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Funded Project Details - FY2021

Project Number:

Title: Induction of Senescence using Dexamethasone to re-sensitize NSCLC to anti-PD1 therapy
Principal Investigator:

Nithya Ramnath

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Congressional District Code: 12
Research Service: Clinical Science R&D
Project Period: July 2019 - June 2022
FY 2021 Funding Amount: $243,779
Total Award Amount
(all years):
Abstract: View full abstract and other project information on NIH RePORTER


Lung cancer accounts for 30% of all cancers among American war Veterans, and remains the leading cause of cancer related deaths. Half of all lung cancers are metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with a 2-year survival rate of 10%. Immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) has emerged as a promising therapeutic strategy that aims to harness the immune system to fight lung cancer. However, given the modest response rates of 20-25%% to these ICIs and the desire to extend their...

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