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Publication Notification

VA investigators or their local research offices are required to notify VHA Research Communications of all scientific publications or presentations, upon acceptance by a journal or meeting sponsor, in accordance with VHA Handbook 1200.19 (112 KB, PDF).

Please submit your notifications using our ORD PubTracker Website system by following the simple steps below:
  • Go to the ORD PubTracker Website by copying and pasting the following URL into browser:
    (Access restricted to VA Intranet)
  • Click the submission type – pre-publication, presentation, media, or other – and fill in the form
    (Be sure to upload a copy of the presentation abstract or complete accepted article)

For questions related to Biomedical Laboratory R&D, Clinical Science R&D, Cooperative Studies Program, and Rehabilitation R&D notifications, please contact Mitch Mirkin, R&D Communications, at 443-759-3454, or For questions related to Health Services R&D and QUERI notifications please send an email to For technical assistance with the PubTracker site, contact the ORD Web Team

  • Please note, with the exception of HSR&D and QUERI notifications, if you currently do not have VA Intranet access, you may temporarily continue to send notifications via email to Please be sure to include the article or abstract title, along with an electronic copy of the abstract, manuscript or poster; VA investigators' full names and degrees; and the journal or meeting title and date. Optionally, you may also attach a brief lay summary of the findings; and a note stating whether the findings are likely to be controversial, sensitive or particularly newsworthy, or whether they have especially important implications for VHA.

Compliance with the above procedures (that is, submission of your manuscript or abstract to VHA Research Communications through the PubTracker system) does not satisfy the requirement to deposit your peer-reviewed manuscript, upon its acceptance for publication in a journal, in NIH's PubMed Central, as part of VA's public access policy.

For more information, also see Checklist for publishing VA research.

Questions about the R&D website? Email the Web Team.

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