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VA CoronavirUs Research & Efficacy Studies (VA CURES)

What is VA CURES?

VA CURES is a clinical trial master protocol framework built to support and maximize the efficiency of COVID-19 clinical trials sponsored by Clinical Science Research and Development and the Cooperative Studies Program.

What is the Goal of VA CURES?

VA CURES will advance clinical care of SARS-CoV-2 infection for Veterans by producing actionable data of the highest quality on novel treatment and prevention strategies.

How is VA CURES organized?

The VA CURES program is directed by an Executive Steering Committee.  This committee is comprised of experts in various fields, including clinical trials design and operations, pulmonary and critical care medicine, and infectious diseases.

As new trials are launched under the VA CURES framework, the Executive Steering Committee will be expanded to include key leaders from those studies.

Who are the members of the VA CURES Executive Steering Committee?

VA Cures Executive Steering Committee

What does the VA CURES framework do?

  • Develop master protocols for adaptive randomized clinical trials (RCTs) within different interventional lanes of COVID-19 disease-severity/treatment settings, including:
    • Symptomatic but not critically ill inpatients
    • Symptomatic outpatients
    • Prevention/prophylaxis of exposed individuals

  • Prioritize agents for potential future arms of CURES trials

  • Review concept proposals for potential successive trials, which will be submitted via an CSRD-administered letter of intent (LOI) process

  • Provide executive level direction to develop and facilitate VA CURES trials from concept to a finished protocol to be submitted for external peer review

  • Assure optimal productivity of VA CURES trials by:
    • Developing policies for publications, ancillary studies and biospecimen collection
    • Providing a forum for the leadership of individual trials to leverage existing VA CURES resources and best practices

What studies are active or in planning under the VA CURES Framework?



VA CoronavirUs Research and Efficacy Studies-1 (VA CURES-1)

Active, not recruiting

VA CURES-2 for prophylaxis/prevention

In planning

Who may apply for funding using the VA CURES Framework?

VA CURES supports research via intramural funding mechanisms already in place within CSR&D or CSP.  Applicants must be VA scientists who meet CSR&D eligibility requirements at the time of submission.

How can an eligible VA scientist submit new trial ideas?

The VA CURES Program is accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for clinical trials.  Please refer to the document linked below for complete instructions:

Call for Letters of Intent Proposing Clinical Trials for SARS-CoV2 Infection/COVID-19 Under the VA CURES Program of Master Protocols

Questions regarding submission of Letters of Intent (LOIs) for VA CURES clinical trials may be directed to:

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