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ORD has issued revised tables and a new checklist to assist VA Facilities with informed consent submissions to ORD-approved commercial IRBs.  ORD has also revised the endorsement letter required to be included with the VA Investigator’s study application materials to the commercial IRB.  The revised endorsement letter is required to be used by June 1st.  The revised tables, new checklist, and revised endorsement letter are located on ORD’s webpage at IRB Relationships in the VA: Single IRB Exceptions, Independent (Commercial) IRBs, and changing IRB reliance by the VA Facility.

Investigators must make available to the public all peer-reviewed publications reporting the results of ORD-funded research without restriction...Learn more

VA investigators or their local research offices are required, per VHA Directive 1200.19, to notify VHA Research Communications of all scientific publications or presentations, upon acceptance. Read about the notification process.

This poster describes how VA commits to conducting ethical human research, and is a reminder that everyone in VA is responsible for making sure these principles are followed as a top priority. Download (942 KB, PDF)


FEDERAL POLICY FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS (THE COMMON RULE) - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and fifteen other Federal Departments and Agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, have issued final revisions to the Common Rule. The Final Rule was published in the Federal Register on January 19, 2017.

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