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Data last updated:  09/29/20

ORD has created a new database of research-related Frequently Asked Questions. The keyword search box is used to search published FAQs that are found on the ORD policy and Guidance webpage. NOTE: The search currently does not allow for a Boolean search (i.e. use of AND, OR).

Topics included in database: Animal Research; Biosafety; Certificates of Confidentiality; Conflicts of Interests; COVID-19; Exempt research; Information Security; Informed Consent; IRB Membership; COVID Convalescent Plasma; Non-Veterans; Privacy; R&D Committee; VA Central IRB; VAIRRS

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Financial conflicts of interest forms

FCOI; COI; conflict of interest; financial conflict of interest, financial conflict of interest statements; COI disclosure forms

R&D Committee designated review process

Designated review; DR; R&DC; RDC; R&D Committee; Research and Development Committee

Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19

PPE; Protective Equipment; COVID-19; Biosafety

Publication requirements and COVID-19

Publications; PubTracker; journal articles; COVID-19

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