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Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development

Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development (BLR&D) supports and conducts preclinical research to understand life processes from the molecular, genomic, and physiological levels for the purpose of advancing science and the understanding of how diseases affect Veterans. This is accomplished by exploring biological or physiological principles in humans or animals through intramural funding mechanisms and career development programs that support talented individual researchers who are working in areas of particular importance to improving the well-being of our nation's Veterans. BLR&D supported research includes pre-clinical models and investigations of tissues, blood or other biologic specimens from humans. It supports tissue banking, and the development of substantial medical databases through national voluntary research studies such as the Million Veteran Program (MVP), an innovative genomics study that partners with Veterans receiving care through the VA Healthcare System to determine the impact genes may have on health.

BLR&D advances science to empower Veterans to improve their well-being through the trusted relationships it has built and continues to develop among innovative and creative scientists, medical professionals, and a wide range of medical research stakeholders. It is a self-renewing organization that provides seamless and integrated support to attract extraordinary talent in an effort to advance science through an uncompromising commitment to quality, creativity, diversity, productivity, and efficiency.

See also Clinical Science Research and Development (CSR&D)

Resources For the VA Research Community

Information and guidance for investigators, applicants, and research office staff...View

Bridge Funding for Clinician Investigators

BLR&D announces pilot program to allow clinician investigators to retain staff, continue progress, during lapses in VA funding.

See the program announcement for more information.

Funding for Field-Based Meetings

BLR&D funds may be available for meetings that support collaboration on topics of high priority for VA research. Click here to learn more.

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