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BLRD/CSRD Research Career Scientist Awards

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BLRD and CSRD recognize the critical contributions that non-clinician scientists make to our research program. The intramural nature of VA research encourages our investigators to make VA their primary professional focus. This includes participation in local and national committees, leadership of research core facilities, collaboration with clinician scientists, teaching, mentoring, and supervising junior investigators, and stewardship of shared resources.

In recognition of these efforts, we offer a funding mechanism to support the salaries of non-clinician scientists who have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to VA research beyond their own funded studies and programs: the Research Career Scientist (RCS) award.

The RCS award provides 5-years of salary support. The Senior Research Career Scientist (SRCS) award is provided to highly productive international leaders, who have achieved wide recognition of accomplishments in their research area, and provides 7-years of salary support. For more information about the RCS program, please refer to the documents below.

RCS applications are accepted electronically via Submission deadlines may be found in Table 3 of the RCS funding opportunity document (RFA). The RCS RFA must be used in conjunction with the VA version of the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide.

Inquiries about the RCS Program should be directed to

BLRD/CSRD Research Career Scientist Awards

Updated October 4, 2019




Research Area

SRCS Lovallo, William R. Oklahoma City, OKAddictive Disorders (Multigenerational studies)
SRCS Becker, Howard C. Charleston, SCAlcohol Use Disorders
SRCS Crabbe, John C. Portland, ORAlcohol Use Disorders
RCS Tsukamoto, Hidekazu Sepulveda, CAAlcoholic Liver Disease
SRCS Alrefai, Waddah Chicago, ILBile Acid Transport
RCS Alpini, Gianfranco D. Indianapolis, INBiliary Disorders
SRCS Richardson, Arlan G. Oklahoma City, OKBiology of Aging
SRCS Strong, Randy San Antonio, TXBiology of Aging
RCS Bellido, Teresita Indianapolis, INBone biology/osteocytes
RCS Robling, Alexander Indianapolis, INBone Disorders
SRCS Mohan, Subburaman Loma Linda, CABone Disorders
RCS Lau, K. H. William Loma Linda, CABone Disorders
SRCS Crawford, Fiona Tampa, FLBrain Disorders (AD & TBI & GWI)
RCS Vandenbark, Arthur A. Portland, ORBrain Disorders (MS)
RCS Liu, Jialing San Francisco, CABrain Disorders (Stroke)
SRCS Chen, Jun Pittsburgh, PABrain Disorders (Stroke, TBI)
RCS Wu, Xue-Ru New York, NYCancer (Bladder)
RCS Rishi, Arun Detroit, MICancer (Breast)
RCS Mohapatra, Subhra Tampa, FLCancer (Colon) & TBI
RCS El-Rifai, Wael Miami, FLCancer (gastric)
SRCS Bishop, Gail A. Iowa City, IACancer (Immunology)
SRCS Richmond, Ann Nashville, TNCancer (Immunology)
RCS Zhang, Huang-Ge Louisville, KYCancer (Immunology)
SRCS Chen, Jin Nashville, TNCancer (Lung)
RCS Chalfant, Charles E. Tampa, FLCancer (NSCLC)
SRCS Ahmed, Khalil Minneapolis, MNCancer (Prostate)
RCS Dahiya, Rajvir San Francisco, CACancer (Prostate)
SRCS Gao, Allen Sacramento, CACancer (Prostate)
RCS Ahmad, Nihal Madison, WICancer (Skin)
SRCS Hay, Nissim Chicago, ILCancer metabolism/therapy
RCS Chandrasekar, Bysani Columbia, MOCardiovascular Disease
RCS Chen, Yabing Birmingham, ALCardiovascular Disease
RCS Ergul, Adviye Charleston, SCCerebral Circulation
SRCS Kowluru, Anjan Detroit, MIDiabetes (Beta cells)
SRCS Webster, Nicholas J. San Diego, CADiabetes (Insulin Receptor Gene)
SRCS Van Remmen, Holly Oklahoma City, OKDiabetes and Related Disorders
RCS Azhar, Salman Palo Alto, CADiabetes and Related Disorders (NAFLD)
SRCS Caldwell, Ruth B. Augusta, GADiabetic Retinopathy
RCS Kern, Timothy S. Long Beach, CADiabetic Retinopathy
SRCS Davis, John S. Omaha, NEEndocrine Disorders
RCS Haghighi, Fatemeh G. Bronx, NYEpigenetics (TBI, depression, suicidal behavior)
RCS Merlin, Didier Decatur, GAGastroenterology (IBS)
SRCS Dudeja, Pradeep K. Chicago, ILGastroenterology (Ion transport)
SRCS Said, Hamid M. Long Beach, CAGastronterology (Vitamin Transport)
RCS Wang, Jian-Ying Baltimore, MDGut Permeability
SRCS Tache, Yvette F. West Los Angeles, CAGut-Brain Axis
SRCS Shafer, William M. Decatur, GAInfectious Disease (Gonococcal Infection)
RCS Rather, Philip N. Decatur, GAInfectious Diseases (Acinetobacter Baumannii)
RCS Vedantam, Gayatri Tucson, AZInfectious Diseases (C. difficile)
RCS Hioe, Catarina E. Bronx, NYInfectious Diseases (HIV)
SRCS Jarvis, Gary San Francisco, CAInfectious Diseases (Neisseria)
SRCS Cushion, Melanie T. Cincinnati, OHInfectious Diseases (Pneumocystis)
RCS Joyce, Sebastian Nashville, TNInfectious Diseases (TB immunology)
SRCS Pozzi, Ambra Nashville, TNKidney Disorders
RCS Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam San Antonio, TXKidney Disorders
SRCS Dong, Zheng Augusta, GAKidney Disorders (AKI)
RCS Zhou, Huiping Richmond, VALiver Disorders
RCS Wyatt, Todd A. Omaha, NELung (Alcohol and Smoking)
RCS Mateika, Jason H. Detroit, MILung Disorders (Apnea)
RCS Olszewski, Michal A. Ann Arbor, MILung Immunology
SRCS Spiro, III, Avron Boston, MAMental Health (Epidemiology)
RCS Squire, Larry R. San Diego, CAMental Health (Memory)
SRCS Verfaellie, Mieke Boston, MAMental Health (Memory)
RCS Beckham, Jean C. Durham, NCMental Health (PTSD, SUDs)
SRCS Ford, Judith M. San Francisco, CAMental Health (Schizophrenia)
RCS Tregellas, Jason Denver, COMental Health (Schizophrenia)
RCS Hazlett, Erin A. Bronx, NYMental Health (Sz)
RCS Cecchini, Gary San Francisco, CAMitochondrial Diseases
RCS Hasty, Karen A. Memphis, TNMusculoskeletal Disorders (OA)
RCS Mohapatra, Shyam S. Tampa, FLNanotherapeutics (RSV,Cancer)
RCS Pasinetti, Giulio M. Bronx, NYNeurodegenerative (AD,ALS,GWI)
RCS Wyss-Coray, Tony Palo Alto, CANeurodegenerative Diseases (AD)
SRCS Kindy, Mark S. Tampa, FLNeurodegenerative Diseases (AD, PD, TBI)
RCS Bickford, Paula C. Tampa, FLNeurodegenerative Diseases (AD, PD, TBI)
SRCS Zaheer, Asgar Columbia, MONeurodegenerative Diseases (PD, AD, MS, Glial signaling)
RCS Rasenick, Mark Chicago, ILNeuropsychiatry
SRCS Gukovskaya, Anna S. West Los Angeles, CAPancreatitis
SRCS Yang, Tianxin Salt Lake City, UTRenal Hypertension
SRCS Jones, Kathryn J. Indianapolis, INSCI Repair
SRCS Mohan, Rajiv R. Columbia, MOSensory Loss (Vision)
SRCS Peachey, Neal S. Cleveland, OHSensory Loss (Vision)
SRCS Fliesler, Steven J. Buffalo, NYSensory Loss (Vision)
SRCS Brecha, Nicholas West Los Angeles, CASensory Loss (Vision)
RCS Shiromani, Priyattam J. Charleston, SCSleep Disorders
SRCS Siegel, Jerome M. Sepulveda, CASleep Disorders
SRCS Strecker, Robert E. Brockton, MASleep Disorders
RCS Szymusiak, Ronald S. Sepulveda, CASleep Disorders
RCS Xu, Xiao-Ming Indianapolis, INSpinal cord injury
SRCS Richards, Tamara J. Portland, ORSubstance Use Disorders (Alcohol)
SRCS Pandey, Subhash C. Chicago, ILSubstance Use Disorders (Alcohol)
SRCS Janowsky, Aaron J. Portland, ORSubstance Use Disorders (Methamphetamine)
RCS Wu, Mack H. Tampa, FLSurgery (Sepsis)
RCS Fan, Jie Pittsburgh, PASurgery (Shock)
RCS Greenwood, Beverley Oklahoma City, OKVisceral Pain

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