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CSR&D Data Monitoring

The CSR&D Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) monitors CSR&D clinical studies that are approved for funding, include human subjects, and may involve randomization. The CSR&D DMC provides an ongoing independent evaluation of the progress of studies, including participant accrual and retention, adverse events monitoring, and analysis plan. DMC review is separate and distinct from Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval. The DMC will not evaluate the scientific merit, methodology, or overall design, and budgetary constraints of an IRB approved protocol under review, except where changes to the protocol may result in a change in safety level or monitoring.


Medical/Surgical DMC

Dan Lippe, MA
Medical/Surgical DMC Manager
Medical/Surgical DMC Roster


Tamara Paine, MA, MS, DBA, CCRP
PBN DMC Manager
PBN DMC Roster

CSRD DMC Central Office Contact

Lucindia Shouse, MS

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