalignant Lesion Progression to Cancer Young, M. Rita Clinical Science R&D
12F-RCS-015 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Young, M. Rita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002337-01A1 Uncovering Novel Atheroprotective Mechanisms Young, Pampee Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000898-01A2 Influence of Exercise, Weight Loss, and Exercise Plus Weight Loss on Sleep Apnea Youngstedt, Shawn Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000933-05 Epigenetic component of the APOE gene in Alzheimer's disease Yu, Chang-En Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001457-01A1 Systems for Helping Veterans Comprehend Electronic Health Record Notes Yu, Hong Health Services R&D
I01RX000666-01A2 Protection of the Brain by Chemical Hypothermia Yu, Shan Ping Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002540-01A1 Regulation of intestinal homeostasis and epithelial barrier by LPA Yun, Changhyon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
10F-RCS-016 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Zadina, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-003 Research Career Scientist Award Zaheer, Asgar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002477-01A1 Glia maturation factor dependent mast cell activation in Parkinson's disease Zaheer, Asgar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002115-01A2 Regulation of gastroesophageal reflux-associated tumorigenesis Zaika, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000940-01A2 A Novel Approach to Measuring Costs and Efficiency: Lung Nodules as a Case Study Zeliadt, Steven Health Services R&D
0588 CSP 588 - Randomized Endo-Vein Graft Prospective Trial (REGROUP) Zenati, Marco Cooperative Studies
I01HX001145-01 A VHA NLP Software Ecosystem for Collaborative Development and Integration Zeng, Qing Health Services R&D
I21HX001743-01A1 Assessing Documentation of Dietary Supplements in VA Notes and Structured Fields Zeng, Qing Health Services R&D
I01BX002196-01 The ILK/PINCH/Parvin complex in renal tubulogenesis Zent, Roy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX001559-01A1 MicroRNA Deregulation in JAK2V617F-positive Chronic Myeloid Neoplasms Zhan, Huichun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
12F-RCS-014 Research Career Scientist Award Zhang, Huang-Ge Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001898-01 HTRA1 and Age-Related Macular Degeneration Zhang, Kang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001896-01A1 Cell Therapy for the Degenerating Intervertebral Disc Zhang, Yejia Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002125-01 Brain Repair by Hematopoietic Growth Factors in Traumatic Brain Injury Zhao, Li-Ru Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 05-196 Research Career Scientist Award Zhou, Andrew Health Services R&D
I01HX001464-01A1 Improving Statistical Disclosure Methods for Protecting Confidential VA Data Zhou, Andrew Health Services R&D
I01BX001390-01A1 Impact of Alcohol on HIV Protease Inhibitor-induced ER Stress and Lipotoxicity Zhou, Huiping Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX001751-01 Impaired glucose utilization and behavior in a mouse model of chronic, mild TBI Zhou, June Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000642-01A1 Somatic Hypersensitivity in Veterans with IBS Zhou, QIQI Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001477-01 Mechanisms of Gulf War Illness Zhou, Qiqi Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002149-01A2 FUS Protein Homeostasis in ALS Zhu, Haining Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002823-01A1 Sleep Loss and Inflammation in the Neurovascular Unit Zielinski, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001651-01A2 Metabolic Syndrome and Fall Risk Zilliox, Lindsay Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002250-01A1 Necrosis regulation of bone marrow function Zinkel, Sandra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
0576 CSP #576 - VA Augmentation and Switching Treatments for Improving Depression Outcomes (VAST-D) Zisook, Sidney Cooperative Studies
IK2CX000624-01A1 Citalopram Effects on Craving and Dopamine Receptor Availability in Alcoholics Zorick, Todd Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX001345-01A2 Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Care in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Zullig, Leah Health Services R&D
IK2HX000968-01A1 Optimizing eHealth Applications for Multimorbid Patients Zulman, Donna Health Services R&D
I01BX000721-05A1 Neuropharmacology of Pontine Control of Breathing Frequency Zuperku, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
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