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Office of Research & Development

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Nonprofit Program Office (NPPO)

Our Mission: Provide oversight and guidance for the VA-affiliated research and education corporations (NPCs).


  • The Office of Research and Development (ORD)
  • The Nonprofit Program Oversight Board (NPOB)
  • VHA Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • The NPC Board of Directors
  • The Veteran Patient, who have given their time and service and continue to give by now serving as VA Research study participants.

Medical Centers

The medical center is the place it all comes together; patients, doctors, nurses, employee's, researchers and visitors. It has been a distinct pleasure to introduce many VA employees to the value of research and the many milestones VA Research has attained.

Audits, Evaluations and Reviews

The NPPO is the liaison between VHA and NPCs:

  • Providing oversight and guidance
    • Education
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and VA policies affecting the operation and financial management of NPCs
    • For Cause Reviews
  • Performing on-and off-site reviews
    • Triennial Reviews
  • Reviewing annual reports submitted by each NPC
    • Annual Report Compilation
  • Ensuring any deficiencies in the operation and management of an NPC are corrected
    • Consultation
  • Serving as the primary point-of-contact between VHA and NPCs, and between VA and others on matters concerning NPCs


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