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The Million Veteran Program (MVP) was conceived and implemented to promote genomic and health discoveries and help bring personalized medicine to the forefront of VA health care. As of August 2018, MVP has enrolled over 690,000 participants.

The program is in the initial phase of making these data available for genomic and epidemiological studies that will inform health care delivery. Data are currently available to VA investigators, with plans or expanding to non-VA investigators in the future.

At this time, approved researchers are serving as part of a key test phase of the scientific computing infrastructure that will help to inform and facilitate expansion of access to a broader audience. Please find details on the current projects here.

Accessing the Resource:

  • MVP is currently available to VA-affiliated investigators through traditional merit review mechanisms.
  • A consortium approach is strongly encouraged. Collaborators from university affiliates and other organizations are encouraged.
  • The goal is to open broadly once the computing, operational, and regulatory environments are ready for major expansion.

For future MVP data access opportunities, please be on the lookout for the next RFA (see RFAs and Program Announcements for more information; NOTE: only accessible on the VA Intranet at ). If you have any additional questions related to data access, please contact

Publications on the MVP Cohort:

  1. Baseline characterization and annual trends of body mass index for a mega-biobank cohort of US veterans 2011-2017. Nguyen XT, Quaden RM, Song RJ, Ho Y, Honerlaw J, Whitbourne S, DuVall SL, Deen J, Pyarajan S, Moser J, Huang GD, Muralidhar S, Concato J, Tsao PS, O'Donnell CJ, Wilson PWF, Djousse L, Gagnon DR, Gaziano JM, Cho K; VA Million Veteran Program. J Health Res Rev. 2018;5(2):98-107.
  2. Million Veteran Program: A mega-biobank to study genetic influences on health and disease. Gaziano JM, Concato J, Brophy M, Fiore L, Pyarajan S, Breeling J, Whitbourne S, Deen J, Shannon C, Humphries D, Guarino P, Aslan M, Anderson D, LaFleur R, Hammond T, Schaa K, Moser J, Huang G, Muralidhar S, Przygodzki R, O'Leary TJ. J Clin Epidemiol. 2016 Feb;70: 214-223.

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