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Funded Project Details - FY2021

Project Number:

Title: Activation of the Sarcoplasmic/Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase (SERCA) as a Therapeutic Intervention for Sarcopenia
Principal Investigator:

Holly Van Remmen

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Congressional District Code: 5
Research Service: Biomedical Laboratory R&D
Project Period: April 2019 - March 2023
FY 2021 Funding Amount: $155,068
Total Award Amount
(all years):
Abstract: View full abstract and other project information on NIH RePORTER


Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and function) universally affects the elderly and has a tremendous impact on quality of life, independent living, and healthcare costs in aging veterans. The goal of this study is to test a potential new pharmacological approach, activation of the sarcoendoplasmic reticulum (SR) calcium ATPase (SERCA) that pumps Ca2+ back into the SR following muscle contraction, to modulate sarcopenia. This work is critically important as no effective pharmacologic interventions...

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