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Distinguished Medical Research Scientist (DMRS) Award

Objectives for DMRS Award: BLR&D recognizes the important contributions of distinguished non-clinician scientists to the VA-ORD research program, through the Distinguished Medical Research Scientist (DMRS) Award.  This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) provides salary and research support to the non-clinical scientific recipient of the highest international recognition in the field of biomedical research. The DMRS should have a demonstrated record of commitment to VA research through seminal contributions to the biomedical fields and bringing prestige to research conducted at VAMC. The awardee is expected to continue to make high impact contributions to several medical and scientific disciplines to improve health care of Veterans. The award provides salary and research support for the term of the award and is renewable.

Eligible Individuals: Current, non-clinician VA investigators with the highest international and national recognition are eligible to apply. Scientists paid by the Medical Care appropriation are not eligible to apply for a DMRS award. It is expected that DMRS applicants have the qualifications for a GS-15 appointment within the Federal Government and the title of Professor at the university affiliate. Investigators responding to this RFA will have a majority of their Merit Award funding supported by BLR&D, shall maintain a VA employment of 5/8th or higher, and shall conduct all of VA-funded research in VA or VA-leased space.  Note, space under a shared-use agreement (i.e. revocable license or license agreement with the affiliate) is not considered VA-leased space.  Off-site waiver, partial or full, will not be available for the DMRS Award.

Allowable Requests: PIs may request up to $1,000,000 for up to 4 years.

Process: Letters of Intent (LOI) are required for this funding opportunity announcement. Instructions for LOI submission may be found here. BLR&D will review and respond to submitted LOIs at any time; however, an LOI must be submitted no later than the date specified in the RFA.   LOIs must be e-mailed to by the local VA facility research office.  

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