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Rehabilitation R&D Service

Overview of RR&D

Technology that gives Veterans back functional independence, career opportunities that encourage rehabilitation research education-all speak to just a small part of innovation in the Rehabilitation Research and Development (RR&D) Service. An intramural program for improving the quality of life of impaired and disabled veterans, RR&D is dedicated to the well-being of America's veterans through a full spectrum of research: from approved rehabilitation research projects, through evaluation and technology transfer to final clinical application. The Veterans we serve not only help us define our research goals, but participate in research efforts, and often test the outcomes and ultimate usefulness of research results in their daily lives.

The main RR&D website can be found at


Patricia A. Dorn, PhD
Director, Rehab R&D Service

About the Journal

JRRD, the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, has been a leading research journal for more than 45 years. Formerly the Bulletin of Prosthetics Research (BPR), JRRD debuted in 1983 to include cross-disciplinary findings in rehabilitation. JRRD, a scientifically indexed journal, publishes original research papers from U.S. and international researchers on all rehabilitation research disciplines. The JRRD website features all current and archival material back to the inception of BPR in 1964. To access JRRD, please click on for the JRRD home page.


RR&D's Centers are the sites of rehabilitation research that attracts the brightest minds from academia, industry, and medicine into the VA focused on finding research solutions to the needs of veterans with disabilities.

Go to the main RR&D website for more information about the centers.

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JRRD Online Issues

Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development Online Issues

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