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In This Issue

Tackling homelessness, with a focus on women Veterans

Researchers in Los Angeles are probing the reasons for homelessness among women Veterans—and seeking keys to prevention...

Key findings

Long-term study of brain stimulation for Parkinson's yields further insight into therapy's benefits

Patients with Parkinson's disease who undergo deep brain stimulation can expect stable improvements in muscle symptoms for at least three years...

Money troubles tied to reintegration problems

Researchers from VA, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Department of Education have found a strong link between financial well-being and the ability of new Veterans to reintegrate after deployment...

Latest study is step forward for virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy administered without laxatives is as accurate as conventional colonoscopy in finding potentially cancerous polyps, according to a study at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and other sites...

Journal scan

Popular herb for prostate problems may be ineffective

The herb saw palmetto, taken by many men in the belief it can ease symptoms of enlarged prostate, may not be effective at all, according to a new review study...

Telephone therapy brings more Veterans into treatment

A brief therapeutic technique called motivational interviewing, administered over the telephone, was more effective than simple check-in calls in getting Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with mental health diagnoses to begin treatment for their conditions, according to a pilot study...

Wii-Fit helps improve balance, gait for assisted living residents

A small study at the Little Rock VA Medical Center found that assisted living residents with mild Alzheimer's disease were able to improve their gait and balance by using the Wii-Fit, a Nintendo video game...

Career milestones

Hardeep Singh, MD, MPH, received the 2012 Alice S. Hersh New Investigator Award from AcademyHealth at the society's annual research meeting in late June...

Stephan Fihn, MD, MPH, received the 2012 Glaser Award from the Society for General Internal Medicine...

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