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Funded Project Details - FY2021

Project Number:

Title: Impact of Immune Activation on Cardiovascular and Immune Health in RA
Principal Investigator:

Donald D. Anthony

Location: Cleveland, OH
Congressional District Code: 11
Research Service: Clinical Science R&D
Project Period: January 2020 - December 2023
FY 2021 Funding Amount: $285,137
Total Award Amount
(all years):
Abstract: View full abstract and other project information on NIH RePORTER


Untreated rheumatoid arthritis (RA) carries high morbidity, including musculoskeletal disability and cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, in the past 15 years we have been able to control rheumatoid arthritis very well by offering methotrexate alone, leflunomide alone, TNF blocker therapy, rituximab, or a combination of methotrexate and a biologic (genetically-engineered proteins derived from human genes) therapy. At the same time, it is known that biologic agents contribute to an increased inci...

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