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BLR&D/CSR&D Career Development Awardees

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* Data last updated 08/14/23

BLR&D/CSR&D Research Career Development Awardees




Abram, Samantha San Francisco, CAAn EEG Study of Reward Processing and Memory Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
Agrawal, Vineet Nashville, TNA Pathogenic Role for the Natriuretic Peptide Clearance Receptor in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.
Alday, Phil Portland, ORDevelopment of new drugs for Toxoplasma by advancing hits from the Global Health Chemical Diversity Library
Amaya, Maria Denver, COIdentifying the Role of the IL-6/STAT3 Signaling Pathway in Higher-risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Averill, Lynnette A. Houston, TXStructural and functional neural alterations in suicidality among Veterans with PTSD
Ayers, Catherine San Diego, CACannabidiol as an Adjunctive to Prolonged Exposure for the Treatment of PTSD
Bachmann, Katherine Nashville, TNMetabolic Effects of Natriuretic Peptide Hormones
Bain, William Pittsburgh, PAPlatelet factors attenuate alveolar injury during severe pneumonia
Bales, Katie Decatur, GAInvestigating the role of retinal astrocytes in exercise-induced retinal neuroprotection
Barredo, Jennifer Providence, RIIdentification of Veterans at-risk for Suicide: a Multidisciplinary Approach
Blum, Andrew Cleveland, OHTGFβ and Smad Signaling Components in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Boffa, Joseph W. New Orleans, LAEffects of a Targeted Web-Based Suicide Prevention Intervention on Suicidal Ideation and Self-Directed Violence: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Veterans
Boland, Elaine Philadelphia, PAThe Role of Effort Discounting in the Link between Insomnia and Depression
Bomyea, Jessica A. San Diego, CACognitive Training as a Novel Neuroscience-based Treatment for PTSD
Brant, Jason A. Philadelphia, PALiving electrodes for auditory rehabilitation.
Brown, Jacob Oklahoma City, OKLipid hydroperoxides in sarcopenia and muscle wasting: mechanisms and intervention
Broxterman, Ryan M. Salt Lake City, UTMechanisms of systemic dysfunction responsible for exercise intolerance induced by breast cancer, cytotoxic chemotherapy, and endocrine therapy in Veterans
Bullen, Alexander San Diego, CAKidney Tubule Cell Function and Future Risk of Acute Kidney Injury
Bunney, Patricia E. Minneapolis, MNNovel Plant Alkaloids for the Treatment of Obesity
Butler, Corwin Portland, ORRole of hippocampal interneurons in aberrant neurogenesis and epilepsy after traumatic brain injury
Calabrese, Daniel San Francisco, CANatural killer cells in pulmonary ischemia-reperfusion injury
Carlson, Selma Minneapolis, MNEvaluation of Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing As A Rescue Strategy for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Non-response in Patients With Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Carpenter, Eileen S. Ann Arbor, MIThe Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Pancreatic Cancer Chemoresistance
Cartwright, Ian Denver, COControl of Inflammatory Acidity in Mucosal Inflammation
Catalano, Lauren West Los Angeles, CAApproaches to Studying Social Motivation in Schizophrenia
Cherry, Jonathan D. Boston, MAIdentification of the neuroinflammatory signature for CTE using single nucleus RNA sequencing
CHOKSI, YASH Nashville, TNThe role of eosinophils and oxidative stress in esophageal malignancy
Chou, Andrew Houston, TXUsing Big-Data to Identify
Damrauer, Scott Philadelphia, PAPrecision Cardio-Metabolic Phenotyping for Genetic Discovery and Risk Prediction
Davis, Marie Y. Seattle, WAUnderstanding Susceptibility to Parkinson's Disease due to GBA1 Mutations
DeLeon-Pennell, Kristine Charleston, SCT-cell regulation of cardiac remodeling
Dhupar, Rajeev Pittsburgh, PANovel Use of Malignant Pleural Effusion Resident T cells for Systemic Adoptive Cell Transfer in Veterans with Lung Cancer
Dumontier, Clark Boston, MAIntegration of Geriatric Measures Alongside Disease-Based Measures to Advance Precision Oncology for Older Veterans with Multiple Myeloma
Elahi, Fanny San Francisco, CAA Precision Medicine Approach To Study Targetable Pathways in Vascular Dementia
England, Bryant R. Omaha, NEImproving the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis-Associated Lung Disease in Veterans Using Real-World Data
Estrada, Chelsea C. Northport, NYTranscriptional Regulation of Thrombotic Microangiopathy in the Renal Microvasculature
Fager, Ammon M. Durham, NCUnderstanding and Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Factor VIIa for Emergency Hemostasis
Flippo, Kyle Iowa City, IAEndocrine regulation of alcohol consumption and fear learning
Fonda, Jennifer Boston, MAPredictor Profiles of Opioid Use Disorders and Overdose Among Post-9/11 Veterans
Forster, Sarah E. Pittsburgh, PAElectrophysiological Predictors and Indicators of Contingency Management Treatment Response
Fournier, Christina N. Decatur, GANovel Prediction Tools for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Friend, Samantha F. San Diego, CAPeripheral and central nervous system inflammation associated with military sexual trauma and PTSD
Gasperi, Marianna Seattle, WAChronic pain conditions and internalizing psychopathology, a genetic epidemiology investigation.
Gepner, Adam D. Madison, WIAssessing Functional Arterial Stiffness in Older Hypertensive Veterans
Gillen, Austin Denver, COCellular Heterogeneity and Aging in MDS and AML
Goughenour, Kristie Ann Arbor, MIMechanism of cryptococcal fitness, innate defense subversion, and the adaptive immune skewing in lungs
Gregg, Lucile Houston, TXAssociation of diuretics with change in extracellular volume, natriuretic peptides, symptoms, and cardiovascular outcomes in CKD
Hamilton, Holly K. San Francisco, CADeficient Neural Plasticity and its Functional Consequences in Schizophrenia
Hartwell, Emily Philadelphia, PAGenetic architecture of substance use disorders and major depression
Hathaway-Schrader, Jessica Charleston, SCRole of Complement in Commensal Microbiota Actions Regulating Sketal Maturation
Hays, Chelsea C. San Diego, CANeurovascular Mechanisms Underlying the Negative Effect of Stress in Cognitive Aging
Hendrickson, Rebecca Seattle, WANoradrenergic biomarkers in PTSD: precision medicine & mechanisms
Hepokoski, Mark San Diego, CAThe role of mitochondrial dysfunction in ARDS after AKI
Holzhauer, Cathryn G. Northampton, MAUnderstanding and targeting stress reactivity in women Veterans with alcohol misuse
Houtsma, Claire New Orleans, LAAcceptability and Feasibility of a Peer-to-Peer Firearm-Specific Means Safety Intervention
Howlett, Jonathan San Diego, CAComputational Analysis of Neural Effects of Methylphenidate in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Hubbard, William Lexington, KYPsychological deficits after low level blast exposure: role of neurovascular disruption
Hussong, Stacy A. Oklahoma City, OKThe Role of Neuronal mTORC1 in Alzheimer's Disease
Irsik, Debra Augusta, GAKynurenine: a potential link between age-related decreases in bone mass and kidney function
Jacob, Michael San Francisco, CAStressed heart-brain communication in Veterans with schizophrenia: neurovascular and autonomic mechanisms
Jacob, Michael San Francisco, CANeurometabolic mechanisms of aberrant resting brain activity in schizophrenia
Jacob, Noam West Los Angeles, CAMicrobiomal Mediators of TL1A-induced-Fibrosis
Jacobs, Jonathan P. West Los Angeles, CAModulation of the Intestinal Microbiome in Obesity by a High Protein Diet
Jagger-Rickels, Audreyana Boston, MAIdentifying neural signatures of current and future suicidal thoughts and behaviors
Jimenez, Amy West Los Angeles, CADisrupted Neural Connectivity in Empathy Deficits in Schizophrenia
Jones, Melissa Houston, TXPimavanserin for Insomnia in Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Kachadourian, Lorig West Haven, CTMindfulness Treatment for Anger in Veterans with PTSD
Kapnick, Senta Baltimore, MDBiomaterials-Enabled Delivery of Immunometabolic Modulators to Improve Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis in Veterans
Keller, Amy Denver, CORepair of Vascular Contractility and Mitochondrial Function by NOS Recoupling
Kennedy, Lindsey Indianapolis, INCholangiocyte-Derived Endothelin Signaling Mediates Biliary Injury and Liver Fibrosis
Kim, Tiffany San Francisco, CABone marrow fat and skeletal health in type 2 diabetes
Klarin, Derek Palo Alto, CAClonal hematopoiesis and risk of peripheral artery disease
Kohno, Milky Portland, ORBrain Function and Connectivity in Methamphetamine Dependence: The Link to Neuroinflammation and the Effects of Ibudilast
Koloski, Miranda J. San Diego, CAMolecular and neural mechanisms associated with injury and recovery from traumatic brain injury
Kow, Rebecca Seattle, WAUnderstanding how DOPA decarboxylase modulates tau in disease
Kramer, Nadejda B. Ann Arbor, MIThe role of intestinal-derived FGF15/19 during obesity and rapid weight loss
Krefft, Silpa Denver, COClinical Markers and Monitoring for Post-9-11 Deployment Lung Diseases
Kremen, Thomas West Los Angeles, CAEnhanced Soft Tissue-to-Bone Healing via Treatment with Novel Growth Factor NELL-1: Targeted Delivery and Biomimetic Scaffolds
Kumar, Anoop Chicago, ILA Novel Role of DRA in IBD Pathogenesis
Lam, Michael San Diego, CAThe Role of Sleep in Innate Immune Homeostasis: Toward Mechanistic Understanding Through Genome-Wide Enhancer Analysis
Lang, Jennifer K. Buffalo, NYThe Functional Role of Exosomes in Stem Cell Mediated Cardiac Repair
Lantrip, Crystal Temple, TXRepetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Augmented Written Exposure Therapy for Veterans with PTSD
Leeman, Beth A. New York, NYHippocampal oscillations, interictal discharges, and memory formation
Leong, Natalie Baltimore, MDRole of Perivascular Stem Cells in Ligament Healing and Regeneration
Levey, Daniel West Haven, CTInvestigating the Genomic Architecture of Anxiety and Overlap with Mental Health Disorders in the Million Veteran Program.
Lin, Chen Birmingham, ALA randomized placebo-controlled trial of methylphenidate in Veterans with a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder and recent cerebral stroke.
Lindheimer III, Jacob B. Madison, WIAcute exercise tolerance among Veterans with Gulf War Illness
Lovre, Dragana New Orleans, LAEffects of Novel Estrogens on Glucose and Lipids in Postmenopausal Prediabetic Women Veterans
Ma, Helen Long Beach, CAEpigenetic Dysregulation, Genetic Mutations, And Outcomes Of Lymphoid Malignancies Related To Agent Orange And Burn Pit Exposures Compared To Unexposed Case-Matched Controls
Maclean, Robert West Haven, CTAn adaptive walking intervention to manage chronic pain in veterans with opioid use disorder engaged in opioid agonist treatment
Malaktaris, Anne San Diego, CAEfficacy of Mind-Body Approaches for the Treatment of Chronic Pain with Psychological Comorbidity
MARINKOVIC, MILOS San Antonio, TXRole of Cyr61/CCN1 in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Niche and Aging Bone
Markham, Nicholas O. Nashville, TNGastrointestinal cell type-specific signaling and C. difficile toxin pathogenesis
Martin, Ashley West Haven, CTA neurobiological investigation of cannabis use and misuse in Veterans
Maurice, Nicholas Decatur, GANovel Therapies Targeting Mitochondrial Pathways in Lung Epithelial Response to S. Pneumoniae Infection
May, Anna M. Cleveland, OHBreathing patterning in obstructive sleep apnea
McDonald, Lindsay T. Denver, COTargeting the myeloid lineage to inhibit exacerbation of pulmonary fibrosis due to chronic stress
McEnaney, Ryan M. Pittsburgh, PAPurinergic signaling and arteriogenesis
McNerney, Magaret W. Palo Alto, CABDNF-mediated effects of rTMS on cognitive dysfunction in Veterans
Meenderink, Leslie Nashville, TNThe role of enterocyte apical structure in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis
Merritt, Victoria C. San Diego, CAExamination of Biological Markers Associated with Neurobehavioral and Neuropsychological Outcomes in Military Veterans with a History of Traumatic Brain Injury
Miller, Katherine E. Philadelphia, PACharacterization of sleep with trauma nightmares using ambulatory sleep measurement
Mills-Finnerty, Colleen Palo Alto, CACausal brain mechanisms of value-based attentional capture in depression
Mitchem, Jonathan B. Columbia, MOOptimizing anti-tumor immunity for maximal therapeutic efficacy in Colorectal Cancer
Mithani, Sara San Antonio, TXMolecular Mechanisms Associated with Insomnia and Response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
Montalvo-Ortiz, Janitza West Haven, CTIdentifying Biomarkers of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Veterans using an Integrative Multi-Omics Approach
Montford, John Denver, COThe Role of Bone Marrow Derived Eicosanoids in Renal Disease Progression
Moradi, Hamid Long Beach, CAHDL function and mortality in end stage renal disease
Muegge, Brian St. Louis, MOEnteroendocrine cell reprogramming during intestinal injury
Murray, Donna Palo Alto, CAThe neurobiological mechanisms of untreated pain and depression to relapse risk in substance dependence
Na, Peter West Haven, CTUnderstanding the role of modifiable lifestyle and psychosocial factors in moderating genetic risk for alcohol use problems in veterans
Napier, Ruth J. Portland, ORReprogramming T Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Neilson, Lee Portland, ORBiomarkers of disease severity and progression in Parkinson's
Neuwelt, Alexander Richmond, VAHigh dose acetaminophen with n-acetylcysteine rescue as a novel STAT3 inhibitor with anti-cancer stem cell properties
Nguyen, Khanh P. Portland, ORMechanisms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Vein Wall Fibrosis
Oakes, Robert Baltimore, MDLeveraging nanotechnology and skin delivery to drive selective immune tolerance for Multiple Sclerosis
ONeil, Richard T. Charleston, SCBlocking lung cancer progression with peptide delivering cell therapy platforms
Onyiah, Joseph Denver, COTherapeutic Potential of Targeted Mucosal Heme Oxygenase-1 in Colitis
Orkaby, Ariela R. Boston, MAStatins for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Frailty
Ormseth, Michelle Nashville, TNFunctional impact of HDL transport of microRNA in rheumatoid arthritis
Padula, Claudia B. Palo Alto, CANeural Circuitry Underlying Alcohol Use Disorders in Men and Women Veterans
Pahng, Amanda New Orleans, LAThe Role of Mesoaccumbens Dopamine in Pain and Prescription Opioid Addiction
Parlet, Corey Iowa City, IAMechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus-induced changes in cutaneous T cell networks
Patrick, David Nashville, TNA Role of Isolevuglandins in Essential Hypertension and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Peck, Sun Nashville, TNThe Role of Extracellular Matrix Dysregulation in Heterotopic Ossification
Pennington, David L. San Francisco, CANeural Links of Approach Bias Modification in Heavy Drinking Veterans
Plewes, Michele Omaha, NEMitochondrial Dynamics and Steroidogenesis
Pragman, Alexa A. Minneapolis, MNEvaluation of the Oral and Lung Microbiota and Inflammation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Frequent Exacerbators
Raghavan, Sridharan Denver, COMachine Learning and Longitudinal Analyses of Metformin Response Among Veterans
Raines, Amanda M. New Orleans, LAExamination of a Safety Aid Reduction Protocol for Treatment Resistant PTSD among Veterans
Ramratnam, Mohun Madison, WIThe mechanism of cardio-protection from a sulfonylurea receptor isoform 2 splice variant (SUR2A-55) and its role in regulating ROMK activity, the putative mitochondrial ATP sensitive potassium channel
Riblet, Natalie White River Junction, VTPrevention of Suicide in Veterans Through Brief Intervention and Contact (VA-BIC)
Richmond, Bradley W. Nashville, TNRole of p73 in COPD Pathogenesis
Roberts, Christopher J. Milwaukee, WICardiovascular dysfunction following Traumatic Brain Injury
Ruderman, Michael San Francisco, CAApproximating Mechanisms of Suicide Risk to Innovate Interventions for Mid-to-Late-Life Veterans
Rutledge, Cody Pittsburgh, PAThe Role of Mitochondrial DNA in Innate Immune Activation after Sudden CardiacArrest
Salehi-Rad, Ramin West Los Angeles, CAFlt3l gene-modified cDC1 in situ vaccination in NSCLC: mechanisms and therapeutic application
Sandulache, Vlad C. Houston, TXImproving Treatment Algorithms for Veterans with Oropharyngeal Cancer
Scalzo, Rebecca Denver, COThe Interaction of Diabetes and Estrogen on Skeletal Muscle Bioenergetics
Scholpa, Natalie E. Tucson, AZThe Role of Epigenetics in Mitochondrial Biogenesis-Mediated Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury
Scott, Gregory D. Portland, OREarly pathogenesis and diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease in peripheral tissues
Seldin, Lindsey Decatur, GAThe Role of Dermal Fibroblasts in Skin Cancer
Shah, Binita New York, NYAnti-inflammatory therapy during percutaneous coronary intervention
Shah, Shailja C. San Diego, CAOptimization of Helicobacter pylori-related Disease Outcomes in Veterans
Sharma, Shilpa West Los Angeles, CADynamic Changes in Erythrocyte 2,3 DPG as a Driver of Cardiac Dysfunction in End Stage Kidney Disease
Shive, Carey Cleveland, OHRole of IL-6 and IL-1b in immune dysfunction during aging, HIV, and HCV infection
Singhal, Neel San Francisco, CAResilience mechanisms of Arctic ground squirrel neurons
Skinner, Andrew Hines, ILEpidemiological and Genomic Characteristics of the Widely Disseminated C. difficile Strain, REA Group Y
Skupsky, Jonathan Long Beach, CAFunctional Immunoimaging in the GI Tract
Stauffer, Christopher Portland, OR6-week trial of oxytocin for co-occurring cocaine and opioid use disorders
Stout, Daniel M. San Diego, CAIdentifying integrated circuit mechanisms of PTSD: Multimodal neuroimaging fusion of fear inhibition and cognitive control
Straus, Laura D. San Francisco, CAExamining the Effect of Sleep Disruption on Emotion Regulation and Trauma-Related Symptoms in Veterans
Streja, Elani Long Beach, CALipid Profiles and Management in Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease
Sullivan, Danielle R. Boston, MANeural Metabolic Stress in mTBI and PTSD
Takiar, Vinita Cincinnati, OHTranslational Research Career Development: Overcoming Resistance to Radiotherapy
Templin, Andrew Indianapolis, INImmune responses to islet amyloid in beta-cell death
Terry, Garth Seattle, WAMolecular imaging of neuroinflammation in repetitive mild traumatic brain injury
Thomas, Kelsey R. San Diego, CAImpact of Diabetes on Cognitive and Perfusion Inefficiencies in Preclinical AD
Thompson, Reid Portland, ORQuantifying and improving radiotherapy outcomes among Veterans
Tkaczyk, Eric Nashville, TNGVHD quantitative assessment in skin of Veterans post-HCT
Turk, Kate Boston, MAContributions of mild traumatic brain injury to neurodegeneration due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy and alzheimer's disease
Uygun, David Boston, MAUsing CRISPR-Cas9 genetic abscission in vivo to study the role of GABA-A receptors of the thalamic reticular nucleus in regulating non-rapid-eye-movement sleep and drug induced sleep
Van Beusecum, Justin P. Charleston, SCA Role of GAS6/Axl Signaling in the Development of Essential Hypertension
Wallace, Beth I. Ann Arbor, MIUsing SMART Design to Develop Dynamic Treatment Regimens for Glucocorticoid Tapering
Wang, Louise West Haven, CTPancreatic Cancer Risk Prediction: Integrating Individual-Level Clinical and Genetic Data
Warren, Kristi J. Salt Lake City, UTMigration and signaling in ILC2 in asthma: Male and female differences
Wettersten, Nicholas W. San Diego, CADiscriminating Causes of Creatinine Change in Acute Heart Failure
Wheless, Lee Nashville, TNIdentifying clinical and genetic factors for risk of multiple skin cancers in organ transplant recipients
Wingo, Aliza P. Decatur, GABLR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application
Wlodarchak, Nathan Denver, COTargeting Bacterial Signaling Cascades as a Novel Antibiotic Strategy
Woolley, Joshua San Francisco, CACSR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application
Wright, Jordan Nashville, TNIn vivo mechanisms of amyloid-induced pancreatic islet dysfunction in type 2 diabetes
Wu, Benjamin New York, NYLung Dysbiosis and Increased Host Susceptibility to Respiratory Pathogens
Wysham, Katherine Seattle, WAQuantifying the Impact of Frailty on Osteoporosis and Fractures in Veterans with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yalcin, Emine Providence, RIRole of Dysregulated Sphingolipid Metabolism in Alcohol- and Cigarette Smoke-Induced White Matter Degeneration
Yamasaki, Tritia Lexington, KYEnhancing diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy via detection of alpha-synuclein seeding activity
Yang, Kai-Chun (Daniel) Seattle, WADissecting the mechanism of how dominant negative MYH7 mutations lead to genetic cardiomyopathies
Yang, Yvonne S. West Los Angeles, CANeuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress in Veterans with Schizophrenia
Yarns, Brandon C. West Los Angeles, CAOptimizing Psychotherapy for Older Veterans with Chronic Pain
Yoon, Gihyun West Haven, CTCSR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application
Young, Dmitri A. San Francisco, CANeurofunctional Differences in Cognitive and Behavioral Impulsivity in Veterans with PTSD
Young, Jonathan R. Durham, NCNeuroimaging correlates and feasibility of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to improve smoking cessation outcomes in veterans with comorbid PTSD
Zand Vakili, Amin Providence, RIDeveloping Computational Nosologies of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Zelkowitz, Rachel L. Boston, MAPsychological Drivers of Self-Destructive Behaviors in PTSD

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