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Increase in male hormone testosterone helps improve body composition, even in men with low testosterone levels

A study finds that an increase in the male hormone testosterone helps to improve body composition, even in men with testosterone levels near the lower end of normal.... (10/13/2022)

White House releases blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

VA's National Artificial Intelligence Institute leads the way in safeguarding Veterans' health care data and privacy.... (10/06/2022)

Primary Blast Injury of the Brain

To better care for people with TBI, a joint VA/DOD effort created a new ICD-10 code for primary blast injury of the brain.... (10/03/2022)

VA-led research finds PET scans important for ruling out Alzheimer's disease

VA-led research has found that a form of brain imaging—the amyloid PET scan—is important for ruling out Alzheimer's disease, one of the most common forms of dementia. ... (09/26/2022)

At-home brain stimulation and talk therapy show promise treating chronic pain and PTSD

VA researchers have shown that an entirely home-based transcranial stimulation treatment for chronic pain is feasible and could help Veterans with co-occurring pain and PTSD.... (09/26/2022)

Growing Rural Outreach through Veteran Engagement

Members at the GROVE center assist VA researchers who seek to engage rural Veterans in their studies.... (09/13/2022)

Innovative psychotherapy eases headache symptoms for Veterans with brain injuries

A new type of psychotherapy shows promise in easing headache symptoms in Veterans with mild traumatic brain injuries.... (08/24/2022)

Genes involved in heart disease are similar across all populations, VA study finds

The genes involved in coronary heart disease, the most common form of heart disease, appear to be nearly the same for everyone, according to a VA study. ... (08/03/2022)

Veterans with PTSD subtype show brain disruptions and more chronic PTSD

Veterans with a PTSD subtype characterized by executive function impairments had more chronic PTSD over time and disrupted brain connectivity, found a VA study.... (07/28/2022)

Study outlines guidance for treating cancer patients who show a problematic pattern of opioid use

A new study has outlined much-needed guidance for treating cancer patients who experience a problematic pattern of opioid use.... (07/26/2022)

Genetic testing may benefit patients with depression

A new VA study finds that pharmacogenomic testing can help providers avoid prescribing medications that may have undesirable outcomes.... (07/12/2022)

MVP study offers new insights on genetic risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A VA Million Veteran Program study identified 77 locations on the human genome that affect risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.... (07/06/2022)

An Accidental AI Professional

Presidential innovation fellow Agata Ciesielski has worked to develop strategies to promote AI solutions across the VA enterprise.... (07/01/2022)

VA ear surgeon studies management of severe hearing loss in Veterans

A VA researcher and ear surgeon in NY Harbor is studying the management of severe hearing loss in Veterans.... (07/01/2022)

Exercise may be useful treatment option for Veterans with PTSD

Based on preliminary evidence, researchers determined that exercise has promise for reducing the severity of PTSD symptoms in Veterans.... (06/28/2022)

Veteran disability payments led to fewer hospitalizations

Increasing disability payments led to fewer hospitalizations for Vietnam Veterans with diabetes, but did not lower death rates.... (06/22/2022)

Air Force Veteran among 10 new awardees in VA diversity, equity, and inclusion research program

VA's Office of Research and Development has issued 10 new research awards to support early career investigators from minority backgrounds.... (06/13/2022)

Height may be risk factor for multiple health conditions

A large genetic study by the VA Million Veteran Program has found that a person's height may also affect their risk for several common health conditions in adulthood.... (06/02/2022)

VA researcher leads project to evaluate Veteran screening for malnutrition

A research dietitian is leading a project at the Phoenix VA to evaluate the malnutrition screening of Veterans admitted to the hospital.... (05/23/2022)

Mapping out the human genome

A VA program that sequences Veterans' genomes is collaborating with an NIH initiative to advance genetic discoveries for Veterans.... (05/19/2022)

VA Launches Scott Hannon Initiative for Precision Mental Health

VA's Office of Mental Health has launched a new initiative to identify brain biomarkers in Veterans.... (05/17/2022)

Self-reliance may affect acceptance of mental health treatment in Veterans

Veterans with anxiety or depression were less likely to use mental health care if they also had high levels of grit, found a VA study.... (05/02/2022)

Study: economic burden of PTSD 'staggering'

A new study finds that the national economic burden of PTSD exceeds the financial cost of other common mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.... (04/25/2022)

Cultivating the Cancer-Fighting Power of Neoantigens

Select proteins called neoantigens can activate the immune system to help destroy cancer.... (04/22/2022)

Black Veterans receive equal, or superior, lung cancer care in VA

Black Veterans with lung cancer receive comparable care, with equivalent, if not superior, treatment outcomes as white Veterans at VA.... (04/22/2022)

Screening for thoughts of suicide can identify missed chances to save lives, VA study says

A VA case review showed missed opportunities to screen a patient for thoughts of suicide in multiple visits to the emergency department.... (04/11/2022)

Advancing the science of transplantation

Early VA research uncovered knowledge that proved vital to transplanting a pig's heart into a human in a groundbreaking operation earlier this year... (03/24/2022)

Study finds ongoing mental health concerns for Vietnam Veterans

A data analysis finds that Veterans who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War have a higher rate of mental health issues, compared with other Vietnam-era Veterans and non-Veterans.... (03/17/2022)

Open mic

Veterans are broadcasting their stories on a new VA podcast that emphasizes the importance of research to improve the lives of former service members.... (03/01/2022)

Help beyond housing

A VA program is helping homeless and recently housed Veterans flourish in their neighborhoods by supporting them in finding work and maintaining contact with family members.... (02/22/2022)

VA research spells out COVID's down-the-road risks for cardiovascular and mental health

In two studies, a team of VA researchers concluded that those infected with COVID-19 may experience long-term cardiovascular and mental health effects.... (02/16/2022)

Research roundup: E-cigs aren't safe

A VA researcher and colleagues summarized the evidence on the health dangers of vaping—including findings from some of their own work—in a recent review article. ... (02/15/2022)

Photos shed light on food insecurity in post 9/11 Veterans

Photographs taken by Veterans can help researchers and community organizations understand the factors that underlie food insecurity.... (02/14/2022)

Teasing out the effects of blasts on mental health

A new VA study finds that blast exposure is related to mental health symptoms in combat Veterans beyond the effects of mild traumatic brain injury or PTSD.... (02/08/2022)

It's just a phage

A review article authored by VA researchers says viruses that target bacteria are showing promise as a treatment for some intestinal diseases.... (02/08/2022)

Hospice benefits ill Veterans

Families report satisfaction with end-of-life care for Veterans enrolled in home-based primary care and hospice, finds VA study. ... (02/07/2022)

Is active surveillance the answer?

A VA physician has become a strong advocate of active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer patients as an option to surgery or radiation.... (02/04/2022)

Tackling an epidemic

A VA researcher and former White House policy advisor is leading a panel that is recommending solutions to the opioid crisis.... (02/03/2022)

VA researcher aims to help survivors of military sexual trauma with PTSD

A VA study finds trauma-sensitive yoga is an effective therapy for women Veterans who developed PTSD following military sexual trauma.... (01/24/2022)

Prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapy?

A landmark study comparing VA's two leading psychotherapies confirmed that they both lead to meaningful improvements for Veterans with PTSD.... (01/19/2022)

Lab studies seek hormone-based obesity treatment

Researchers say the findings from a new study could potentially lead to a safe, effective treatment for the problem of obesity, which affects some 4 in 10 Americans.... (01/18/2022)

VA clinicians testing new radioactive tracer drug to track prostate cancer in the body

VA researchers at the Truman VA in Missouri are testing a new radioactive tracer drug for its ability to show whether and where prostate cancer has spread in the body.... (01/12/2022)

Telehealth plus web-based skills training a promising combination for Veterans with PTSD, military sexual trauma

A VA study says a combination of telehealth coaching and web-based skills training can improve outcomes for Veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma.... (01/07/2022)

VA and COVID therapeutics

Experts from VA's Office of Research and Development discuss VA's role in studying drugs and other therapies needed to treat patients with COVID-19.... (01/03/2022)

Can medication ease insomnia in Veterans with PTSD?

A VA study will compare three drugs for their ability to treat Veterans with PTSD who have insomnia, one of the hardest-to-treat symptoms for patients with PTSD.... (12/17/2021)

Study finds strong tie between sexual trauma, suicidal thoughts in Veterans with no history of mental health care

A study finds that military sexual trauma is linked to an increased risk of suicidal thoughts in Veterans without a mental health treatment history.... (12/17/2021)

Which COVID-19 vaccine works better?

Researchers have carried out the first head-to-head effectiveness comparison of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that protect against COVID-19.... (12/01/2021)

Grape juice may have the potential to improve cognitive performance in Gulf War Veterans

A VA study finds that Concord grape juice contains ingredients that may have the potential to improve cognitive performance in Veterans with Gulf War illness.... (11/24/2021)

Study links statin use with diabetes progression, points to need for further research

A VA study has documented a link between cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and diabetes progression.... (11/18/2021)

Computers ‘learn’ to support high-stakes decisions during heart surgery

VA experts in artificial intelligence are teaching computers to think like "perfusionists"—staff who work heart-lung machines during surgery.... (11/18/2021)

VA to lead new national initiative to improve effectiveness of pre-clinical brain research

A new VA-led initiative on traumatic brain injury is aimed at better advancing pre-clinical TBI research in hopes of creating new therapies.... (11/18/2021)

‘They are hand in glove’

Michael Kilmer, the director of VA Eastern Colorado, lives by the motto that good clinical work supports good research, and good research supports good clinical work.... (11/18/2021)

Filtering out COVID-19

DOD and VA researchers are testing a new device that filters out pathogens from the blood of COVID-19 patients.... (10/26/2021)

Researchers home in on biochemical link between brain injury, Alzheimer's disease

VA researchers have discovered an approach that could prevent nerve cells in the brain from deteriorating after a traumatic brain injury.... (10/21/2021)

VA joins alliance to boost access to ‘decentralized’ clinical trials

VA has joined a nonprofit alliance that is aimed at increasing access to clinical trials through telemedicine, home delivery of study medications, and other methods.... (10/14/2021)

Brain images of healthy middle-aged adults aid in predicting progression of early memory loss

A study shows that brain images of cognitively normal adults in their 50s can help in predicting mild cognitive impairment, a possible precursor to Alzheimer's disease.... (10/12/2021)

Study: Smoking increases risk of death for Veterans with COVID-19

A VA study highlights the importance of assessing for tobacco use among COVID-19-positive patients and recognizes smoking as a risk factor for increased mortality. ... (10/06/2021)

VA study: Moderate alcohol use linked to lower rates of hospitalization, death

A study finds that hospitalization or death from any cause was higher in older Veterans who were nondrinkers or "harmful use" drinkers, compared with moderate drinkers.... (10/06/2021)

VA doctors seek to harness artificial intelligence to target care for sicker Veterans

VA researchers are using artificial intelligence to identify Veterans at high risk of hospitalization or death. This approach can help ensure these Veterans get the best care possible.... (09/21/2021)

VA researchers link PTSD, anxiety fears in women with history of military sexual trauma

A new VA study finds a strong link between PTSD symptom severity and anxiety sensitivity among female Veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma.... (09/21/2021)

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