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VA Facility Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Management

To change your station's options in Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), please send a request from the AO/R&D or ACOS/R&D to ORD CITI Training Administrators at You can update:

  • Facilities can request to add CITI training modules to courses available at their site. Courses can be explored here: Explore Our Courses | CITI Program When requesting the addition of a course or module(s), please include in an email to the name of the course(s) and/or module(s), whether the course will be required or optional, who (those in which role) will need to self-select into the course, if the course will be one-time, or required annually, every 2 years, every 3 years, etc., and if training reminders will need to be sent.
  • If your VA Facility wishes to have ORD approval of the affiliate's CITI modules or training required by another federal agency as meeting ORD training requirements, please submit a list of those CITI modules to both ORD CITI Training Administrators at and
  • GCP training in CITI that is certified by TransCelerate BioPharma as satisfying the requirements for mutual recognition has now been set up for VA Facilities.  If there are investigators at your VA Facility who are required by their research sponsors to complete GCP training, it is recommended that these courses be turned on for your VA Facility. These courses can be turned on for your VA Facility by either the ACOS/R&D or AO/R&D submitting a request to ORD CITI Training Administrators at to request it. Note: Some VA Facilities had custom GCP courses set up for their stations, based on the TransCelerate certified curricula.  If those custom courses contain the same modules as are required for the new courses, learners who completed the VA Facility’s custom training will get credit for the new training when the learners enroll in it.  Please note that the courses that satisfy the requirements for mutual recognition have been updated: previously completed modules may not match those in the current course. Learners will have to take the new course to get credit. 

If you have any questions about VA human subject research training requirements, please send your questions to

If you have any technical problems, comments, or suggestions about the CITI site and navigation through it, please contact ORD CITI Training Administrators at

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