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Funded Project Details - FY2021

Project Number:

Title: Development of a Foot-Ankle Prosthesis to Improve Physical Therapy Outcomes
Principal Investigator:

Sara R Koehler-McNicholas

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Congressional District Code: 5
Research Service: Rehabilitation R&D
Project Period: December 2017 - December 2021
FY 2021 Funding Amount: $0
Total Award Amount
(all years):
Abstract: View full abstract and other project information on NIH RePORTER


Reduced balance and balance confidence are common impairments among individuals with lower-limb amputations. It is therefore important to develop and evaluate therapeutic interventions designed to improve balance and balance confidence in this population. Conventional approaches to balance training currently involve weight-shifting and stepping exercises that challenge single-limb stance and balance recovery. During this time, new prosthesis users typically wear a flexible prosthetic foot-ankle...

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