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VA opens new research center to seek novel arthritis treatments

VA opened a new research center at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center to develop new treatments for osteoarthritis.... (04/01/2024)

Executive Order for Women’s Health built on VA research

President Biden signed an executive order to strengthen and prioritize federal research on women’s health issues, attended by VA researcher Dr. Elizabeth Yano. ... (03/29/2024)

Could cholesterol medicine reduce dementia risk in seniors?

More than 50 VA sites are participating in a landmark clinical trial on the effects of statins on cardiovascular health, disability, death, and dementia risk in people older than 75. ... (03/18/2024)

VA Researcher Named One of U.S.’ Top Female Scientists

Dr. Deborah A. Yurgelun-Todd has been named one of the U.S.’s Top Female Scientists of 2023 by for her work on suicide prevention and mental health.... (03/15/2024)

VA research leader honored at 2024 AMSUS Annual Meeting

Dr. Grant Huang was the first VA Research leader to receive the VHA John D. Chase Award.... (02/21/2024)

VA investigator brings diversity into autoimmune disease research

Dr. Valerie Lewis hopes to inspire the next generation of minority scientists.... (02/21/2024)

Under Secretary of Health, panel of experts discusses PACT Act impacts for Veterans

A panel of experts discussed the state of health care for Veterans with environmental exposures.... (02/21/2024)

Injectable gel could help treat degenerative back pain

Philadelphia VA researchers and colleagues created an injectable gel that shows potential as a treatment for degenerative disc disease.... (01/29/2024)

VA researcher works to improve antibiotic prescribing for Veterans

Diversity supplement awardee, Dr. Geneva Wilson, is studying antibiotic prescribing for Veterans in the outpatient setting.... (01/26/2024)

Veterans help find new cancer treatments

A prostate cancer trial in St. Louis is giving Army Veteran James Perry a third chance to beat cancer.... (12/19/2023)

Million Veteran Program director speaks at international forum

MVP director Dr. Muralidhar spoke about the programs' potential to improve Veteran health at a Quebec forum.... (11/20/2023)

MVP Hits 1 Million

VA national research program enrolls historic one millionth Veteran.... (11/15/2023)

VA’s Million Veteran Program played crucial role in nation’s response to COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, MVP sprang into action to respond to the national health crisis and jumpstart COVID research. ... (11/09/2023)

VA Researcher, Dr. Rory Cooper, earns White House Innovation Award

Dr. Rory Cooper was honored for developing new technologies to help disabled Veterans.... (11/03/2023)

2023 VA Women's Health Research Conference

More than 60 researchers and industry leaders met to showcase women's health research in VA.... (09/19/2023)

VA Further Develops Its Central Biorepository: VA SHIELD

To help fight infectious diseases, VA researchers are collecting disease specimens for study... (09/15/2023)

Self-harm is underrecognized in Gulf War Veterans

A national survey found high rates of self-injury in Gulf War Veterans, putting them at greater risk for suicide.... (09/12/2023)

One size doesn't fit all: mobility needs in Women Veterans

Women Veterans have unique mobility needs that sometimes go unmet.... (09/12/2023)

Veteran interest in Gulf War Illness reflected in new research study

A new 5-year study called "IN-DEPTH" will examine the chronic symptoms of Gulf War Illness.... (07/25/2023)

VA’s COVID-19 victories

VA’s research efforts led the nation in vaccine approval, new treatments, and better understanding of COVID-19.... (07/12/2023)

Blood pressure drug could prevent posttraumatic headaches

A study led by VA Puget Sound researchers has shown that prazosin, a drug used to treat high blood pressure, can prevent posttraumatic headaches.... (06/20/2023)

Virtual reality technology helps Veterans in pain

The VA Immersive team has implemented a virtual reality program to help Veterans manage their pain. ... (05/11/2023)

Five ways the Million Veteran Program is transforming our understanding of Veteran health

The Million Veteran Program has made possible cutting-edge discoveries that make a difference in Veterans' lives.... (05/10/2023)

New VA study to determine best drug for Veterans with treatment resistant depression

New medication may provide breakthrough for Veterans suffering from treatment resistant depression.... (04/12/2023)

NIAID provides COVID-19 antiviral drug for VA’s Veteran patients

NIAID has provided more than 27,000 doses of the antiviral drug remdesivir to VA after a collaborative study on treatments for COVID-19, which will be used to treat Veterans with COVID-19.... (03/07/2023)

Traumatic brain injury carries risk for cardiovascular disease in post-9/11 Veterans

Post-9/11 Veterans with TBI have a greater risk for cardiovascular disease than peers, found a VA/DOD study.... (01/24/2023)

VA study reveals dementia risks unique to people with African ancestry

In the largest-ever genetic study of dementia in people of African ancestry, VA researchers identified several genetic risks different from those seen in people of European ancestry.... (12/22/2022)

Head trauma, PTSD may increase genetic variant's impact on Alzheimer's risk

VA-led research has found that PTSD, TBI, and a genetic variant have strong ties to Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in Veterans.... (12/22/2022)

VA's new "burden-free" study method finds two blood pressure drugs equally effective

A large VA clinical trial found that the blood pressure drug chlorthalidone (CTD) was not superior to hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or non-cancer death.... (12/15/2022)

Increase in male hormone testosterone helps improve body composition, even in men with low testosterone levels

A study finds that an increase in the male hormone testosterone helps to improve body composition, even in men with testosterone levels near the lower end of normal.... (10/13/2022)

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