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M-PACE upper-limb exercise device

May 20, 2020


VA researchers have created an arm cycle exercise device that can be used by patients while in bed. The Multi-Purpose Arm Cycle Ergometer for Rehabilitation (M-PACE) allows patients with conditions such as spinal cord injury to participate in a wider range of exercise and rehab activities. The M-PACE was created by researchers at VA’s Minneapolis Adaptive Design and Engineering Program.

Prolonged bed rest due to medical treatments or conditions can lead to muscle loss and other health problems. M-PACE can be positioned over a patient’s bed, allowing them to participate in body conditioning exercises. It can also be used from a wheelchair or while standing. The device features pedals that are worked with the arms, along with several other configurations.

“The M-PACE’s ability to deploy over a bed is particularly important,” explained Dr. Gary Goldish, one of the inventors, to TechLink, “because prolonged bedrest without exercise can lead to rapid deconditioning and can negatively affect many systems of the human body, including the central nervous system, digestive system, and endocrine system.”

Action Manufacturing Inc. and VA have reached an exclusive patent license agreement on the device through the VA Technology Transfer Program. Action Manufacturing will produce the M-PACE and make it available to VA and the public.

Principal investigator: Dr. Gary Goldish, Minneapolis VA Health Care System


Goldish G, Hansen A, Nickel E, Ferguson J, inventors; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, assignee. Exercise machine and method for use in a supine position. United States patent US 10,018,298. 2018 July 10.

Selected publications:

Upper limb cycle ergometer for supine exercise. Nickel E, Hansen A, Goldish G, Fairhurst S, Morin S. Journal of Medical Devices. 2013 Jun;7(2):020910.

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