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VA Partnered Research Program


The Partnered Research Program (PRP), established in March 2020, is a division of the VA Office of Research and Development dedicated to developing partnerships to enhance Veterans’ access to high quality, multisite clinical trials.  PRP’s overall goal is to establish long-term relationships with external organizations that are committed to Veterans’ health and VA’s clinical research mission.  These activities are intended to build on VA’s long-standing history and leadership in multi-site clinical studies aimed at impacting clinical practice and health for Veterans and the nation.

Key PRP activities include:

  • Serving as a research “front door” for external organizations seeking to conduct multisite clinical trials within VA healthcare system.
  • Coordinating with key VA stakeholders to evaluate potential opportunities.
  • Facilitating the negotiation and execution of centralized Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements.
  • Working with sponsors to identify interested VA sites and partners.
  • Efficiently starting up study activities for selected trials that meet Program and agency priorities.
  • Providing guidance to external organizations conducting multisite trials within VA.
  • Conducting a program of continual improvement for externally sponsored clinical trials operations.

Organizations interested in conducting multisite trials within VA are encouraged to contact the PRP via the Request for Collaboration. General questions can be directed to

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